Blog Past: Why?

From the first in a series of questions I asked a year ago:

Why are we surprised when Manmohan Singh messes up his press conference? Why did we expect anything better? When will we change our frame of reference that he is despicably dishonest? Raja may have looted the nation along with many other Ministers, but who let them get on with the looting? Who turned the proverbial blind eye to serve his High Command? Why did he do it?

Why did we expect anything better? Why do people continue to believe that he’s “honest”? Why did we not change our frame of reference and see that if we start with the assumption that he is not honest, all his action fits to a T?

Why does our country have to suffer the government we have? Why don’t we care more? Why are we dishonest as a collective? Why are we like this only?

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.

3 thoughts on “Blog Past: Why?”

  1. And buddy, you may want to thank Manmohan for your $100M a bit..if the things he did in early 90’s hadn’t happened, you’d still be still be trying to getting rich selling recipes on internet.

    He opened up this economy and re-energized economic growth in this country. The economic growth and the resultant boom is what made you rich…not your inherent genius.

  2. “Despicably Dishonest”..”Gutter Cockroaches”…you see how easy it is to call people doesn’t have to be rational…one just has to be cheap, stupid, asshole basically…

    I’m trying to make a point. Hope you are smart enough to see it.

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