Elections 2009: I Support the BJP

For the reasons expressed below, I have decided that being a silent supporter (and voter) for a political party is not good enough. Hence, I have decided to publicly voice my support for the BJP for the general elections to be held in April-May. I am also working together with a group of like-minded professionals to create a “Friends of BJP” group. We are having a get-together today evening at 7:30 pm at NSCI, Worli. Anyone can come and brainstorm with us. Here’s the gist of what I will share in my remarks at the event. 

I am Rajesh Jain, a serial technology entrepreneur and a citizen of India who has chosen to act.

I am one of us. Till some time ago, I assumed that my contribution to the 2009 elections and the future of India would be my one vote. But, somewhere along the line, things changed. Maybe it was 26/11 and seeing some of us out on the streets demanding action. Maybe it was seeing Obama become President, and see politics really change in America, bottom-up.  Whatever it was, I have woken up to the fact that we have to do more – much more – if we are going to rewrite our future and rebuild our India into the glorious country that it once was.

We know we are on the wrong track when security warnings sent on September 24 for the event that happened on 26/11 are ignored and not acted on. We know we are on the wrong track when we cannot provide adequate electricity 24×7 in our homes and factories – and yet for the sake of votes our political parties offer free power to millions. We know we are on the wrong track when we have schemes like NREGS and bank loan write-offs which create wealth for the entire value chain – expect for the one it is supposed to help. We know we are on the wrong track when we can barely add to the highways in five years.   We know we are on the wrong track when a mother says that her biggest challenge of parenting is finding a good school for her daughter.

We are on the wrong track. And it is WE who put us there. By our apathy, by not voting, by accepting mediocrity, by not being part of the political process. The best we do is show up at candle-light vigils when we are shocked from our smugness, but don’t we need something more concrete and impactful?

We are India’s educated civil society. If we cannot act individually and as a team, then we forfeit the right to complain. Democracy comes with responsibilities and duties. It also comes with a generation having to make some sacrifices so the Tomorrow for our children can be better than our Today.

We have 100 days only to the elections.  India has 2 national parties and a multitude of regional parties. We have to make a choice about the party at the Centre. We can wait for a utopian world and the creation of the Perfect Political Party. Or, we can pick the party with the lighter shades of grey.

A week ago, when some of us got together to talk about the elections and the future, we also made our choice. We decided to support the BJP – and work towards ensuring LK Advani becomes Prime Minister. The BJP may not be the Whitest of the parties, but in our view, it is by far, the better, cleaner, more democratic, less feudal and more promising of the two national options. More importantly, we also realised that in the 2009 Elections, the way things stand, unless the BJP gets 50-75 more seats on its own above the 130 it got in the 2004 elections, there is little hope of the BJP forming a government at the centre.

Thus was formed Friends of BJP. We are neither all signed-up members nor agree with everything and everybody in the party has always said.  But we firmly believe that, in 2009, the BJP and LK Advani are the best hopes for India. We have a clear short-term goal, and a grander long-term vision for Friends of BJP.

The 100-day goal is to get BJP to 200+ seats – in the 15th Lok Sabha. This will mean a massive outreach programme through all means at our disposal to get the silent supporters to be more vocal, and the undecideds to be swung the BJP way. Bringing about a BJP government at the centre with Advani at the helm will then bring into focus the longer-term vision. That is about a government that is two-way, that listens to us, that we can feel a part of. Technologies like the Internet and mobile give us the tools to self-organise and make our voices heard. The India of 2009 is very different from that of 2004. The 2009 Elections will be the first where urban India can actually make a difference.

And that is why we are gathered here today. As citizens of India, we have a duty to help build a Better India. The 20 of a week ago are now 200. We need to become 2000 in another week, and 20 million by the time the elections are here. We have to become the Voice of India.  For 60 years, we have been Led. And for many of those years, Led down a wrong path. The time has now come for us to Lead.

The first step in that direction is Mission 200+ Seats for the BJP. Let’s get cracking!

PS: A vote at the ballot box is just a first step – and not the end goal. We need to – and have to – do more. I am not completely sure where this will lead to. It could fizzle out, or it could grow into something very big. I hope I can be a part of making a difference. The next 100 days will show us. This is a a journey we need to do together.  As a first step, irrespective of which party you decide you support, you can start by being vocal – so we can start a dialogue. India needs millions of such conversations happening every day. Out of that will emerge a New, Better India whose citizens are equal stakeholders in its future.

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  1. Congratulations,
    I really admire ur thoughts & actions. India needs political stability as well as security & for that a national party has to emerge with 200+ seats. There should be no dominance of regional parties at centre as they halt development of whole nation for their interest in their state.
    I am with you to support & promote BJP with 200+ seats.

    Vande Matram

  2. Rajesh –
    I still have to make my mind on my national party. I lean towards BJP but some of the actions by its other group shocks me. It is definitely better than Congress. I will make up my mind in next couple of days.

    Will it be possible to do so some of the future meeting which you plan on a weekend.


  3. Kudos Rajesh! It really is time to step up. We need to give up our utopian hopes and deliver a majority this year so the regional bickering and instability can come to an end.

  4. Way to go Rajesh ! Only good intention is not enough. Execution is the key. I am glad that you are taking action in this front. My best wishes. After crossing 10 years of legal age for voting in India , finally I have applied for the voter id card this year. And I am going to entertain my franchise this general election.

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  6. Rajesh,
    While I am so far an undecided based on recent acts and lack of strong follow-up action in Karnataka, I applaud you for publicly taking a stand and acting to not only cast your vote, but also trying to drive public opinion based on issues.
    We need more active and fewer passive reactions to bring some level of sanity to the way political debates are conducted – irrespective of what one’s pov is.
    All the best.

  7. Congratulations Rajesh,
    Hats off to your noble thoughts.
    You can (sure will ) be a good leader for the said process/ change. I support you & BJP too, as we desperately needs the change.

  8. Yes. All of us here must start taking sides and start contributing. We also deserves leader like Obama who can inspires the nation and the world. C U at Worli meet Rajesh.

  9. I am not sure if BJP is the right party to come in the center. I used to be a BJP fan and I voted for them in the 2004 elections. But now, some bad memories about their actions are becoming strong in my mind.

    Still need to make my mind between the two! One thing I want is that the majority should be with either of these and may we dont have a coalition government this time!

  10. Hi Rajesh,

    It’s really great to see the spirit

    Vinitji happened to mention to me as well about today’s meet and I’m likely to attend.

    Look forward to sharing some ideas!

    Matching the Spirits!


  11. Support the idea of creating a support for a political party so that we can garner as many people as we can to ensure that most people turn out and exercise their voting right.

    I DO NOT however support your choice of political party and the prime ministerial candidate. Could go into a long drawn post but in two words, I am not comfortable with the “hindutva” philosophy of BJP and IMHO Mr. Advani is too old to run the country of young people. Need of the hour is a set of politicians who understand what is it like to take risks, create businesses and allow freedom of speech and thoughts to flourish. And that is what young politicians at Congress can do.

    Regards and Thanks,

  12. I agree with SG but the point is we need to start a larger convo between BJP vs. Congress and make this election about getting a national party majority so that they have the ability to make policy decisions without encountering another debacle similar to the nuclear deal.

    Personally, I think Rahul Gandhi should just go for it. I’m not saying he’s the best out there but “has less grey” in that he can use his age and name to mobilize the youth in India who still remain apathetic. Advani is 82… let’s be realistic!

    Sometimes you need one bold move to trigger an avalanche of excitement, participation and inclusion. Rahul is no Obama… not even close… but even Obama was relatively unknown 2 years ago. Maybe we need to launch a “Rahul Gandhi for PM” group in conjunction with “Friends of BJP”?

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  14. I regret the move by the citizen of India by bringing congress to the centre 5 year back. They had given 2nd chance to Vajpayee Jee gov.
    I am ashamed of looking towards the ministers sitting in cogress UPA. Politicians like Laloo and its party members, Ram Vilas Paswan, Shivraj Patil (who even dont have a electoral base), Arjun singh and countless ministers and recent partner SP have just enjooyed the power. Every lauds for laloo yadav for its achivements in railways but no see what he had made Bihar. He destroyed the infrastruture, law, management & the young people future.
    And in congress term, we have faced every possible threats. Specially SOFT TOWARDS TERRORISM. As it can hurt its vote bank politics. Even muslims are fed up of all these but congress will never change as they are addicted to be in power. Every one is frustrated but don’t know how to over come this frustration. Yes, there are some handfuls young leaders whom I respect like Scindhia, pilot, Rahul etc. They are the future of the Indian politics but for Now scenario BJP fits for this election.

  15. Gaurav Sikka, I would be really interested in your reaction to my post (Endorsing the BJP), the link for which appears right after your comment.

    I am interested in knowing what recommends dynastic rule to you.

  16. I AGREE WITH SG. we need political stability but a choice for BJP is undigestable. You have some people like Narendra Modi in the state where i belong, who have proven to be good leaders and brought about development. But this development comes through the lot of moolah tat flows in from all Gujarat biz men and NRIs. He can speak because he knows he has people like KV Kamath and Ambani on his back.

    In the center too we need stability. And also you dont get such a qualified cabinet in BJP raj (form the little that know about Manmohan singh, PC, Pranab mukherjee, kapil Sibal ). Laloo yadav may be an exception but his HR Management skills can not doubted that is why he could survive 16 years in Bihar. he destroyed things in Bihar but that is what people are with(the poeple who vote.). when there is flood in bihar lots of people get employment(dont ask me how? you need to see it to believe).

    With all due respect to Mr. Rajesh Jain, has BJP chosen MyTodaySMS for its mobile campaign? And is this support something related to that. Due you really believe in LK Advani. He doesn’t even know that there are hardly 1% netizens who vote and he still running and online campaign.. may be he is imitating Obama but he doesn’t realize that he is India. May he forgot to see the internet penetration data of India and the voting age group among those.

    I dont have a voter ID card yet, so not voting this time but LK Advani would be the last person on earth i would like to see as India’s PM. I would rather go for Laloo Yadav even. other choices.. are Rahul Gandhi, Omar Abdullah (if he leaves as CM )

    And we shouldn’t forget that BJP does not not mean LKadvani.
    Remember 2004 .. no one expected Manmohan Singh .

