Elections: More Comments

The feeling is sinking in. The stock market crashed 6% yesterday as it become apparent that the support for the Congress from the Left parties will come with many strings attached. Writes Shekhar Gupta (Indian Express): The politicians of the Left, quite similarly, do not know the markets, its style, temperament, sensitivities, swings, the thinness … Continue reading Elections: More Comments

TECH TALK: India’s Century: Rays of Hope (Part 1)

The past few columns have looked at what India needs to do in various areas (Infrastructure, Economy, IT and the Internet, Education, Mindset, Leadership) to make the 21st century as India’s century. There are good things happening around us which one can often miss. These may be small, isolated instances but they offer hope for … Continue reading TECH TALK: India’s Century: Rays of Hope (Part 1)