Indian Internet Challenges

Continuing on the theme from yesterday’s post, some numbers about Digital India and the Indian Internet: PCs: 30 million (growing 8+ million / year), equally split between Homes, SMBs, Large Enterprises+Govt Internet: 50 million (growing 10+ million/year), with 6 million broadband (256 Kbps) connections. About 50% access from cybercafes Ads: Rs 700 cr ($150 million; … Continue reading Indian Internet Challenges

Digital India

At present, there are about 30 million cellphones and 10 million computers in India. In 2004, cellphones will outsell PCs by a factor of 10:1 — there will be about 30 million cellphones sold to 3 million PCs. So, a year from now, we will have 13 million computer users and 60 million cellphone users. … Continue reading Digital India