The Uns of India

We are the People of Middle India. We are the Uns. Unregistered voters, Unconcerned citizens. Undecideds. On election day, we take a day off. So, why should our elected leaders care about us?

Imagine if it could be different. Imagine the Uns coming together to create a Votebank. Just like some of the communities do in India. (Take a look at what is happening in Bihar and who holds the balance of power.) Imagine taking up a mission to get 50 good people into the Lok Sabha next elections. If the DMK and TMC can wield so much power that their 15-20 MPs, imagine what power can be exercised with 50!

Simplistic, Yes. Doable, Yes. For that, the Uns have to become the Uniteds.

10 thoughts on “The Uns of India

  1. Totally 100% agreed sir. Though this sounds like a convincing argument, convincing the Uns group won’t be a cakewalk for sure. So now there is a need to chart out an idea to get the Uns category to come our and Vote!

  2. Rajesh,

    I believe we also need 50-100 good candidates to be put in front and we need 1 candidate to perform and make his constituency a model constituency. This should create a model for other good politicians to replicate. Its almost similar to a good business. You create something good, codify the best practices and replicate it.

    How do we get this shortlist of 50-100 good politicians who will represent us? Rajesh, I would recommend that you also be one of them. You have achieved much in life. Here is a chance like Nandan, to make a contribution in a very different way.


  3. Everyone talks about politics being mercenaries quagmire! I still believe in power of being United with never ending desire to improve our nation.

  4. batao kya plan hai? When u say Doable – you must have something in mind…..lets discuss and do something rather than just posting blogs and discussing in closed rooms….

  5. Came across this (through RSS feed today). Rajesh, how can you expect any unity when you keep insisting on supporting BJP?

    You don’t seem to want good people. You want the BJP which is thoroughly discredited. How can anyone unite when you disunite?

    I suggest you join or support FTI – a totally NEW and independent set of leaders determined to bring genuine good governance the the rule of law to India. Your passion for BJP is confusing you, and making it impossible for you to contribute to the new India you seem to want.

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