Weekend Reading

This week’s links:

  • The computing trend that will change everything: from Technology Review. “Computing isn’t just getting cheaper. It’s becoming more energy efficient. That means a world populated by ubiquitous sensors and streams of nanodata.”
  • Tim O’Reilly Interview: from Forbes. “The guy with the most data wins.”
  • If-then and antiquities of the future: by John Battelle, thinking about the framework for his next book. “If I could just figure out a way to report on that future, to apply the tools of journalism to the story of the future we’re creating, I’d come up with a book worth reading.”
  • The crowd-funding opportunity: from Mint. “In these markets, any individual can propose an idea that requires funding, and interested others can contribute funds to support the idea.”
  • The two views on Narendra Modi: from Washington Post. “His prominence represents a yearning among certain sections of the middle classes for a strong, decisive leader, a desire to emulate China’s economic successes and impatience, too, with liberal ideas of human rights and social justice.”

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