Why? – Part 1

Why are we surprised when Manmohan Singh messes up his press conference? Why did we expect anything better? When will we change our frame of reference that he is despicably dishonest? Raja may have looted the nation along with many other Ministers, but who let them get on with the looting? Who turned the proverbial … Continue reading Why? – Part 1

Why? – Part 2

Why is that we have some very good Chief Ministers but they inevitably never make it to the Centre? Why is it that good governance is possible in some states although the bureaucracy is nearly the same across all states? Why is that some states still languish? Why is that the voters in those laggard … Continue reading Why? – Part 2

Why? – Part 3

Why did India not become a fully literate nation within 15 years of Independence? Who kept India illiterate? Why didn’t they realise that all it takes is to educate one generation and they will in turn educate the next? Why did we not realise that not being educated subjects you to a life worse than … Continue reading Why? – Part 3

Why? – Part 4

The Whys can continue. The unfortunate part is that while the answers are there, we refuse to see them. Corruption has become a way of life. Breaking the rules and benefiting from patronage when caught on the wrong side of the law becomes a way of life. We don’t blame others because we would act … Continue reading Why? – Part 4