43 to 44: Part 4

On the personal front, I have been watching Abhishek grow more and more independent. He is now six years and just entered first standard. He was very excited at the prospect of having plenty of  younger kids in the school; that thought itself made him feel big!

In Abhishek’s life, in the time we get together, I do what he wants me to do. Interests have varied through the year. Beyblades gave way to Cricket Attax cards which are slowly giving way to trains (again). We now spend mornings studying the Indian Railways timetables. I have a O scale train set I had bought four years ago which we will finally open this Diwali.

As a father, all I can do is to help Abhishek create memories and experiences. His world is already so very different from the one I grew up in – as is always the case from one generation to generation. More than anything, we need to help the next generation learn to learn in different contexts.

For me, the one additional goal is to create a better India for Abhishek and his generation.

Continued tomorrow.

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Rajesh Jain

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