What Netcore does

Netcore is the company I spend most of my time at. As a company, Netcore has been around for 10 years. We have two verticals in Netcore – a Managed Services business for enterprises primarily focused around mailing and security services (under the Emergic brand), and a Mobile VAS (Value-Added Services) business focused on direct-to-consumer … Continue reading What Netcore does

World Health Day Talk

Tomorrow is World Health Day. Dr. Aniruddha Malpani is organising a free seminar “Putting Patients First” in Mumbai. I will also be speaking. Here are the details. Doctors may be failing to prescribe one of the most powerful treatments known to man ! While the doctor may be an expert on the pharmacology of the … Continue reading World Health Day Talk

TECH TALK: Vision and Worries: Emergic Ecosystem

Over the past 18 or so months, I have been working to bring the “Emergic Ecosystem” to life. I see this future as built around thin access devices [“teleputers” or mobile network computers the intersection of network computers and mobile phones] connected to centralised services over broadband wired and wireless networks. This two-way, multimedia web … Continue reading TECH TALK: Vision and Worries: Emergic Ecosystem

SMEs and IT

The Economic Times had an article yesterday which had a few quotes from me: If you were an SME, you almost certainly managed all your business processes manually, the way it has been done very smoothly thank you very much for almost a century. But now, it is almost safe to say that IT is … Continue reading SMEs and IT