3S Model for Sales – Part 2


Once in, the focus has to be problem solving. There is a need to clearly understand the challenges the enterprise (buyer) is facing, and then position the atomic units into a whole solution. As someone put it, “pitch the hole, not the drill.” People buy solutions, not products or services. They want solutions to their problems. Without understanding the reasons for the possible purchase, the pitch is going to be vague and a waste of time for both the buyer and the seller.


Once a successful sale has been made, then it is time to Scale – both vertically in the same enterprise, and horizontally across similar companies in the industry.  The learnings in the sales process are what will help do both. If one department in a customer has a challenge, it is possible that others will have similar challenges which can also be solved with the same “atomic units’ – and now there is a reference also. Other companies in the industry are also likely to face a similar set of challenges, so a similar pitch can help widen the sales funnel.

Last Word

It is very important for senior management in a company to spend their time on Sales.  Their ability to think beyond the immediate and position better will help in crafting the pitches necessary to train the sales team appropriate and prime it for success.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.