Bali Vacation – Part 5

For me, Bali was a good break with family. This year, we split our summer vacation into two – Bali for 5 days, and then Binsar in Uttarakhand for 4 days. It is faster to reach Bali from Mumbai then Binsar!

For me, the vacations are the one time in the year I get extended time with Abhishek. And each year, I can see his growing independence. Being a single child, it does get a bit lonely at times when we travel. But he is good at creating props from trains and other toys to create his own imaginary worlds. This time around, there was plenty of CricketAttax we played. Add to that his beyblades and TV. We watched Cars 2 (freshly acquired DVD).

I too got my own time to think and look ahead. Vacations slow down the pace of life. No meetings to worry about. A completely different context. And long stretches of contiguous time. This vacation, the thinking was less on work and more on what we need to do to change India’s political and policy future. The Mumbai blasts were yet another rude awakening. We have to change people’s minds in India and transform the country. How to accomplish this was what I spent time thinking on the beach in Bali.

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Rajesh Jain

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