2 days in Hyderabad – Part 5

I spoke to some people during the visit, and it became quite clear that life was not easy. There was a huge water problem in the city. Water was delivered by tankers costing Rs 10,000 per month. Power cuts were frequent. In fact, all power to industries nearby had been cut off for a few days.

At one time, Andhra Pradesh was one of India’s rising stars. But somewhere, it has lost the plot. A high price is being paid for poor governance. Perhaps, the combination of corruption and the Telangana agitation are taking its toll on a state that should have been driving growth in India.

What I find surprising is that people aren’t angry. It is almost like a frog in boiling water. Sometimes, I wonder what it will take for us to get furious and demand good governance and development – at all levels.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.