Weekend Reading

This week’s links:

  • What motivates successful entrepreneurs? From Forbes. “Solving a problem you are so passionate about that even if the solution doesn’t result in wealth, you are still thrilled you “solved” it.”
  • What is a school far? by Seth Godin. “School was invented to create a constant stream of compliant factory workers to the growing businesses of the 1900s. It continues to do an excellent job at achieving this goal, but it’s not a goal we need to achieve any longer.” Also see Thomas Friedman’s column in NYT.
  • Browsers and Apps in 2012: by Tim Bray. “It seems very likely to me that there’s something simple and beautiful lurking inside the browser platform that will hit the greatest 80/20 point in software history. But I’ve been thinking that for a decade or more, now.”
  • Yahoo and Flickr: A sobering story from Gizmodo. “This is the story of a wonderful idea. Something that had never been done before, a moment of change that shaped the Internet we know today. This is the story of Flickr. And how Yahoo bought it and murdered it and screwed itself out of relevance along the way.”
  • India’s Economic Predicament: Bibek Debroy writes that “2004-14 will be as damaging as mid 60s, 70.”

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