Blog Past: The “India, India” Game

What I wrote a year ago is as true now as it was then:

Looking at our government, I cannot but think that it seems to be a video game being played. We couldn’t possibly be serious with the kind of decision-making we are seeing. The most recent opportunity to make a radical leap forward was the Union Budget. What we get was more tinkering.

Where are the Big Bold Steps? India needs 100 new cities, $100 billion for solar R&D (with China buying up Africa, where are we going to get the energy for development), liberalisation of the education sector, lots of high-speed rail connecting our cities, and so on. Who will think big and out-of-the-box?

What India needs is One Real Leader. I hope we can see one in the next decade. Else, another generation will have lost opportunities.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.