    PS: for all the marketing guys and bloggers.. this is a very good example of creating conversation around your product or generate comments on blog.. write something controversial and relevant?

  17. please excuse the typos in the above comment. and the msg to Mr. Jain is suppose to be kind one. I really admire you and have great respect for you but this step of yours comes as a shocker.. may be you are tired of all the things that happened in the past 5 years and just seeking a change.. but will this change of powers really change our India.

  18. I dunno whether a 82 year old PM to lead India in the 21st century makes sense, I would have rather preferred Modi or Arun Jaitley from the BJP.

  19. Our mission is 200+ seats for BJP.
    I am really sorry as I wld not be able to attend today’s Worli meet, but I wld definately like to contribute my thoughts.
    * This mission is targeted mass orianted throughout India (All Constituency) & not remain as an net venture.
    * Remember BJP as well as Congress wld not field candidates on all seats so our propoganda sld include BJP + Allies.
    * Expose Congress + Allies on development as well as on security fronts & educate people abt positive steps taken by NDA Government which help the country.
    * Our mission is to bring out the voter to the polling booth and make sure he votes for BJP + Allies & not remain silent spectator. Every vote counts & each citizen is reponsible for India tomorrow.

    Vande Matram

  20. hats off sri rajesh. your analysis hit the bulls eye. the problem is intelligent and sensible are usually not the voters that makes the difference. election commission is toothless tiger. parties are practically allowed to act like robin hoods – steal some place distribute some other place to keep them in power. god save india. of course we have to continue our efforts and your views are in that direction. i wish you and your team good luck tonight. let there be a right advt campaign on all medias with bullet like comparisions and message lines

  21. Thanks,
    You have been a Doer, rather than speaker.
    I’m glad to be sharing your thoughts.

    Word of caution:
    I’m from Bangalore and wish to present couple of thoughts.

    1)Rallying behind is first step. With that, lets think about Participatory Democracy, like the IDEA’s advertisement.

    Whether we want Bridge, Factory, SEZ, ….. janataa ki awaaz……sunoge to jeetoge

    2) Congress (for that matter Janata too) depended on Liquor and Granite. BJP is backed by commodity boom (Iron mining, Betel Nut and Garments).

    3) This could be disturbing. BJP has always been too much of a talking shop. They & their allies (could be ideologues, allied parties) talk a lot and invite problem. They better stop that.

    Eg: Anitha Kumaraswamy, wife of former Karnataka CM stood for election. BJP Spokesperson termed it “betting Droupadi after loosing in gambling”.

    What saddens me is voting for a National Neta might end up voting for a local goonda/baddie.

    Atanu Dey keeps mentioning Democracy is first-best method in a second-best world.
    Neh, karma

  22. Hi Rajesh,

    I’m glad to see people voicing their opinions. Like you’ve aptly said India indeed needs millions of such conversations happening every day to make US (the voter) a stakeholder…

    But somehow on reading your whole post again I got a feeling of choosing the other based on bad performance of the other…

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we as a citizen forget about the past and make the rest of the world aware of what Party X can do? Supporters of Party Y can do that on their own blogs…

    Lets be objective for once…let us rather list out our strengths than their weaknesses…let us talk about future instead of a past…Lets run a campaign and not an Anti-Campaign…

    I personally am not a supporter of any party yet…because I am the common man…the youth who believes in nothing…a submissive man who thinks politics is a career choice made by the money-sucker-blood-sucker-human-like-vampires.

    I would be very interested in understanding plans/motto/strengths/faces of BJP. Please count me in…NOT as a friend of BJP…but as a wannabe-informed-voter…


  23. I’m with you on this Rajesh, not only the party but on yr thought. I think my only concerns is BJP need a young leader,a t 80 + LK Advani cant go far, may be party should transfer midway to Modi.

  24. If there is a platform by which your going to go about things and need others of help in any which way sign me up!

    Best Regards,

    Satyam Bachani

  25. Rajesh: Great post…and good thoughts…

    There is a lot (and I do mean a lot) of stuff happening in the background on political reform and governance…

    You and your readers may find some of these posts interesting:




    In particular, I would like you and others with deep interest in politics (regardless of your idelogical affiliations) to have a look at FTI: http://freedomteam.in/?file=main

    and I would like to bounce some ideas off you – if you have the time and availability…Pl. email me at jai.dharma AT gmail.com

    More on me here: http://satyameva-jayate.org/2008/10/30/who-is-b-shantanu/

  26. I am of the opinion that it is almost too late to save our country the fuedal secularists like congress, CPM etc.. Lets all vote to the BJP for a better India

  27. What about the known affiliates of the BJP parties who are into moral policing? I too was leaning towards BJP but I have realised that even though BJP may have its good points, the parties who are sympathetic to it are more or less terrorising citizens, particularly women. Most sympathisers of the BJP either deny that BJP is sympathetic to these extreme groups or they say the party will change when it comes to power. These denials are not something that instills confidence.

  28. Nita, I see yr pt. but you have to fight with the system from within a system. We have to start from somewhere.

    Btw, i dont see congress has any hope of producing good leaders which can do wonders for us. Being young and born in political family doesn’t mean they will be great leaders..

  29. I am saddened by the incident of hooliganism that occurred in Karnataka recently where a bunch of thugs beat up women who were at a bar. The thugs should be given exemplary punishment.

    Mekin mentions that incident in his comment #30 above.

    I suppose the ability to make distinctions is important and most people do acquire that by the time they learn elementary reasoning.

    For instance, consider two people. One, a serial axe murderer, and the other someone who punched an innocent person in the face. Both are imperfect but to hold that there is essentially no difference between the two reveals an inability to make elementary distinctions.

    The BJP is not perfect. But it has a lot less blood on its hands than does the Congress.

  30. I totally agree with you – ONE party in the center and certainly not a HEADLESS CONGRESS !! If ONE BJP can make Gujarat a success story despite all the MOTIVATED MEDIA allegations …. I must say my support is with BJP !! Looking for a strong Leader in Advani !

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  32. Yes BJP makes sense if only Gujarat is the case. I bet no one will favor it if you have heard/read what YSR talked about the M’lore incident today. He infact is provoking the Ram Sena’s goonda act. I’m not a party person but yes I do prefer a leader who is educated enough to understand the nation and not like Mayawati (BJP) who fires the gun from illiterate’s shoulder targeting the tax payers who are actually contributing towards her respective state’s growth.
    On the other hand Sheila Dixit (Congress) has been in Delhi for the third time and I bet everyone will agree that she has changed the façade of Delhi completely.

    To Hell with political parties all we need is a stable government full of (EDUCATED) individuals who put their interest behind and think of Nation’s interest first and act accordingly. Let’s ask Mr. Jain, Mr. Murthy, Mr. Ambani to stand in election and I bet the results would be India overtaking America as world’s no.1 economy!

    Regarding the Voter ID card – I don’t have one but it’s not that I didn’t try for it (infact it was made but never reached in my hands). The place where they were making these ID cards had no proper current connection and while ppl kept waiting in line the so called party ppl were playing around with the Genset which finally got fired up so no backup either. Therefore, all the ppl waiting in line for their voter ID had no option but to go back home. I took an off from office that day but was in vain, they took my picture and couldn’t print it as the current went off and after waiting for 5 hrs tolerantly I was told to go home and we can collect the IDs later tomorrow from the party office. Which I tried but no one had any clue about those ID cards at all………..Making it again is a task in itself, but I’m going to try!

  33. Kudos on your decision Rajesh,

    Friends of BJP are required in every state that has lot of fence sitters.

    Its sad to see India’s mainstream media target BJP everyday for some silly reason. Mangalore incident is the final proof that media is out to bury BJP before general elections are here.

    Politics is not white and black, why don’t Mukesh Ambani, Ratan Tata and others arm twist media to atleast be fair and balanced when reporting political incidents. The situation is slightly better in regional media,

    But mainstrem media will need to be roped in if urban votes are to be won over.

  34. Rajesh, this is an amazing initiative. I support both your concept and the party you have chosen

    To those who are quoting the mangalore incident and other assorted incidents to question the BJP’s credentials, remember this, this is a Loksabha election. Law and order is essentially a state subject. Besides, we have a Congress Government in Maharashtra – what has it done to stop the MNS?.Remember that there are several issues facing the country today: make sure that you are not swayed by one single issue to decide your vote. Ask yourself the question as to whether or not the NDA goovernment did better from 1999 to 2004( which is the valid metric for comparison here- not the performance of one individual state government). Your answer could be anything and that is your prerogative and depends on your views. But think, think carefully and then decide. Be informed through the media, but do not take media judgements at face value. Analsye it through a critical prism and then draw your conlcusions, whatever they may be.

    As Rajesh has mentioned, there is a longer term goal and there is a short-term goal. If you think the Congress and the BJP both are bad, then choose the lesser evil.

    And the more people like us are involved in opinion building a, the more the Congress or the BJP would be mindful of the need to involve the urban middle class and the lesser they will yield to radicals. So do not crib that all politicians are evil or forfeit your right to vote. Doing so would only have the opposite consequences of what you would want to happen.

  35. All those people who are voicing their strange reasons against BJP because some folks got thrashed in a club are missing the bigger picture. It’s much ado about nothing. The bigger picture is missionaries and media and CONgress and other anti-India elements using this incident ( and others like this ). See how balanced media is?
    Real Talibans of India – Media
    When a female journalist called Soumya Vishwanathan was killed in India’a national capital, the Chief Minister of Delhi Smt Sheila Dixit blamed the dead female journalist for her own tragedy by saying that she was too adventurous. The Media wholeheartedly supported Mrs Dixit and went gaga over her shortly afterwards, when she won the Delhi Assembly elections.

    When Scarlett Keeling was raped and killed in Goa and the needle of suspicion pointed to a strong nexus between the Goan Ministers, the drug mafia and the sex racketeers, the media played it very safe by conveniently choosing not to pursue the leads from the investigation.

    When a 14-year-old German girl was raped by Rohit Monserrate, the 21-year-old son of Goa Education Minister Atanasio Monserrate who is also a powerful political figure in Goa, and the girl’s mother was repeatedly harassed and their lawyer was grievously injured in order to coerce him to withdraw from the case, the Media didn’t find anything extraordinary in that.

