GPS Misadventure

Sometimes, technology misfires. Like, when Atanu and I were on our way from our Jersey City hotel to JFK airport. In the era of GPS devices for navigation, we stop thinking about the big picture and the full path to the destination. So, as we made our way out of Mantattan, we did not think twice when the GPS device recommended an exit off the freeway. We assumed it was to get on to another freeway to the airport.

Imagine our surprise then as we were sent through the streets of Brooklyn and Jamaica and about a 100-odd traffic lights en route to the airport. Maybe the GPS was set up to take the shortest route in terms of distance. Driving through and stopping at what seemed an interminable stream of traffic lights almost gave us the jitters. Luckily, we had plenty of time for our flight, but nevertheless…!

A good idea would to always check the entire GPS route before one starts the journey. And as a backup, keep the Google Maps handy – on phone or in writing.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.