Shadow Cabinet

I have been thinking about this idea for some time. The most recent trigger came in an Economic Times op-ed I read a few days ago arguing for an Indian shadow cabinet – like they have in the UK. I think it is a great idea, but I don’t think the Opposition in India will do it.

Given that the Opposition in India (the BJP and the Left) have basically become the Parties of No, there is a need for constructive Opposition where proper alternatives are placed, with the No. That will only happen if there are people who effectively ‘shadow’ the various government portfolios.

India needs an alternative set of policy ideas from the many that are being pursued by the Congress-led UPA government. Can we come up with “India’s Best Opposition” and use the Net to start a discussion on these ideas?

6 thoughts on “Shadow Cabinet

  1. Idea’s are all nice, but what’s the point?

    The running cabinet, itself doesn’t perform.
    How much would the Shadow-one do?

    Nearest, I can think of was
    1) Yashwanth Sinha during 93-97 would attack Dr Singh on Finance, Shanta Kumar arguing on Food/Supply( unlike Pramod Mahajan, who would go for all).

    There’s no hope these days, with
    Mrs Swaraj blessing Reddy Brothers &
    Delhi Leaders picking among themselves.

    Why not think of a Panel/Aggregation Website?
    [Feel free to add/remove names, these are my choices to., start with ]

    Easy Pickings would be

    1) Take an Idea [Pit Dollar-Rupee at 43 Rs, instead of 46, to save import cost], Debate it

    Put weekly-columns
    1) Swaminathan Iyer
    2) Bibek Debroy &
    3) Niranjan Rajadhyax
    4) R Jagannathan on Economics
    (I miss Subir Gokarn, after him joining RBI)

    1) Tavleen Singh
    2) Sagarika Ghose (Blog only) & above all
    3) P Sainath on Development.

    Let there be discussion & fwd the best stuff to relevant ministries.

    Can the Friends of BJP initiate this ?

    Obviously, eminent people on Friends of BJP are better & clearer for discussion, compared to Communist Leaders.

  2. recently front cover story was published in rajasthan patrika on shadow government,
    no doubt it is a gr8 idea bt it finds practicality in a state of governance where onlysingle party is in opposition