DEMO 2012 – Part 5

The overall DEMO experience was very good. Two days of packed presentations and lots to think about. The startup ecosystem in the US is throbbing. The billion-dollar Instagram acquisition by Facebook will add more fodder.

India needs a few such big deals to make the whole ecosystem come alive. There are many companies being started, but with early stage investment still not that easy to come by, it does become difficult for companies to breakout from the pack. There will be some stupid ideas, there will be failures. But that is part of the learning and growing up process. Out of these ideas will emerge some big winners.

I am sure it will happen. But we also need to work on putting many other elements of the ecosystem in place – the connecting to academia, incubators, DEMO-like events, mentoring, and so on. In DEMO this year, there are quite a few companies from outside the US (Israel, Vietnam, Taiwan, South Korea), but not one from India. (There was one Bangalore-based company that had relocated to the US.) Hopefully, it will be different a year from now.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.