    When Taslima Nasreen’s press conference was rudely disrupted and chairs and all sorts of dangerous objects were thrown at her in full glare of the cameras by the “secular” muslim jihadis of Hyderabad lead by the MLAs of Majlis Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM), the Media didnt at all find anything amiss in that.

    When Laxmi Oraon, an Adivasi woman was brutally thrashed and paraded naked through the streets of Guwahati, Assam, with the whole police paraphernalia and official state machinery in tow, the Media chose to downplay the episode since, the victim was a hapless adivasi woman from the lower strata of society.

    The Media felt that since all the above unsavoury incidents had occured in the states lead by Madam Sonia Antonia Maino’s puppets, it is all perfectly legitimate and absolutely secular and progressive.

    Kudos to the Media who are the Real Talibans of India.


  36. Today, after deep thinking, I decided to support BJP in coming elections. I think the congress failed us, as countrymen, in last 5 years. I will love to do more than casting vote. Looking to participate in any meaningful campaign.

  37. Dear Rajesh,

    I concur with your observations that
    1) We need a party with majority of votes else it becomes very difficult to get anything done and
    2) We need to act

    But have you heard what exactly are the visions of BJP or Congress for India for next 5 years?

    In all the discussions above why are we not seeing any list of issues which we should be evaluating our potential leaders on?

    Obviously making promises is one and being able to execute on it is different, but we should atleast be able to judge them on their thought processes.

    And have you seen any 82 year old leader having energy, passion and will to lead which can inspire new generation?

    Maybe having some clarity and few debates around critical issues for India may go long way.

    Considering that Indian has very low penetration of Internet, TV can play much more important role in this election.


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  39. Rajesh Bandhu,

    Way 2 Go !!!!

    May the Lotus bloom again and forever over Bharat Varsh.

    Vande Mataram ! Jai Hind !

  40. Rajesh

    I live in Delhi and would like to contribute so is there any group in Delhi like the one you are starting in Mumbai?

  41. We are yet to see the worst of the mechainations of the current government. By all indications, they are planning to defer elections till the current CEC retires on April 20th. The elections in that case will be held under teh “able” guidance of Mr. Navin Chawla – a congress (Sonia) stooge and corrup official.

    Congress gets better at its own game of subverting democracy each passing year. Free and fair elections have always been Congress’s nemesis, and this time they will go all our.

    Just saw an article on 7 lakh new (and very similar) names being added to Delhi electoral list in last one year. Sad indeed – under this pack we will descend to the abysbal levels of Bihar, before BJP comes to power on its own.

    Worst is yet to come .. and it is around the corner.

  42. We are yet to see the worst of the machinations of the current government. By all indications, they are planning to defer elections till the current CEC retires on April 20th. The elections in that case will be held under the “able” guidance of Mr. Navin Chawla – a congress (Sonia) stooge and well known corrupt official.

    Congress gets better at its own game of subverting democracy each passing year. Free and fair elections have always been Congress’s nemesis, and this time they will go all out.

    Just saw an article on 7 lakh new (and very similar) names being added to Delhi electoral list in last one year. Sad indeed – under this pack we will descend to the abysbal levels of Bihar, before BJP comes to power on its own.

    Worst is yet to come .. and it is around the corner.

  43. Rajesh,

    As a first step, can we please have a separate page/microsite for Friends of BJP?

    Also, we need to have chapters in every city and town of India..not much time left for this election..but still the power of internet should be harnessed effectively..

    There is a sizable number of neutral voters this time, most of them first time voters.Also, there are many people who have not understood what the BJP stands for correctly (rather, the BJP has failed in communicating its values to them)..many such people can be concinved to see the reality, and vote for BJP. To do that, we need a variety of arguments (well articulated of course) on: Why vote BJP in 2009?

    And we should make it clear that we, the friends of BJP, are giving BJP our unconditional support this time, but we expect the BJP to listen to us and consider our views seriously.Unless we promote this as a participatorty democratic experiment in action, we won’t be able to get things like ‘primaries’ etc in the BJP in 2013.

  44. Rajesh,

    Just for a moment, put yourself on the receiving end of the BJP supported fascists’ actions. Would you still vote for them if your places of worship were attacked and destroyed, your freedoms were curtailed, your rights destroyed?

  45. I would have voted for BJP in the coming elections if I could see one impartial leader in the party who stands for justice. Do you really think L.K.Advani is worthy of leading the country in these tubulent times at the age of 81. He cannot by any means be compared to Obama. He has also been responsible with his party in dividing the country on communal lines with his Ram temple issue. We Indians are facing these troubled times because we do not stand for justice and punish such people. And whats the other face of BJP. Narendra Modi? It will be a national shame when a person like him is elected as the PM. What you call development in Gujrat is nothing but offering sops to large business houses against national interests.

  46. Dear Ajay,
    Yes, I have. I am not supporting one party/community or the other’s actions. An eye for an eye just leaves the whole world blind.

    Since this blog post appeared to promote the BJP as different from everyone else in the political ring, I just figured I’d see how different they and their supporters really are.

    How different are the BJP and its ancillaries if they stoop to the same level as those they condemn of violence, religious hatred, intolerance for others opinons and disregard for fundamental rights?

    Haven’t they lost their moral high ground by indulging in the very behavior they condemn?

    All the development and positives are of little use if the ordinary man on the street has to go about fearing for his life and safety because of their religion or because exercising their constitutionally guaranteed fundamental rights as citizens of a free country impinges on someone’s ideas of what is the norm and what is not.

    Show me one of the major political parties that has not exploited one community or the other for its gains guarantees and ensures that everyone irrespective of their beliefs or absence of them will be treated with the same respect and tolerance and they are the “different” party that needs to get the votes.

  47. Rajesh.
    I just have 2 questions for you. Your surname is Jain. Is that because you belong to the Jain religion and are you a practicing Jain?

  48. Rajesh,
    I just have 2 questions for you. Your surname is Jain. Is that because you belong to the Jain religion and are you a practicing Jain?

  49. Simple folks

    Consider Arguments
    Consider Issues
    Consider national security
    Consider History

    Choose the lesser of all the evils.

    I did and am choosing BJP.

  50. Naveen

    Why do you care? What is this Jain business?

    That makes me ask you are you really Naveen? Can you Naveen Rodrigues or something like that? Because missionaries are trying to split Indian society as Hindu, muslim, Jain, Sikh and such. So wondering what your point is!

  51. As far as I feel, BJP is a fascist party. It hates minorities, it doesn’t like Dalits either.Certain section of upwardly middle class likes it.

    Congress is no great alternative either. Both parties have used caste and communal card. But BJP is worse as it doesn’t want to solve the problems of either Muslims or Christians or other weaker sections.

  52. Naveen: Jainism is a religion and most Digambar Jains now use their religion ‘Jain’ as surname. But Shwetambars like Shah, Bajaj, Modi, Bakliwal, Pandya and others don’t use Jain surname as in Gujarat.

    Jains are rich businessmen and financiers of BJP and VHP. Pravin Togadia is a Jain. There are some Jains who are accused of being neo-Brahmins, though many are great humanists also.

    Due to their stress on non-vegetarianism, they oppose meat-eaters and hence actively try to raise this issue. This leads to communal polarisation in some states.

    There is an accusation that Gujarat that has most Jains in India is the most communally polarised state because of this reason, though it needs a well-documented and extensive research.

    But it is true that Jains are these days very powerful and have top posts in BJP, RSS, Bajrang Dal and VHP. The Brhamins are now no longer at the top of society’s caste pyramid though they may assume it.

    Earlier Jainism had become powerul and Hinduism had finished it almost completely. That’s 1000 years ago. But it has again flourished. Jains believe that they are original rules of India as Bharat was Jain.

    There are great Jain figures like Acharya Mahaprajna and Acharya Tulsi. Some bad persons are also there but it has nothing to do with religion.

  53. Hindustani – I disagree. BJP is NOT a fascist party. At a time when pseudosecular forces are destroying Indian society and culture, I think it is time we need BJP at the centre, for economic and cultural renaissance.

    Congress and its allies have been responsible for dividing the society on the basis of caste and religion. Why, out here in TN , the ruling party has passed an (unofficial ) order to let non-Hindu criminals go scot free!

    Congress’ economic policy has not been sound either, and it is because of a few ‘good’ people like Mr.Manmohan Singh that our economy is at least crawling along.

    And they appear to have joined forces with Christian missions which distribute money and use brainwashing to convert Hindus. Remember that temples are being desecrated out here everyday!
    Congress has been responsible for this breakdown of the once healthy Hindu-Christian relations in my state.

  54. All of us need to think what happend to India after independence. This will be the only country in which the majority is put aside by majority leaders. All the so called ‘secularist’ party leaders are intended to give more than enough to the minorities. What’s the reason? Becasue they came together as a vote bank, but take the case of Hindus, they are divided over in all ways.

    We need a person like ‘Vivekanda’ to join together this community.

    I strongly believe that if this time if B.J.P won’t come to power then the nation may become a terror hub and all we need to stick on only in Gujarat where the Narendrabai may provide shelters for the Hindus

  55. Kushan,

    Many thanks for your dope on Jainism. I only knew what I read about it way back in school.

    I just checked the Wiki entry on Jainism and the following was listed as the third main point of Jainism:

    “….. regard every living being as yourself, harm no one, manifest benevolence for all living beings.”

    Now my question is how can any practicing Jain support or vote for BJP, a party that is in violation of the above essential requirement of Jainism?

  56. You have another ally in me. Let us bring a nationalist government back in power and defuse the anti-India media.

    Let us also resolve to make Modiji the PM of India in futue. For now Advaniji is our leader.

    Jai Hind

  57. Guys..I am kerala. we are screwed royally by communists and congress for the last 61 years..I am sick of their psuedo secular attitudes..

    see their recent actions

    congress declaring Muslims as their first citizens

    Madarassa == CBSE equivalent

    Y Samuel Rajashekar Reddy is giving funds to Christians to go to Jersulaem ,similar to Hajj fund

    illegal immegrants from Bangalades occupying india..No actions from the govt to stop it

    Killing of Hindus in Kannur (Kerala) by CPM

    etc etc..

