Best of 2011: Politics

Transforming India (Dec) When Gujarat Met China (Nov) Why Gujarat is Different (Nov) UPA 2’s Mid-term Blues (Nov) Citizens and Politicians Engagement: From Confrontation to Constructive Co-operation (Oct) Getting to the Goal of Good Governance (Sep) The Right Fight (Aug)  State of the Nation (Jun) BJP’s Project 275 for 2014 (Jun) Verdict 2011 (May) Big … Continue reading Best of 2011: Politics

Verdict 2011: The Lessons

There are three takeaways that I see in this election. The first is the importance of good governance and development, as perceived by people (the voters). They want more – well-paying jobs, better lives, greater opportunities. The government that can deliver this to them can hope to get re-elected. Anti-incumbency is not the norm. We … Continue reading Verdict 2011: The Lessons