Blog Past: Pretty Good Principles

From a post a year ago:

Middle India needs to agree on a set of principles that it believes in and which lie at the foundation of good governance. Think of these as “Pretty Good Principles.” (Thanks to my colleague, Atanu Dey, for this phrase.)

So, what can these “Pretty Good Principles” be? Here is a starting recommendation.

  • Equality and non-discrimination: All citizens have equal rights and the government must treat all citizens equally.
  • Minimal government: Government must be restricted to matters related to judiciary, central monetary authority, law and order, external affairs, and defence.
  • Market economy: Government must not be in any business producing goods or services which the private sector can produce.
  • The Funding of Public Goods: Where justified, public goods may be subsidized through public funding. This includes some public utilities, education up to the high school level, and some science and technology related R&D.
  • An efficient and incorruptible justice system

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