    Guys our country is going into the drains..Please please vote for BJP

  58. It was shocking to see BJP loose last general elections. Nobody thought BJP would loose. They were building roads, sensex touched 6k, nuke test done, etc. I thought I was seeing too much in a tenure. I sometimes feel that people of this country subconsciously alternate parties ruling at centre, irrespective of their performance. I mean, i still fail to understand why would have Congress won the last elections.

    One more thing that i feel is a lot of us like BJP over Congress. But a lot of us do not accept Advani ji as PM.. Try doing a simple poll asking people if they would want Advani to be the PM… no second choice, no comparison with someone else… simply, if they would like Advani ji as PM or not. You get either yes or no.. based on that may be BJP can think of who to be projected as PM. Also, it is important that the opinion is taken from rural urban east west north south from everywhere…

    This elections are going to be exciting… no single strategy is going to work for any party.

  59. Pingback: Webyantra  » Why is L K Advani spamming me?

  60. Rajesh,

    We want change and change should help each indian to grow.
    First of all i want that each indian should think beyond oneself.
    BJP is a party which runs by baniya community of india and baniya means do good for community.
    We Indians are so busy in our daily life that we have now accepted every thing as a part of life.

  61. And, what are the policies BJP stands for? No one knows. Except that they still don’t distance themselves from fascist groups like Ram Sena, Bajrang Dal etc. So I’d say, lets hand the Congress sycophants another chance, and send a strong message to the BJP that the only way they will get 200 seats is by becoming secular. And if they do mend their ways, I’d gladly vote for them in 2014.

  62. Dear guys,
    we are all Indians. There should be no Hindu or Muslim terror kind of a thing. In the past till date no party has charged any religion of terror but the Congress which I beleive is the worst party in Indian politics has degraded the nation and has started the term “HINDU TERROR” or ” HINDU TALIBANISATION” which has targeted the entire Hindu relgion. People criticise Narendra Modi for 2002 but what about his devlopment programmes and his completely non corrupt performance. On the contrary the some of the UPA LEADERS like Sharad Pawar and RAM VILAS PASWAN are totally corrupt and they are one of the richest politicinas in India. Sharad Pawar was CM of Maharashtra and is now the agriculture minster has misused massive public money. Ram Vilas Paswan is doing the same with the Steel and the Fertiliser Ministry. These are the UPA leaders. EAT PUBLIC MONEY AND HELP TERRORISTS IS THEIR MOTTO.

    FRIENDS INDIA IS OUR COUNTRY. WE Alone can make it the country of our dreams. Decide what is right and what is wrong. We definitely made a mistake in 2004 do we want to make it again?????


    VOTE FOR BJP in 2009.


  63. Is there a point in discussion pros and cons here? This is a forum for all who have “made up there minds” to support BJP. Those who don’t shd join a political forum that they support.

    What can we action, short term and long term?

    Elections will be rigged – that’s granted.


  64. Under section 3 of the National Minority Commission Act, a Hindu cannot be its Chairman and at least five of its seven members including Chairman shall have to be from amongst the minority communities.

    Till recently SC Hindus were entitled to get 1500 posts out of every 10000 posts in Government and public sectors, OBC Hindus were entitled to 2700 posts and ST Hindus were entitled for 750 posts.

    The National Commission for Scheduled Castes headed by Congressman Shri Buta Singh also favours giving ‘reserved’ status to Dalit converts to Christianity and Islam but does not want them to be included in the 15% SC quota and wants to further reduce seats available to general class Hindus so as to create a new quota for dalit converts. (Times of India, July 14, 2007). So general category Hindus will get size of their cake further reduced if they vote for any jaichandi party in the coming election.

    In January 2007 I returned to India after a gap of thirteen years and was shocked to find just the reverse trend among ‘Indian Hindus’, rather than demanding equality in all respects, which was guaranteed by the original 1950 Constitution of India, even educated Indian Hindus have been media managed to push their own children and grandchildren into second and third class status vis-à-vis minority candidates by supporting such political parties which openly declare that they will give first preference to minority candidates over Hindu candidates in matters of admissions into nurseries, schools, colleges and universities, employment, departmental promotions, student loans, bank loans

    Right from sixties the educational, employment and economic [E3] opportunities for Hindu youngsters especially in the government sector were being reduced bit by bit by all the previous Congress Governments, pace of which has now been accelerated by the Manmohan Singh Government. And irony is that it was and is being done on the strength of those Hindus who support the Congress Party or its UPA partners or the Communist parties.

    What I am saying is not imagination but hard bitter fact adversely affecting the employment opportunities of all Hindu youngsters including SC/ST, OBC and Marxist Hindus.

    The Hindustan Times of December 24, 2008 (New Delhi edition) reported that in reply to a question the Parliament was informed that as a result of special efforts made by the UPA Government such the share of minorities in central sector jobs increased from 6.9 per cent in 2006-07 to 8.7 per cent in 2007-08. It increased from 7.6 per cent in 2006-07 in the financial sector (Banks, FIs, RBI) to 10.2 per cent; in the Armed Forces from 5.5 per cent to 8.9 per cent, and; in the Railways from 2.7 per cent to 6.3 per cent during the same period.

    Consequently, the percentage of Hindus in the central sector declined from 93.1 per cent in 2006-07 to 91.3 per cent in 2007-08. In the financial sector Hindu percentage declined from 92.4 to 89.2, and, in the Armed Forces Hindu percentage declined from 94.5 to 91.1 in just one year.

    Who is responsible for reducing percentage of Hindus in jobs? Hindu students, Hindu youth and those Hindu parents who have school and college going children and grand children must pose this question to themselves.

    I served as Indian Ambassador for thirteen years (1994-2006); and, as Consul General for another five years (1980-82 and 1985-88). During this long period I found on one hand a burning desire among Hindu settlers abroad to know about their cultural heritage, about Vedas etc, and, on the other hand burning urge among them to be treated with respect and on equal footings with locals in matters of religion, education, employment, economic opportunities and application of laws.

    In January 2007, I returned to India after a gap of thirteen years and was shocked to find just the reverse trend among ‘Indian Hindus’, rather than demanding equality in all respects, which was guaranteed by the original 1950 Constitution of India, even educated Indian Hindus have been media managed to push their own children and grandchildren into second and third class status vis-à-vis minority candidates by supporting such political parties which openly declare that they will give first preference to minority candidates over Hindu candidates in matters of admissions into nurseries, schools, colleges and universities, employment, departmental promotions, student loans, bank loans etc.

    I shall place before you some bare facts which show that we Hindu voters have been lacking in parental care and have contributed to reducing our own children to second class status by being careless and casual at times of voting. When I brought these facts to notice of educated Hindus most of them expressed shock on their being ignorant of these facts, and, blamed media and Hindu politicians for this betrayal.

    1. Hindu students with better marks are denied admissions into nurseries, schools, colleges and universities run by minorities, whether aided out of taxes collected from we Hindus or unaided.
    2. Hindus are generally under represented in the staff of minority institutions, and, posts of principals etc. are generally reserved for non-Hindus. For example, the rule of St Stephan’s College Delhi stipulates that a Hindu can not be its Principal and Vice Principal though it receives annual grant of crores of rupees from the government out of taxes collected from we Hindus.
    3. These institutions quote Supreme Court decisions to justify the second class treatment of Hindus in matters of admission and employment. In nut shell, the Supreme Court has ruled that Hindus do not enjoy equality rights in the minority institutions whether aided or unaided.
    4. The Constitution of India (Articles 15 and 16) guarantees 15 per cent reservations for SC Hindus and 7.5 per cent reservations for ST Hindus but they are denied these constitutionally guaranteed reservations in admissions as well as in employment in minority institutions with connivance of Jaichandi Hindu politicians, who, are also known as ‘secular’ or ‘pseudo-secular’ politicians.
    5. The OBC Hindus have been given 27 per cent reservations under the Constitution in academic institutions but the Manmohan Singh Government has framed rules in such a way that OBC Hindus are denied this reservation all over India in minority institutions.
    6. Now through the Rangnath Mishra Commission the UPA Government of Manmohan Singh with help of all political parties (Mulayam Singh Yadav, Mayawati, Lalu Yadav, Ram Vilash Paswan, K Karunanidhi etc) except BJP is trying to include Muslims and Christians in the SC category which will naturally reduce the size of cake available to all SC Hindu candidates in schools and colleges as well as in employment in government and public sector.
    7. Further, the Christians and Muslims enjoy higher literacy rate than SC Hindus. So if the Manmohan Singh Government succeeds to include Muslims and Christians into SC category, the SC/ST Hindus will further lose heavily in educational sector as well as in employment sector.
    8. The National Commission for Scheduled Castes headed by Congressman Shri Buta Singh also favours giving ‘reserved’ status to Dalit converts to Christianity and Islam but does not want them to be included in the 15 per cent SC quota and wants to further reduce seats available to general class Hindus so as to create a new quota for dalit converts. (Times of India, July 14, 2007). So general category Hindus will get size of their cake further reduced if they vote for any Jaichandi party in the coming election.
    9. Hindu students get student loans at higher interest rate of about 12 per cent to 14 per cent per annum but minority students get student loan at 3 per cent per annum from the National Minority Development & Finance Corporation under the Union Ministry of Finance. For confirmation please visit http://www.nmdfc.org. This discrimination against Hindu students has been made possible by those Hindus who voted to Congress Party in previous elections.
    10. Hindu youth gets loans from commercial banks to start a new business at 15 per cent to 18 per cent interest and has to arrange ‘margin money’ of 15 per cent to 40 per cent of project cost from his private sources, balance comes from the bank. But a minority youth has to put in only 5 per cent of project cost as margin money from his private source, other 35 per cent is given by the National Minority Development & Finance Corporation at 3 per cent interest, and remaining 60 per cent of finance is given by commercial banks at two percentage points less than general lending rate for Hindus.

    How can a Hindu youth compete in business with minority businesman?

    This point has to be replied by those Hindus who give their notes and votes to Congress Party or to any UPA Party. For this discrimination those Hindus are responsible who give their votes to Congress Party or to any Jaichandi Party.

