New Telemarketing Rules – Part 1

Last week, TRAI announced new rules for telemarketing in India in an effort to combat spam. I have written on this topic many times before, since NetCore is a key player in both the transactional and promotional SMS business (as part of our Digital, Real-Time Communications vertical). On the whole, the rules are a good … Continue reading New Telemarketing Rules – Part 1

NetCore: Enterprise Messaging Services

As part of Enterprise Messaging Services in NetCore, we focus on two areas: Mailing and Mobility. Both deal with two forms of messages which are integral to our life – email and SMS. In Mailing, we have a number of products and services for enterprises: Emergic MailServ: Linux-based mail server Emergic CleanMail: Cloud-based Anti-virus, Anti-spam … Continue reading NetCore: Enterprise Messaging Services

IIT Memories (Part 1/5): Two Decades On

As I was preparing for the “My Story” talk as part of the IIT-B Alumni Association’s “Kal, Aaj aur Kal” event in Bangalore on Saturday, a lot of memories came back about my four years from IIT (1984-88). While I could not describe many of these since the talk became a panel conversation, I thought … Continue reading IIT Memories (Part 1/5): Two Decades On