Weekend Reading

This week’s links:

  • Marc Andreessen Interview: from Wired. “Technology has been just a slice of the economy. We’ve been making the building blocks to get us to today, when technology is poised to remake the whole economy.”
  • The Creative Monopoly: by David Brooks. “Instead of being slightly better than everybody else in a crowded and established field, it’s often more valuable to create a new market and totally dominate it. The profit margins are much bigger, and the value to society is often bigger, too.”
  • The third industrial revolution: from The Economist. “The digitisation of manufacturing will transform the way goods are made—and change the politics of jobs too.”
  • Chinese lessons for India: by Niranjan Rajadhyaksha in Mint. “The data shows that the difference between growth rates in the two countries converge towards the end of every decade, but then something happens that allows China to accelerate relative to India all over again.”
  • McKinsey’s 2001 India report: Still very much relevant. A set of key initiatives to remove hurdles for growth.  Also see Mint’s 2009 National Agenda series. We need to wake up to reforms NOW!

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