Big Ideas for India Contest: Question 7: What should India’s energy focus be?

It is a shocking fact that apart from a few notable exceptions, India does not have adequate uninterrupted electrical power supply. Our energy policies seem to be a decade or more behind our needs. And with oil prices staying in the $100+ per barrel range, energy availability  becomes a key issue that has the potential to constrain, if no derail, growth. Economic growth is impossible without greater energy supplies, and economic growth itself induces increased demand for energy. Cutting back on energy consumption as we develop is an impossibility.

China realised this over a decade ago, and has made huge investments in Africa and other regions. It has also made clean energy, especially solar, a key foundation for the future. India has still not woken up to the challenges ahead.

What are the big ideas that India needs in its energy policy? If resources (investment money) were no constraints, what would we do?

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Rajesh Jain

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