43 to 44: Part 1

Today, I turn 44. And after 7 years, I am once again travelling internationally on my birthday. This trip is not as much about work as it is about thinking through how I am going to bring about the political and policy change in India that I have written about. This August 15 comes at … Continue reading 43 to 44: Part 1

43 to 44: Part 2

As I look back at the past year, I can see it from two different angles – from the Netcore lens, and from the India lens. In Netcore, our enterprise business has grown well. Our focus has been on “profitable growth.” Ensuring continued profitability helps simplify decision-making and requires continuous adaptation in changing markets. It … Continue reading 43 to 44: Part 2

43 to 44: Part 3

Looking at things from a wider lens, the last year has been a year where India has lost a lot of faith in its political leadership. Scams, decisions not taken along with some extremely stupid decisions, corruption, inflation – it has all added up to a difficult year. And the most recent fall in the … Continue reading 43 to 44: Part 3

43 to 44: Part 4

On the personal front, I have been watching Abhishek grow more and more independent. He is now six years and just entered first standard. He was very excited at the prospect of having plenty of  younger kids in the school; that thought itself made him feel big! In Abhishek’s life, in the time we get … Continue reading 43 to 44: Part 4

43 to 44: Part 5

The past year has seen me make four short trips to the US. The single most important reason has been Atanu. The “think time” that we spend together helps me in working through the roadmap going forward. The only thing then left now is to make the time to ensure I can now start implementing … Continue reading 43 to 44: Part 5