MobiGyaan Interview

Excerpts from my interview in MobiGyaan about MyToday:

Why did Netcore introduced Premium (Paid) version of MyToday?

Our focus is on direct-to-consumer services. There is so much more which can be done with SMS. We want to create a publishing and micro-payments platform through MyToday that can spur innovation, create new monetisable moments for publishers and content providers, and present consumers with a much wider array of choice. Much like the AppStores have done.

What are the target number of subscribers you are aiming by the end of this year for MyToday Store?

This is a unique model and a first-of-its-kind service. We will take it month-by-month to see how it grows. The opportunity for such services is very large, but there are many things that need to fall in place for them to succeed. Our focus is on making that happen. If we can provide a very good experience for consumers with the content and the publishers via the platform, then we can create a positive feedback loop in the months to come.

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