TECH TALK: Vision and Worries: Emergic Ecosystem

Over the past 18 or so months, I have been working to bring the “Emergic Ecosystem” to life. I see this future as built around thin access devices [“teleputers” or mobile network computers the intersection of network computers and mobile phones] connected to centralised services over broadband wired and wireless networks. This two-way, multimedia web … Continue reading TECH TALK: Vision and Worries: Emergic Ecosystem

TECH TALK: My Mental Model: Open-Source Ideas

Much of my writing and thinking is influenced by another dimension: the feedback mechanism caused by business actions. What I am writing about here is exactly what I seek to implement in my entrepreneurial venture, Netcore Solutions. This thread connects the vision and ideas to the marketplace, putting in place a self-correcting mechanism. It is … Continue reading TECH TALK: My Mental Model: Open-Source Ideas

Emergic Grid Team

Netcore is creating a utility computing platform to enable affordable and manageable computing, as part of our vision for tomorrow’s world. We believe that this platform will be the way computing will be made available to the next billion users. We are growing our Emergic Grid development team which is building this centralised computing platform. … Continue reading Emergic Grid Team

SMEs and IT

The Economic Times had an article yesterday which had a few quotes from me: If you were an SME, you almost certainly managed all your business processes manually, the way it has been done very smoothly thank you very much for almost a century. But now, it is almost safe to say that IT is … Continue reading SMEs and IT