2011-12: Looking Back, Looking Forward – Part 2

The Indian political landscape was full of unexpected twists and turns, and most of them were in the wrong direction. In many ways, I think only when things become bad do we realise the need to act and do something. I think we are getting there.

If there is one thing I am now firmly convinced about, it is that coalition politics are not going to work for the good of the country. So, the next national election has to be about convincing the electorate for one or the other national parties. It has to be a “275 election”, which means one of the national parties (Congress or the BJP) needs to get majority on its own. The approach one has to take to get to 275 is very different from trying to get to 160-175 seats.

I think over the next two years, people in India are going to realise that there is a need for strong leadership at the national level. At a basic level, all parties are probably similar, even as ideologies and approaches differ. What will change the discourse is the leadership the parties put on offer.

In this context, I want to see how I can help the BJP get to 275. Of course, it needs the right leadership. In a summation of states elections, we will be back to square one when it comes to governance.

Continued tomorrow.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.