Transforming India Speech – Part 9

To summarise:    to transform India,    it requires us to persuade this 25%, these 200 million people or  a large fraction thereof,  that development matters,  that good economic policies matter,   that poverty can be conquered and our problems can be solved –   not between two generations,   but between two elections.

Some chief ministers in India have done this, like we saw earlier. With the same people,  within the same system,  the same bureaucracy .   So it is doable, and  we need to make this happen and replicate theses good examples  nationally.

My focus is really on playing a role in this transformation.   As an entrepreneur,  I realise that the largest/ biggest problem or biggest challenge in India that any entrepreneur can look for solving  is that of governance and creating a better future for India.

I woke up to this when a friend of mine, Atanu, asked me a question 3 years ago.  He said, “Rajesh you have everything. When Abhishek, who was  then 4 years old, grows up, and asks you a question,   ‘Dad,   you  saw all that was happening around you. Why didn’t you do something about it?’, what will your answer?”

My work will hopefully be that answer,  and I hope many of you will also participate in bringing about this  transformation in India.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.