    * The Manmohan Singh Government has directed that all minority students admitted to 50 top institutions of India like IIMs, IITs etc (list enclosed) will get their total fees paid by the government but Hindu students, whether leftist or rightist have to pay their fees even if they are members of the NSUI or SFI.
    * If a minority student decides to join any coaching centre to prepare for admission into colleges or public service examinations or jobs in government and private sectors he gets total fees of coaching centre paid by the government but a Hindu student or his parent has to pay the fees of coaching centre. Details may be seen at http://www.minorityaffairs.gov.in
    * As follow up of the recommendations of Sachar Committee, the UPA Government has announced lakhs of scholarships exclusively for school-going children of minorities. At pre-matric and at post-matric level a minority student will get scholarship if he has secured not less than 50 per cent marks in the previous year examination but such facility is not there for Hindu students. According to one such scheme children belonging to minorities whose parents have an annual income of Rs. 2.50 lakh are entitled to get a scholarship subject to fulfilling certain minimum conditions. But Hindu students whose parents earn even less than Rs 2,000 per month, cannot get a scholarship. Such perverse discrimination against Hindus was practiced by Aurangzeb. So, a Hindu vote to Congress Party is as good as giving vote to Aurangzeb.
    * It may come as total surprise to many Hindus that there are many posts under the government which are paid out of taxes collected from we Hindus but a Hindu howsoever liberal or Marxist he may be, he is legally debarred from holding such posts such as posts of the Chairman of National and Provincial Minority Commissions, principals of St Stephan’s Delhi (and similar minority institutions running into thousands and thousands all over India) etc.
    * Under section 3 of the National Minority Commission Act, a Hindu can not be its Chairman and at least five of its seven members including Chairman shall have to be from amongst the minority communities. This law was enacted by PV Narasimha Rao Government.
    * Section 4 of the National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions Act 2004 passed by the Manmohan Singh Government stipulates that only persons from minority communities shall be eligible to be appointed as Chairman and members of this Commission. Hindus have been excluded from this Commission.
    * It is a great shame that such anti-Hindu laws were framed and passed by Hindu politicians who were elected on strength of Hindu votes.
    * In pursuance of the 2004 Congress manifesto, on March 10, 2006, the Lok Sabha passed the National Commission for Minority Educational (Amendment) Bill according to which the provincial governments will have to give no objection certificate within 90 days of application for setting up an institution by religious minorities, or, else the government will have to specify reasons for refusal. The aggrieved party will have right to approach the Commission which, in turn, will take a final decision in consultation with the State. Composition of even this Commission is not representative to the total exclusion of Hindus and the wonder is that Hindus, howsoever secular or leftist, are debarred from being made even a member of this Commission by an Act of Parliament passed in November 2004. However, if no reasons are given by a State Government for not giving the NOC within 90 days, it would be deemed as the approval of the State. The Act also provides for the right of minority institutions to seek affiliation to any university of their choice listed in this Act. The bill was supported by all UPA partners including the Left parties, Samajwadi Party of Shri Mulayam Singh and the Bahujan Samaj Party etc. It was criticised by the Bharatiya Janata Party. So, a Muslim institution in a far off place, say, Jhumari talaian in Bihar can demand affiliation to any named central university of its choice and its students will get degrees of that central university and, thus, will enjoy better marketability in the employment market whereas a Hindu student of the same region will have degree of a provincial university having less marketability in the employment market. Thus, with votes of Hindu parents, the UPA Government has placed Muslim and Christian students at higher and better pedestal in the employment market than Hindu students. Those Hindu parents in rural areas who voted for the Congress Party and its Jaichandi allies in the 2004 election have thus actually harmed the future of their own children.
    * To increase the percentage of minorities in the government sector the UPA government has ordered inclusion of minority members in all Selection Boards and Departmental Promotion Committees (DPCs). Rangnath Mishra, a Congress Member of Parliament, heading a Commission has recommended reserving 15 per cent of jobs in all recruitments and promotions for minority candidates.

    At present Hindus constitute over 95 per cent in all services and the Manmohan Singh Government with the help of Hindu voters is trying to reduce the Hindu percentage in government and public sector undertakings to less than 85 per cent. Size of cake for Hindus is being reduced by the Congress Party, that, too, riding on shoulders of Hindus.

    Till May 2004 Hindus could theoretically compete for all 100 per cent jobs under the government but now they would compete only for 85 per cent of jobs as the size of cake has been/is going to be reduced by 15 per cent by the UPA for all categories of Hindus in terms of the Rangnath Mishra Commission whether you are a Marxist Hindu or a rightist Hindu, whether you are a communal Hindu or a secular Hindu, whether you are a SC/ST Hindu or not, whether you are an upper caste or lower caste Hindu, whether you are OBC or non-OBC Hindu, whether you are a North Indian Hindu or South Indian Hindu.

    This reduction of 15 per cent shall be applicable to all categories of Hindus including SC, ST, OBC, neo-liberals and Marxists as the minorities, according to Manmohan Singh, have the first claim over the national resources, so Hindus shall have access to left overs.

    Till recently SC Hindus were entitled to get 1,500 posts out of every 10,000 posts in Government and public sectors, OBC Hindus were entitled to 2,700 posts and ST Hindus were entitled for 750 posts.
    The UPA Government is planning to reserve 15 per cent posts for minorities, and as Manmohan Singh has publicly asserted that minorities have first claim over government resources so SC Hindus can compete for 15 per cent of remaining 8,500 posts i.e. 1270 posts, OBC Hindus will get 27 per cent of 8500 i.e. 2,290 posts and ST Hindus will get 7.5 per cent of 8,500 i.e. 630 posts. The upper castes Hindu candidates till 2005 were eligible to compete for 5,050 posts out of 10,000 but now under Sonia Gandhi-Manmohan formula they can compete only for 4,310 seats. And wonder of wonder is that this reduction in E3 space of Hindu applicants will be achieved on strength of those Hindus who will give their notes and votes to Congress Party or to any other Jaichandi parties in the coming elections.

    And another wonder of wonder is that without any protest the Manmohan Singh Government has succeeded in reducing percentage of Hindus in job sectors riding on shoulders of those Hindus who voted for Congress and other UPA parties in the 2004 general election.

    Thus, it is clear that Jaichandi Hindu politicians have treacherously created such a system in which a minority is eligible to apply for each and every post paid by the State but not a Hindu. A minority student gets student loan and commercial loans at rates lower than a Hindu. A minority student with more than 50 per cent marks gets scholarship but not a Hindu student. In minority run institutions a Hindu is given stepbrotherly treatment in matters of admissions and employment but in Hindu run institutions a minority candidate has to be treated on par with Hindus and to ensure that a minority is treated on par there are national and provincial minority commissions headed by minorities.

    Hindu voters have reduced themselves to second and third class status either by abstaining from voting or by voting to Jaichandi Hindu politicians.

    Source: organiser.org.

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  65. hello rajesh,

    In choosing between the Cong and the BJP, we are caught between the devil and the deep sea.

    Your choice of the BJP may be good, they did produce good governance and good projects in their last tenure, despite the obvious madcaps who add alot of entertainment to the subject of terrorism and hinduism and not necessarily in that order.

    I guess of the last ministry, Advani was the most ineffective of the lot, all sound and no action. They had a couple of imaginative politicians and leaders but Advani, well, shuck the thought.

    If he can be an ineffective home minister, I am sure that he wouldnt find it difficult to be an ineffective Prime Minister too.

    There are many imaginative leaders in the BJP, some young and raring to go, but to put Advani on top would destroy all that. I broke my head thinking of what he could be minister of, I guess he can successfully screw all of them up.

    And if you think that he is righteous and stick to ideals and that kind of thing, well he hasnt performed credibly on that front too.

    Though I do not accept your choice of the BJP for the next elections, I seriously wish they would abandon their madcaps, who are a liability and which I foresee can be a liability for you too, then their ideas and their actions arent too bad.

    Even if I do not agree with your choice, I am glad that you have been brave enough to take a stand. You can use your power profitably if you can help remove LK Advani from getting anywhere near PMhood, a waiting disaster for India.

    Then if you can get them to modify their Hindutva agenda, which can sound stupid to anyone who understands the truth of the Sanatana Dharma.

    Is my Rajesh Jain, the man to whom the Netterati look up to going to be allied to all that?

    Oh my Hindu Gods!

    This land can be a real Ram Janma Bhoomi, only if they knew that the RJM the people really want is not in Ayodhya but all over India per se.

    The Congress hasnt done any better with five years of governance, in many cases there has been a slideback, but if BJP had been in power, the 26/11 of last year would have been the 26th of that nature.

    And we would have gone to war too, which is sure to stunt what is a growing economic power.

    Having taken your stance and in public, I am sure that you are not to go back, however you should rethink. The Nazis after all had the support of the industrialists and see where they took their country too. I see a trend in India too…

    In retrospect, all strong men have feet of clay and Advani cannot be different. Nor the BJP.

    This country does not need strong leaders, there are many already, what it needs is imaginative and purposeful leaders. Leaders who first let people live their lives and help them live better if they can.

    Your call for action is correct; civil society in India does not care about governance, with the result that we get the leaders that we deserve.

    However, if you look back governments are far more responsive than earlier, at least in the South, and do more work, which is a tribute to the slowly awakening power of the educated class.

    Mere perks and freebies will work but not for long, the leaders understand that. However they do not have men who can imagine and do what is required, such leaders need to arise from civil society.

    That way your ideas are correct, but the implementation, well we look forward to a better version. This one is buggy….



  66. I’m with BJP but not with L.K.Advani. I too think is quite old to lead this country. The current need is for a young and dynamic leader. One such person within BJP was Mahajan Unfortunately we lose him. Another candidate can be Narendra Modi. But I don’t think he can surpass L K Advani to become PM.

    I’m not comfortable with Congress, and Nehru Family. As they are damaging the country right from it’s Independence. Sonia being the biggest culprit and spy agent of Christian missionaries sitting as a head of that party makes it more culprit. So a big no no Congress as well as Rahul Gandhi.

    It’s right that the whole nation should stand to vote a national party rather than small regional parties. As regional parties are not at all concerned about the development of the country as a whole, but their personal gains and development of states. More than that they just blackmail the ruling govt. and hinder development.

