Awards Judging

As I participated through the process of judging for the IAMAI Digital India Awards, a few thoughts came on how the process of awarding can be improved. First, the entries in any award need to be pre-screened so judges are review a smaller number for each category. Some basic and objective filters can be applied … Continue reading Awards Judging

Digital India: Part 5

OPEN HIGHER EDUCATION: The states need to open up the higher education sector so world-class universities can come in and set up institutions here. This should drive research and post-graduates, so that industry gets the skillsets they need for cutting edge work in the IT area. INCORPORATE USE OF TECHNOLOGY IN EDUCATION: Information technology (IT) makes … Continue reading Digital India: Part 5

Digital India: Part 4

Digital India can be built around the following themes: BROADBAND: 100 Mbps bandwidth available for Rs 100 per month anywhere in the state. Broadband is a key fundamental requirement for building everything else on the digital side. Basically, the digital infrastructure needs to be given as much attention as other aspects of physical infrastructure (roads, ports, … Continue reading Digital India: Part 4

Digital India: Part 3

Showcasing Digital India’s ABC GIS By delivering results within the next 2-3 years, state governments can show how corruption can be eliminated and a true democratic platform can be created with citizen participation in local decisions. This will put development on a fast track, and excite the youth and middle India – reinforcing the message … Continue reading Digital India: Part 3

Digital India: Part 2

Accessible Basic Comprehensive Government Information Systems (ABC GIS) When citizens have information of what the government is doing, the level of trust goes up, and corruption can be  eliminated Government officials and bureaucrats become more accountable and therefore more effective in their functions The delivery of government services can be assured Implementing the ABC GIS … Continue reading Digital India: Part 2