Transforming India Speech – Part 8

This technology reachable and powered base can make a huge difference in the next elections.    There will be about 150-200 million  people on the internet in India , there’ll be the same numbers on Facebook.   Youtube is likely to be among  the top three Indian channels.

Technology can be now used to target and get out the vote. Taken together, this can make 2014 a game-changing election in India.

What this really means   is that there are about 200 million people, 25% of the voting base in 2014,  which now has the ability to determine India’s future.  But what they are going to  look for  is leadership, organisation  and message.    They are going to look for leaders who can make difficult decisions, who can lead.   They are going to look for grassroot organisations in  political parties who at multiple levels,   who can intervene if things are going wrong. They are going to look for a message which really addresses the aspirations of people and also at the same time addresses the fears of a majority of Indians.

This persuadable 25% can determine the future of India.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.