Weekend Reading

This week’s links:

  • The Leader’s Checklist: A new book by Michael Useem, “presents a collection of 15 principles that can help leaders navigate successfully through even the most difficult circumstances.” A Knowledge@Wharton interview.
  • Apple could buy the mobile industry: A short piece on asymco but with a remarkable insight on how the industry has been transformed by Apple and Android. “The more remarkable thing is that as market values of phone vendors continue to decline, Apple’s cash will continue to grow dramatically. Indeed, a time may soon come when Apple’s cash will be worth more than the entire phone industry.”
  • Return to rent-seeking: An edit in Mint. “India needs economic reforms as never before. They are unlikely anytime soon.”
  • Interview with US historian David McCullough: in WSJ. Much of what he says applies to India also. He says “textbooks have become “so politically correct as to be comic.”
  • R Chandrashekhar Interview: He is India’s Secretary, Department of Telecom & Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Communication & Information Technology. “Mobile is the only medium which can reach out to 850 million people.”

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