Next Mobile Opportunities: Part 4

Put another way, on the mobile, VAS 1.0 was all about generating revenues from consumers. In India, this is a billion dollar business. VAS 2.0 will be using Free SMS Subscriptions as the anchor for monetising the right of way to consumers in multiple different ways. What will be valuable in this case is the Subscriptions Engine. What Search did on the Internet Subscriptions will do on the Mobile – generate an audience and create revenue streams.

The World of Subscriptions: Creating Right of Way, and Combining Invertising and Advertising

Now, the next question is how big can this be? Or put another way, what can users Subscribe to? And what’s the business model?

Free Subscriptions can be of two types: Content subsidised by Ads, or Content as Ads. In the first scenario, content is what subscribers want, and advertisers pay to reach these users. This is Advertising. Content can be professionally created or user-generated. Professional content can be regular content (“dailies”) or event-driven (“alerts”). In the second case, there is only promotional information sent primarily by brands – and that is what subscribers want. Think of it as Invertising.

SMS Subscriptions don’t necessarily have to have all of the content in them – given the limitations of 160 chars, they cannot. Instead, for some of the messages, we need to think of them as Signals, or Triggers – which can get the subscriber to act. The action can be a click, response back via SMS, a phone call. And the response on the SMS can also be followed by a voice call. So, essentially, the SMS becomes the starting point for generating engagement (when it is required).

(To be continued tomorrow)

3 thoughts on “Next Mobile Opportunities: Part 4

  1. This is for the first time i am visiting your blog…and for the first time writing comments on others blog.

    I have a question. Why can’t sms be used only for the key words entered on google? What do you think of having a sms-search engine?

    People are always skeptical about getting advice from voice….atleast i am…..the advices are polarized by the guy/gal talking to me.

    I am always confortable what computer says to me….beleiving servers are not polarized (though they are).

    I send an sms “find hotel Hauz-khas Delhi” to say a server ( a mobile number) and that server send me back what it could best find may be 4-5 titles of search pages. OR enumerated relevence and i can choose the number to get further info or redo search with more….This can be started as a free service….and cell phone users gets what they get from google/yahoo/msn put together.

  2. This way I know what user wants and i can advertice, advice and call him based on the importance or the content.

    Most of the adverticements on internet works on the content….unless we get some clue on what user wants no-one can ever advertice and get the fruit of adverticing.