2011-12: Looking Back, Looking Forward – Part 4

On the personal front, the highlight for me was the trip I made to China as part of Narendra Modi’s business delegation. There were multiple other travels – a couple trips to the US, and three short vacations in Bali, Binsar and Munnar. Vacations are when I get extended time with a growing Abhishek (he will be 7 in April).

Life otherwise has its own set routine. And from time to time, I feel the need to change that. Which of course is not easy! There is office to attend, meetings to do, emails to be answered, and so on. I do try and read, but the list of books I’d like to read goes longer and longer! I ended the year reading two thrillers by Michael Connelly – The Drop and The Fifth Witness. Great reads, both.

On the gadgets front, I bought an iPad 1 in Jan last year, along with an Amazon Kindle. I got a second phone with the Samsung Galaxy II S. In August, I bought a new HP Laptop and a Canon Camera. All seem quite out-dated already!

Continued tomorrow.

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