  67. See the way i see it is ….Manmohan Singh is 75+ himself.

    Rahul gandhi does not have any experience and well L K Advani has the required experience to lead a country out of a economical crisis like this

  68. Well I would be too worried about that Mughalistan crap…

    Pakistan WAS good at fighting proxy wars at the cost of other nations…they won’t do it again

    Making websites is also one of their specialites

  69. Seems as if everyone is swinging between a rock & a hard place..

    What are your thoughts on the PPI – Professionals Party of India?

    Too new? Is an untried & untested option more dangerous than a known evil?

    Look forward to hearing your thoughts,

  70. Mangalore incident just lost my vote for BJP.
    They could have acted touch, made sure it never happened again.
    Instead they tried to appease their vote bank. This vote-bank politics would split india for sure.

  71. :: Mangalore incident just lost my vote for BJP.

    If that’s the narrow view to hold to decide against BJP then your kind are not even worthy of voting for them. You are a Blood missionary may be!

    :: This vote-bank politics would split india for sure.

    As if CONgress Votebank politics hasn’t divided India already thrice, 2 more to happen ( Orissa haven for scumbag missionaries and ‘Nagalim for Christ’ )


    Date: 11-02-2009
    Mrs.Renuka Chowdhary,
    Minister for Women and Child Development,
    Government of India,
    New Delhi.
    Under instructions from:
    i) Shri Ganesh Hosabettu, the Hon’ble Mayor of Mangalore City Corporation, Mangalore.
    ii) Shri Ramesh S, s/ o Late Vasu S, Prop. Shilpa Colour Lab, Karangalpady, Mangalore- 3. (Industrialist of Mangalore)
    iii) Shri Anwar Manippady, s/o MH Manippady, aged 55 years, High Point, Nanthoor, Mangalore. ( State Vice President, BJP)
    iv) Mr. Melwyn Fernandes, s/o Cyprian Fernandes, Kannagudde, Kulshekhar, Mangalore-5
    v) Mr.Hassan Sab, r/at Laadi, Moodabidri (President of Moodbidri Zone of ‘Yuvashakthi’)
    vi) Mrs.Nalini Y.Shetty w/o Yashodar Shetty, Gurupur, Mangalore representing Sthree Shakthi Groups of Mangalore)
    And several organizations and citizen groups,
    I hereby issue you this notice for your immediate compliance-
    1) You have issued public statement that ‘Talibanisation is happening in Mangalore’ and further that ‘Mangalore has been Talibanised’. You have further stated that ‘there is a clean communal divide in Mangalore where a Hindu girl is prevented from talking to a Muslim boy in Mangalore’.
    2) Your public statement has been widely published in several print and electronic media on 7th February, 2009 and 8th February, 2009 and on subsequent dates and the same have been widely published through out the country and the whole of Mangalore city is shocked to know the imputations levelled by you against its entire population.
    3) Mangalore is rich in its cultural heritage with several holy shrines of all religions. Mangaloreans are peace loving citizens. This city is famous for its educational institutions and religious tolerance. The people of Mangalore have been serving the nation in different ways and Mangaloreans are well known throughout the world for their honesty and integrity. Mangaloreans have boundless love for their motherland.
    4) The words ‘Taliban’ and ‘Talibanization’ refer to terrorists and terrorist groups based in Afganisthan. To every Indian citizen, ‘Talibans’ mean anti-Indians and anti-humans. These words ‘Taliban’ and ‘Talibanisation’ represent the most abusive and degradable form of verbal assault as far as Mangaloreans are concerned. For all the people of Mangalore whether Hindus, Christians or Muslims, calling them as Talibans is totally irreligious and offending their religious feelings and beliefs. All the citizens of Mangalore, irrespective of their caste and creed, hate Talibans and Talibanism.
    5) By your statements, you have thus degraded the entire community of Mangaloreans as anti-nationals by calling them as Talibans. This has offended the religious sentiments of the people of Mangalore.
    6) Moreover, being a responsible Union Minister, you have acted irresponsibly by calling the citizens of Mangalore as Talibans and deliberately wounded their religious feelings.
    7) From your similar repeated statements it is clear to my clients that with the evil intention of promoting enmity between different groups of people on the ground of religion and to disrupt the peace and harmony in society, you have made such statements.
    Your imputations are prejudicial to national integration because Talibans are admittedly opposed to India and Talibans proclaim that they are determined to destroy this Nation. By your assertions you have questioned the faith and allegiance of the people of Mangalore to their motherland; and by dubbing them as Talibans, you have cast assertions prejudicial to national integration. Your statements that Mangaloreans are talibanised and that Hindu girls are prevented from speaking to Muslim boys in Mangalore are totally false. Isolated and stray incident cannot be generalized to call the entire population of the city as terrorists. Your public statement has caused divide between Hindus and Muslims in Mangalore and they have started suspecting and hating each other and on account of your statement, feelings of disharmony, enmity and hatredness and illwill has arisen between Hindus and Muslims in Mangalore and thereby you have disturbed the communal harmony of the city. You have deliberately issued such statement with an intention of causing communal divide and thereby to reap political benefits.
    9) On account of your statements, the people from outside Mangalore have started looking down upon my clients and Mangaloreans as Talibans. You must be aware that your statement has degraded the entire Mangalore and also adversely affected the economic progress of Mangalore.
    10) As instructed by my clients, I hereby call upon you to withdraw the above referred public statement about Mangaloreans, and you are also called upon to apologize to the people of Mangalore by issuing suitable PUBLIC STATEMENT, within three days from today.
    11) On your failure to comply with the demand made in this notice, necessary legal proceedings including criminal prosecution shall be launched against you at your risk as to all costs and consequences thereof.
    (P.P. Hegde)

  73. Minister Renuka Cowdhari’s comments about Mangalooru are unfortunate and unwanted. Politicians make comments to make sure their position in their party stays without thinking that their statements have no iota of truth. I love Mangalooru and I am sure that this blessed region is with communal harmony with a strong god fearing population.
    Minister should apologize for her bad comments so that people will forgive her. Indians never keep ill feelings in their heart.

  74. Hi,

    me and my family has been a strong supporter of BJP for decades….. we have always believed that there is only one party which can take India to new heights.

    Congress has ruled India for more than 50 years now, and they have not done anything for us. They even failed to provide necessary facilities to us……

    Look at where is Gujrat (BJP & Modi ruled state) now.

    I support BJP, but i believe Narendra Modi should be the PM candidate, i guess he has those abilities which can take India to great heights.

    I strongly believe BJP will come to power thish time….

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  76. Dear Rajesh
    How innocently you have expressed the views about BJP as a better, Cleaner, Democratic party for your reference BJP is no way a democratic party whose links are with communal organization like RSS, Bajrang Dal & VHP who are against minorities in India, Modi Govt is a BJP Govt in Gujarat when the history of massacres have take place women, children where burnt alive so how can you call such party clean in my view you are looking at one side of the coin at this stage we need a party who is more committed to the cause of development of India where in education is for all, more job opportunities, less load shedding, business with ease, regular water supply, corruption free India. Better facilities to farmers & villagers, getting a party at center who only has communal agenda & highjack votes on that communal agenda will not bring development to India.

  77. me and my family has been a strong supporter of BJP for decades….. we have always believed that there is only one party which can take India to new heights.

    but we are disappointed by the change in the idealogy of the party as bjp losing it’s stand of being the party with a difference for example despite of a shocking defeat in the state elections in delhi ,candidate nomination process is hostile in it’s approach. party is going for celeb names instead of ground root workers in their areas ,considering kirti azad instead of three time winner lal bihari tiwari from east delhi is one such deppressing approach. not only tiwari makes the perfect brahmin combination from there but has muchvstronger tide with poorvanchal supporters in the area then kirti azad.
    people who were not able to save their seat in the state electionns of delhi are asking for loksabha ticket and are racing ahead because of their connections withthe big names inside the party.

    deservivng people like vijay goel were sidelined due to which party sufffered a shocking down fall and still neglected .i think party needs to be clear in it’s approach
    san jose california

  78. I am from Kerala though we are not in position to get any MP seats for BJP, myself , myfamilymembers and friends circle are all suppoters of BJP, let them come to power in Central

  79. Everyone has his/her set of values.

    My values do not allow me to support those who indulge in and promote mass killings of fellow citizens just becoz they belong to a particular community. My apologies, I cannot support murderers and their leader. It does not matter how progressive they are, or how good their administration is.

    If you were part of the persecuted community, probably you would appreciate that too….

  80. Thanks Rajesh for starting this thread. I support BJP and would also like to contribute in this noble cause with what ever i can.

    I have a few questions for people supporting Congress and other parties.

    1. Do you think people like Mohammad Afzal (whom Supreme court has awarded death sentence for attacking Parliament) should be hanged? But Congres leadership doesnt think so, Because minorities will be offended.

    2. Do you think Kashmir should enjoy a special status given that half of Kashmir’s population wants Kashmir to be a Pakistani state, and rest of them want AZADI.

    3. Are BABAR and Shree RAM equal in your opinion? Because in Congress’ opinion RAM and BABAR are equal. They even question the existence of Shree RAM. They would someday start calling BABAR as Shree BABAR.

    Congress is definitely not secular, it is anti Hindu Party, let me give you a proof: The Babri Masjid has been demolished now, it is definitely not there now, it is gone! it is history now! now there is a small temple with the idols of Shree Ram. Do you think the govt should allow making a temple now. Congress Govt will never allow this.

    All of us should take responsibility of starting such forums at different levels in organizations that we work with. It will definitely help those people who have still not made up their mind.

  81. Yogi,

    1. How would you justify the 1984 Sikh killings in which several congress party leaders were involved. I have never heard Congress talking about it.

    2. Never have I heard congress talking about Kashmiri Pandits.

    3. What about the people who were burned alive in the Godhra Train? Who will take the responsibility for that?

    4. What did congress do when lacs of people (like my grandfather) were thrown out of West Punjab (today’s Pakistan), and we had to live in our own country as SHARANARTHI (refugees). It is RSS that helped us at that time.

    5. I can never support a party like Congress who was responsible for Bharat’s Partition.

    Jawahar Lal Nehru once said ” Call me a dog but do not call me a Hindu”. Are you going to support such people?

