Weekend Reading

This week’s links:

  • The University of Wherever: from the New York Times. “..the day is growing nearer when quality higher education confronts the technological disruptions that have already upended the music and book industries, humbled enterprises from Kodak to the Postal Service (not to mention the newspaper business), and helped destabilize despots across the Middle East.”
  • PC Technology: A special report in The Economist. “Mobile digital gadgets are overshadowing the personal computer. Their impact will be far-reaching.”
  • Steve Jobs in 4 Easy Steps: from IEEE Spectrum. “In leading Apple past Microsoft on its way to becoming the most valuable technology company on the planet, Jobs repudiated four pillars of business and technology wisdom.”
  • On Real-time information: from Gigaom. “Thanks to smartphones and wireless networking and SMS and Twitter, we are all swimming in an ocean of real-time information — an ocean that can often seem overwhelming. Are new technologies going to help, or are they going to increase the problem?”
  •  On India’s Planning Commission: by Pratap Bhanu Mehta. “The Planning Commission…has this illusion that it can neatly order India’s economy. It does so, but often as a kind of conjuring trick, where real credible objectives disappear under a set of entrenched assumptions.”

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