Mid-week Holiday

This week’s Thursday Dassera holiday reminded me of my school days. At St. Xavier’s, we used to have Thursday as our holiday. That was a bit of an oddity since most schools even then (1970s) had Saturdays as their holiday.

I quite liked the Thursday holiday coming as it did in the middle of the week. Of course at that time, the concept of a “weekend” was not really there. So, it was a 3-1-2-1-3-1.. system — 3 days of school, 1 holiday, 2 more days of school, 1 holiday, repeated ad infinitum.So, it wasn’t as difficult to get up on a Monday morning and go to school! Two successive holidays was a treat (other than the long vacations).

Now of course, there are so many more things to do on weekend — not necessarily any more productive though.

Anyways, the Thursday mid-week break came as a good change, and brought back some memories from three decades ago!

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.