Ericsson invests in Novatium

Novatium, a company I helped co-found about 5 years ago, has received a strategic investment from Ericsson. From one of the media notes:

Novatium Solutions Private Limited, a Chennai-based technology service company, has received a strategic minority investment from Ericsson India.

With this investment Novatium, a provider of managed utility computing, which has partners with telecom operators like Bharti, BSNL, MTNL and Tata, hopes to expand its market reach globally and gain expertise in deep rooted telecom infrastructure and operator relationships.

The company’s expertise lies in core computing environments like Linux development, hardware platform, media processing, product testing, research in networking and audio / video technology, network administration, Linux / Windows system administration, Linux internals, programming and X windows.

Novatium has two platforms of services in India, Nova Navigator and Nova netPC.

Ericsson envisions that in an all-communicating world, everyone can use voice, data, images and video to share ideas and information wherever and whenever they want.

This strategic investment in Novatium’s further strengthens Ericsson’s leadership position and commitment in India and beyond. It also brings Ericsson a step closer to its vision to be the prime driver in an all-communicating world and its mission to empower people, business and societies, said the Stockholm, Sweden-based mobile technology company.

Congratulations to Alok Singh and his team!

15 thoughts on “Ericsson invests in Novatium

  1. you bought the tech but some one hard sales people did the job for reaching and you people are enjoying ……..

  2. Little OT but have you looked at a product named HIP by TCS? I think it was launched on experimental basis in West Bengal but it’s next version seems to be something really ambitious.

  3. To my best experience Novatium is one of the worst corporate wing of operation supply chain of navigators it showed most negligence and irresponsibility in many regions of karnataka state
    poor quality material with delayed supply of more than an year shows its failure of operations. with BSNL tie up company behaviors are identical to a scam.

  4. I am sorry that Mr. Hegde had a bad experience with BSNL USOF offering . with respect to delay we are equally concerned but can do very little as PC’s under USOF subsidy can not to allocated without a clearance from BSNL and its true that it has taken long time in Karnataka for the reasons beyond Novatium . I was told that these checks are needed so that no scam can be made out of it .However you surprised me with your comment on quality,, it would be a great help if you bring such case to our notice we will act right away . we have more than 30K satisfied customer in the country and few thousands outside the country as well . we will be more than happy to act based on your input . look forward .

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