  82. I will definitely vote for the BJP and will ask my friends and relatives to vote for the BJP.Advaniji will be the PM.

    Jai Hind

  83. It is a well known fact that whosoever wins uttar pradesh achives Delhi and by that criteria
    bjp seems to be flagging behind sadly . In its current tally of 10 seats 3 are out of reconing and 7 in jeopady
    the main issues are the Leaders of utter pradesh namely Ramapati tripathi who due to a personal reason has misled and given given ticket to twice expelled shukla from jhansi . By whar stretch of imagination will a twice expellled man ,who lost mla election twice win a MP election??If this is the applied logic of BJP selection commiteee where people like ms Shushma
    sawaraj are sounded out for U.p and mr A jaitley are incharge of this state along with Shri KALraj Misra who havent fought an election of counsellor in the state .
    will Lalji Tandon win Lucknow seat when he narrowly escaped losing his Mla seat? Or mr Murli manohar Joshi running off to
    varanasi from his hometown . Rajnathji himself shifting to ghaziabad without any base there .
    unless the top leadres like Advaniji are given a clear honest picture the road is leading nowhere and it will cost India dearly to have another cogress led govt or worse Mayawati a

  84. I am just shocked by some comments, where BJP, VHP, RSS and Bajrang Dal are pictured as murderers. I do simply ask question to them that can you justify 11/26 or the government sitting quietly and not taking any action on the responsible (back stabber) Nation. Do you support the people who live in India and support Pakistan and waive their Pakistani flag? I don’t support any murderers but I want to support a government who will not punish my future generation for them being Hindu. People who blame Modi government should remember that he has created history by winning massive majority in Gujarati. To be a good leader you have to be harsh once. I think Gujarat’s progress is a result of Modi’s harsh action which some sense to the people who were killing Hindus like goats. He did make sure that those areas are punished for their action and they will think 100 times before they will take any actions to destroy the peace of Gujarat or to provide any support to any against THE INDIA. Simply this is no brainer; we need BJP for better future. If you don’t want to see your Hindu daughter being gang raped by Taliban then do support BJP. As you know Taliban has Pakistan under control and India is next step. If you don’t want RSS, BJP, VHP, Bajrangdal in action then you better be wealthy to buy Z security for yourself and another security for your Z security.

  85. It is a well known fact that whosoever wins uttar pradesh achives Delhi and by that criteria
    bjp seems to be flagging behind sadly . In its current tally of 10 seats 3 are out of reconing and 7 in jeopady
    the main issues are the Leaders of utter pradesh namely Ramapati tripathi who due to a personal reason has misled and given given ticket to twice expelled shukla from jhansi . By what stretch of imagination will a twice expellled man ,who lost mla election twice win a MP election??If this is the applied logic of BJP selection commiteee where people like ms Shushma
    sawaraj are sounded out for U.p and mr A jaitley are incharge of this state along with Shri KALraj Misra who havent fought an election of counsellor in the state .
    will Lalji Tandon win Lucknow seat when he narrowly escaped losing his Mla seat? Or mr Murli manohar Joshi running off to
    varanasi from his hometown . Rajnathji himself shifting to ghaziabad without any base there .
    unless the top leaders like Advaniji are given a clear honest picture the road is leading nowhere and it will cost India dearly to have another cogress led govt or worse Mayawati a

  86. I applaud your action Rajesh. I hope BJP and it’s allies get majority in this election. Hearing the word Congress makes me puke. I am looking forward to see likes of Laloo, Paswan, Manmohan and Gandhis kicked out of Delhi (I know its not going to happen though). How about Modi as PM. He is the only politician I can see challenging terrorists. I wish all the best to BJP and really hope that illiterate as well as educated illiterate (many of the respondent on this blog supporting congresses fall in this category) never vote for congress, ever again.

  87. hi, i am not a very big fan of b.j.p but i hate congress like a hell, if we look in hindsight, all the problems of india including ayodhya is due t congress, how many of u will know ayodhya problem was innitiated by rajiv gandhi,

    all the problems right from kashmir, to resevations to religion in politics (friends it was indira who supported bhinarwale earlier to combat akali dal in punjab) is started by this stupid party,

    i do not support bjp because i like it but only because this is the only party which can stop coming the stupid congress back to the power

  88. A to Z of UPACONGRESS(Italian) GOVERNMENT. A: Afzal guru not hanged by the congress government inspite of SC order. B: Bomb blasts happen in hundreds, in 5 years of Congress misrule. C: Cost of living and food prices rise, making life difficult for Aam aadmi. D: Dr manmohan singh says muslims have first right to Indias resources. E: Economy and business suffer like never before. F: Farmer suicides continue. Where did our money for farmers loan waiver go? G: Gujarat police has to provide evidence to enable SIMI ban to continue. H: Home Minister shivraj patil kicked out only after 4.5 years of sleep and 26/11. I: India bullied by china, but NO diplomatic response by the government. J: Jihadis offered pension in Kashmir by the congress government. K: karunanidhi and congress insult Lord Ram and call Ramsetu a fake. L: LeT becomes a household name, before congress forced to redo POTA. M: Media makes Hindu bashing a fashion. N: Naxalism active in 165 districts of India. O: Orissa conversions/maoism cause Hindu saints death. P: Padmashri awards not given to Olympic winners. Q: Quattarochi is helped to escape. Jai Mata Rome (sonia gandhi). R: Report by Sachar committee advocates more minority appeasement. S: SPs amar singh calls Batla house encounter a fake. T: Torture of Sadhvi Pragnya sanctioned by congress government. U: UK rule over India was good for India, says PM Dr manmohan singh. V: Vande Mataram NOT SUNG by PM and sonia gandhi. National shame. W: Wheat imported by Sharad Pawar not fit for cattle. X: (e)Xtremism bleeds our country. Soft approach on terror hurts us. Y: YS Rajsekher Reddy sanctions subsidy for christians to visit Jerusalem. Z: Zero development in fields like electricity generation, highways, etc.

  89. no matter if bjp wins or not it is still the undisputed champion of india in the heart of millions of india becausce they dont play vote bank politics for the sake of the country it will be the happiest moment of my life when bjp will come again to power.jai hind pls do vote for bjp.

  90. Let me suggest three possible slogans for the BJP that I think should uniquely identify the party in the forthcoming election.

    “BJP kaa ye hai vaada
    Baaten kum kaam jyada.”

    (Less Talk and More Work is the promise of BJP)

    “Afjal ke saath
    Ye kiska Haath?”

    (Who is supporting Afjal ?)

    “UPA ke shashan mein
    Mahengai mili ration mein”

    (Too much price rise during UPA rule)

    How many of us agree with the underlying proposition ?

  91. Freinds,
    Most important issues affecting the contry today are 1. Corruption 2. Reservations 3. Poor state of governance and tedious legal system 4.Absence of common civil code 5. Absence of the feeling of contry first and above all 6.The absence of any qualifications or standards for being a politician
    There are no hopes from Congress on any of these issues as the party or its proteges are in power for 90% of post independance time and the culture is purely of brokership there
    Please have a close look at the living standards of any congressman He is either in Crores or Millions. Compare it with a BJP person. Mnay of them like Narendra Modi are bachelors or sanyasis. As such the party definatetely needs a continuous regime for another 50 years then the contry has some hopes

  92. Hello All,

    I think it is really heart warming to see more and more youngsters and educated people are getting involved in politics and look for a change in our country. This is my first post, please do consider this as my personal views

    a) Yes! Mr.Advani as PM of India is the need of the hour and nobody doubts and questions that. He is the man of a strong vision and he and his strong intellectual will take India back in the right direction. You need to understand during previous NDA’s tenure lots and lots of domestic and international good projects were implemented and this UPA govt. did nothing big for country’s growth but still reap the fruits sowed by NDA.
    b) Infact Mr.Advani’s is trying to project himself as a tech prime minister and trying to woo the educated people, I would say around 80 to 90% of the educated people are going to vote for NDA and he would rather do concentrate and spend more time to obtain votes for illiterate and low class people.
    c) Yes, NDA infact has their own problems, but I would say it is really wrong to pinpoint Modi for each and everything, People are not really realizing how strong modi in Gujarat, even though he did the mistake in Gujarat riots, he wants to get out of that and do remember he has changed Gujarat in to a ultra modern state and it is really impressive to know that even Gujarat minorities are supporting his growth plans and they have started to slowly forgive him for his past mistakes. In spite of appreciating his continuous efforts, UPA is doing its own political blame on Modi trying to shade his image which is never going to happen.
    d) My assumption and prediction is just to woo the middle class and lower class people NDA has taken the Ayodhya issue again. Just sit back and think, because if they go to them and talk about 26/11, or ISI or Global terror nobody understands it and they will not vote him but if he speaks Ram mandir he would cash some vote for it….this is what infact actually happening.
    e) People will start to realize the mistakes this UPA govt has done after 5 years from now..This Govt had successfully split the people based on religion and just ploying like British Raj system.. Gone are the days people talked about caste politics and it looks like henceforth it is going to be Religion politics..Whole world knows Mr.Azharuddin sold India for money, now it looks like he is going to contest elections. More painful is to know what Mrs.Sonia Gandhi and Rajasekar Reddy doing in A.P.More painful is to hear the words from a Cabinet minister about Mangalore, yes what happened in Mangalore pub is wrong, but the real fact is Ramsena did go there only because of some many complaints from neighbors and that specific area’s resident association.. I think the whole issue is being wrongly projected by ruling government and media especially. Look what’s happening now, Mangalore mayor did the right thing by filing FIR on the minister Renuka choudry, she deserves for these types of proactive comments(Talibanisation) on Mangalore city.
    f) My sincere advise is not even 20% of us(educated and e-techies) are going to vote, but we hope Mr.Advani to win and how is that going to happen if you are not going to Vote.

    a) Please do cast your vote without failed
    b) I would say each one of us will at least have 70 to 80 friends in our address book, send an email to all of them and bring awareness to them and ask them to communicate to their friends.
    c) If you have minority friends, speak to them and discuss with them and try to make them understand with facts what is actually happening.
    d) When you are free on weekends, when you spend time with your friends, neighbors, relatives speak about these factors and bring awareness to them….ask everybody to go a vote…

    Guys this is our country and it is our responsibility to bring the country up. Let us give India in better shape to our next generation.


