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This week’s links:

  • Sam Palmisano Interview: from NY Times. “He says his guiding framework boils down to four questions: Why would someone spend their money with you — so what is unique about you? Why would somebody work for you? Why would society allow you to operate in their defined geography — their country? And why would somebody invest their money with you?”
  • Data Analytics: from WSJ. “Computer systems are now becoming powerful enough, and subtle enough, to help us reduce human biases from our decision-making. And this is a key: They can do it in real-time. Inevitably, that “objective observer” will be a kind of organic, evolving database.”
  • Best Books of 2011: A shortlist from 800ceoread.
  • Narendra Modi’s prescription for economic growth: from Financial Express. “Second-generation reforms must be implemented. It is only when we decide to go two steps forward instead of backwards in reform that the India story will be resurrected and become an engine of global growth. Rapid growth will enable it to meet the truly challenging agenda of inclusive growth. This calls for able leadership and strong political will.”
  • Occupy the government: by Esther Dyson. “If the point is to replace our current governments with more accountable models, we need to use new online tools not only to throw out the old, but also to bring in the new.”

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