  93. I will definitely vote for the BJP and will ask my friends and relatives to vote for the BJP.Advaniji will be the PM.



  94. I have been voting for BJP from past few years and will keep voting them.I would like to see LK Adwani as PM but Narendra modi as Home minister too.

  95. India was shinning. Compare the situation today. The Government is controlled by a few industrialists. The Lok sabha is controlled by external forces. We have a vote and a democracy but our independance is vading. The Congress cannot guraantee independance to us. Should be surrender to the USA, UK?
    It is not Hindu votes but we have to tap all right thinkers vote. Bring out all the weaknesses of the congress and communist allies. Continue to educate the people. We need to be us. The culture at homes is the culture of the nation. Will I accept my son to marry a girl visiting clubs, Pup etc,. The future of that girl will also be disturbed. By stoppling girls from Pub, we protect the girls from future harrasments. Jai hind. Best wishes BJP. Best wishes Advaniji.

  96. Sir,
    I want to know why shall I, along with others vote to BJP front when your party did not raise the points regarding discrimination in pay scale of the lower staff of govt of india
    2. It is a fact that instead of creating the vacancies govt. supported by you given the permission to the director and above to keep servant at their residence for Rs. 5000/- on tax payer money
    3.It is a fact that all direct officers have been given permission to use vehicle for official purpose upto Rs. 16000/- even in recession but all are misusing this facility particularly railway ministry officers under the leadership of shri lalu yadav
    4. why your party did not raise the issue of pool bus for these officers.

    please reply

  97. My dear Countrymen,
    Our India is a diverse land, so are its inhabitants.We see a lot of divergent people tearing this great land we live. where on this planet do you have such unity in diversity. This NATION OF OURS survives in such unity. Yet we carry forward a great idea of our land. We were created thus from the beginning of time. We forget, and yet forget again. We are responsible for what we do to ourselfs. No wonder the English called us Indian dogs. Yes we bark at ourselfs. We created our state of our great land. We talk and continue to do so. what do we expect. what can we do to lift our country to greater highs.

    ALAS !!!! my country
    Where the mind is in fear and the head is held low
    Where knowledge is very costly
    Where the nation is been broken up into fragments
    By narrow domestic walls
    Where words come out from the depth of lies
    Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards corruption
    Where the clear stream of reason has lost its way into the dreary desert sand of dead habit
    Where the mind is led astray by thee
    Into ever-narrowing thought and action
    Into that hell of chaos, did my Father,
    let my country awake.
    NO he NEVER!!

    OH! but yes, we did, all the while we ruled our mighty land

    The Congressmen have ruled (have they) a long time. We had a short spell of NDA rule which ignited the resurgent nation. The Congress now claims the benefit as their actions. Laloo claims to be hyper smart with the results of Railway reforms, oh yes what happened to his mud pots still baking of course. A nuclear deal out of the blue from a Prime Minister on his state visit to the US was a google. — what a deal it was !!!!
    Where has all the money in the country gone???
    Does any one know?? Convenient to blame the US recession. The stock market hits the moon while the cats from FDI laughed all the way to the banks. This inflation is becoming deflation Hi hi hi ! yet the staple food prices are getting out of reach by the hour. Manmohanomics or was it economics??? u forget so easily. Whatever it is my bank runs dry so does my tap.
    Mega projects, mega that mega this etc.etc yes the poor have become poor and the rich, richer! oh! nooo! sorry, poor multi billionaires, yes the Fortune report says so. So what may you ask, let us vote! yes, for a re- re surgent nation under a resurgent NDA. We dream of becoming a great nation with great people. yes we are great let us show we dont need a dynasty any more

  99. Thanks Rajesh for giving us this platform to speak out our views. I endorse cent per cent that India needs Advaniji as the PM immediately to take control of our beloved nation. For that to happen BJP needs a clear mandate and enough seats in the 15th Lok Sabha to formulate and implement the major policy changes.
    We, are the people who need to vote decisively to bring the change for building the strong India. We often get carried away by the speeches and campaigns from various political forces including Congress which bluff and cheat us by offering a word ‘SECULARISM’.
    We should no more yield to this very word as we feel adopting this word ‘SECULARISM’ was a flaw in our constitution and a better word as ‘NATIONALISM’ should have replaced it long ago, so that these notorious political forces could not have taken the simple citizens of India for a ride by which they dooming the future of India as they have distorted our past by erasing our history time and again to suit their own vested interests and gains.
    Let us take the pledge ‘We shall vote for BJP and make Advaniji as our PM to build a strong India’.
    Voters should not yield to any campaign which has nothing to offer to us except SECULARISM. Finally, Congress is not the party which brought Independence to India. It was the people who brought the Independence. Congress also cannot bost of upholding the SECULARISM in the country. It is the people of India who are Nationalist.
    But, somehow we get misdirected and convinced by false campaigns and wrong implications.
    This time we will not and vote for BJP.

  100. Hello all,

    What a wonderful post! I support BJP and would like to see Advaniji as our PM. Only BJP has patriotic souls like Advaniji and Modiji. Let’s wake up for a Vibrant India, (just like Vibrant Gujrat) and let’s wake others up too! I like the idea of ‘Friends of BJP’. Great initiative. All the best to your efforts. My best wishes are with BJP.

  101. Thanks Rajesh

    To give me a chance to post my opionion. India requires a storng leader with strong vision. Madam Sonia and Puppet Munmohan will never fit into the shoes. Also if we consider Thrid Front, the only reason why these monkeys want to come to power is to make money. None of the Partys except BJP are interested in caring for the country and majority hindus.

    Also look at the states where BJP is ruling Karnataka, Gujrat, MP you can see real development taking place, but Congress tries to put needle into every single development work these guys implement. Would request you all to come out in open and vote for BJP. This is my first time to vote in 8 years i will voter for BJP

  102. As I read through various comments posted by so many concerned citizens of our beloved nation INDIA, i realized while we do certainly have our differences of opinion about BJP and Congress, one overriding concer is – can the next government provide political stability (loks what’s happening in Thailand? its ruining their economy), can it advance India’s interests globally? and importantly can it guarantee every Indian freedom from fear of being bombed, shot down or abducted?. I do not forsee Congress doing any of these….and solely for this reason i am convinced it is essentail for NDA to return into Power at the centre.
    See AP, the political scenario there is akin to a B grade telegu film…and it is utter choas.
    The only party that can safely deliver India to a new era is BJP and through it the NDA.

  103. my leader is a narendra modi is next pm in india and powerful man.so i vote for bjp

  104. Kudos!! BJP is the only party that has dared to voice its opinion against vote bank politics and pseudo-secularism that the other parties follow and preach. I sincerely hope BJP wins and Modi becomes the Home Minister.

  105. I think that it is quite clear that congress is the communal party and so are the players in the third and the Fourth fronts. If they say that Bjp is for the Hindus then why do they have to do all sorts of tactics to get the votes of Muslims. I will definitely vote for BJP.

  106. Hi this is vignesh mohanraj and i this year i am casting ma virgin vote and i …wanna cast that for BJP for 2 strong reasons one for a much more stable and stronger nation…and it can be made possible only with the help for iron man yep none other than lal krishna advani…and my 2nd reason is that….i wanna see a gujarat all over india..the kind of development infrastructure and for the achievement of that….lotus should blossom in india….so pls cast ur vote sensibly…

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  109. Rajesh,

    Congrats, I am with you on LK Advani. I like them as much as the Taliban Mullahs in Pakistan and Afganistan. Very soon Islamabad will go under [Taliban] and BJP help them implement similar Intolerant policies here in India as well.

    Have you really studied the impact of the NREGS?.

    Do you know what it is like to have no job, social security, no home to live and to have people join Naxal movements because they are disillusioned by the “Indian” system?.

    Please don’t be an ignorant person. Go read about the impact of NREGS and see how it has helped.

    Farm waiver – I am not sure if that is useful.

    On other things, I have had this argument with several people. There is no such thing called “smaller” sin or “lesser” blood.

    I don’t support the congress but I would rather Vote Mayawati [I am from Chennai] rather than vote BJP.

    BJP are a bunch of right wing, “Minority” Hindu whose aspirations are not in sync with the actual Hindu Masses. I haven’t met a single Hindu in my life which supports the Hinduism @ the cost of killing Muslims or Christians.

    They represent an agenda which is not good for a modern, democratic, secular India.

    – They infringe on basic Human rights including liberty, freedom of speech, religious freedom and what not..and clearly If I will never support BJP..

    You making comparisons of Advani with Barack Obama is crazy..Obama is a world leader that has energy, intellectual wealth that is unmatched with any Indian politician.

    Please try taking their manifesto, giving it to an economist and ask them how much more money will we need to fund their populist schemes?. That will probably need hundreds of billions of dollars.

    And how do you think they will provide better security, better governance?. Wow, I think they should also be given a chance due to the amazing track record…
    pub attacks, Gujarat pogrom, brink of nuclear war, blah blah blah

    Yes, We [Indians] too CAN, Yes We Can..All Hail Barack Advani, oops, L.K Advani


  110. I will vote for BJP only although Mamta

    banerjee has stood with congress.

  111. If only BJP was without Varun Gandhi, it had a better shot in 2009. If only some idiots haven’t projected Modi for PM to deviate the focus from Advani campaign. If only more people had voted BJP could have fared better. If only national elections were about national issues(terrorism, threat from china, energy efficiency, cost of living and not inflation, black money, social sector reforms) BJP would have fared better… we could go on like that and we will find that BJP could have done anything but would never make it, indian voter is illiterate, servile, selfish, apathetic, in holiday mood on election day, casteist, pseudo-secular, but hardly someone to whom you can explain a point. Analytical and national-issues focussed advani doesn’t stand a chance against anyone from G family. No matter how hard you try you can’t explain to indian voters that someone who has not done well in 55 years should not be given a second chance.

  112. What a destiny we have. I dont have anything to watch in news now. Without BJP, nothing to cheer. We are now in difficult times. Highly soaring prices, difficult to live without power.No self respect in whole world. May god bless us.

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