India needs Ratan Tata as Prime Minister for 5 Years

Extraordinary times demand extraordinary action. That action can only happen with extraordinary leadership. India’s political leadership has failed us – time and again. We are facing crises on two fronts – terrorism and economic. More acts of terrorism will shutter India for global businesses. If India’s growth stutters, then will dampen aspirations for millions of Indians to rise above subsistence levels. Not only don’t we have an Obama, but we have multiple layers of the likes of George W. Bush. And that is not going to change irrespective of which party is in power. If India has to come out of this, we need a systemic change – and that can only come if it starts right at the top.

We do not have the luxury of creating a new political force in India – that will take a decade or more to happen. What we need is the equivalent of the NSG Commandos, who were called in when the realisation dawned that the Mumbai police with lathis and rifles could not take on a handful of terrorists armed with AK-47s, grenades and shielded by hostages. The NSG Commandos came, cleaned up the mess, and then handed it over back to the civilian authorities. That is what we need India’s new government led by Ratan Tata to do – and we cannot wait a decade for that.

There are three core issues why the democratic process in India is not good enough to respond to the situation that we face. First, the politicians – well, what can we say about them. We knew they were bad, but until now their (in)actions didn’t hurt or kill us. The current system needs a cleansing – not one party being replaced by another. Second, the bureaucracy and institutions built during the British times needs to be dismantled. The ones in power stay in power because of these institutions – the two feed on each other. This nexus needs to be broken. Third, we need a massive investment in education so that the ignorant among us don’t elect the incompetent back into power. Taken together, it is a chakravyuha that can never allow for good governance.

What we need is a Ratan Tata and his team of handpicked NSG Commandos to parachute in, fix the core of the problems, and then hand it back to civilians who by then would have the good sense to know what politicians need to be elected. Five years in power will give this team the ability to put in place policies, institutions and infrastructure which future governments will be able to build upon. This is the Change India needs.

There are five key areas that this Real Government should focus on:

  • National Security: Make us feel safe again, and make our enemies fear us.
  • Infrastructure: Use Indian and global capital to build the roads, ports, high-speed trains, power plants (solar, please) that we so badly need.
  • Education: Just get government out of the way.
  • Governing Institutions: Make them autonomous and accountable.
  • Urbanisation: Stop being proud of India’s 600,000 villages and build 6,000 new cities.

Do this, and the rest will fall in place.

Now is not the time for incremental solutions. Now is the time for disruptive innovations. The way to make this happen is for the Congress and BJP to come together, put aside political aspirations for five years, and get Ratan Tata and a group of 300+ competent leaders into Parliament in the next elections. Rahul and Narendra (or for that matter Mayawati) can get their turn in 2014. By then, we will have an India that can be governed, an India we can be proud of, and an India the world truly respects.

I know this seems well nigh impossible. But so does what happened in the past week. India faces extraordinary challenges. Let us bring to the highest post of the country someone who is not overawed and has solutions. Let us be led by someone we look up to. We have given six decades to our politicians. Let them give half a decade to us – to one man who can make a difference.

Many decades ago, we united under one man to a New Dawn free of foreign powers. The time has come to unite again as one nation to purge ourself of the domestic powers that have ruled since then. We are lucky to have in Ratan Tata a leader today who has the stature, integrity and a lifetime of achievement. Let us hand the reins to him and create a New India together.

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  1. I have been hearing the political speeches of our leaders.MOst speeches do not talk on solving the people problems, nor they infuse motivation among people to collectively solve problems.They are not ” tuned in” to the people problems.Instead their talk and actions are completely biased towards getting more votes (example attacking opposition,dividing communities etc….).
    Because of which most educated people too are not casting their votes.Yes we need change.
    I too agree with you in bringing Ratan Tata to power (similar to NSG’s) to solve above problems which you have mentioned.But the question is this possible? still remains.

  2. I could not agree more!

    It is time to think radically and Ratan Tata as PM fits the bill.

    He is ready to retire and this would be an opportunity for him to make a huge impact on the path our country takes in next few years.

    The country recognizes and respects him. He can garner lots of financial support from businesses in India. And he can definitely run an excellent campaign asking for a change our country desperately needs in comparison to political ideologies offered by other parties. And with current crisis going on people would very likely elect him as PM.

    5 years of Ratan Tata, his discipline and audacious goals could make many of our systems right.

    And this can also inspire generations of good people to participate in politics.

    This has potential to jump start and put us on track to greatness. And it is definitely worth trying for Ratan Tata to put his efforts in this direction.

    He has already got my vote.


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  4. I agree, we do need sound leadership.
    But what i am disappointed about is the fact that when 30 lakh people are houseless after a flood disaster, which is almost man made, none of the so called elite, arm chair critics, intellectuals, entrepr. and educated bloggers talk about an able leadership and need to do something about it.

    Perhaps you were right in your earlier post, in India, some lives are important and some are not. And THIS IS THE PROBLEM WITH US. Our problem is not our leadership, but the people itself. We are double faced, elitist and selfish people, who only blow the whistle, when the theif surrounds our houses and businesses.

  5. I am in total agreement. Ratan Tata has the capability to think on the lines of making India a developed country as well as deal with such critical circumstances.

  6. Oh please, Ratan Tata as PM and Kumarmangalam Birla as FM. Give me a break. Lets stop this armchair intellectualism and be practical.

    All we need is change in mindset of people. Not only change but a paradigm shift.Just that. Everything else will follow. For once lets be the change we want to see in others.

  7. Ya… This is the change that we need to bring it in INDIA. Till now all leader were from political Environment and all were expert in only “POLITICS”.

    No one leader is bothering to take india to a elevated high but they looking for there own “VOTE BANK”.
    Why cant we go for RATHAN TATA a great Inida bussiness Idol, as BJP did it for A.P.J Abdul Kalam as president of India.

  8. The fact is that Mr. Ratan Tata is the only one man in this whole of India who not only understands but also practices a true Secularism. He is a superb administrator. He is the man who actually wants India to shine, to become self sufficient in economic and technological matters, realises the importance of devlopment in the quality of human resources thruogh education, information and health care, believes in empowerment of the general people and lastly stands for the Truths, whats ever may come on way.
    Lets hope for a new begining with this jewel (Ratan) of ours.

  9. Hey ! What Nonsense You Are talking. That man Having Crores of Rupee Has No one To Guard his Own Hotel Back Yard. A poor Dog and a Helpless Man is all he have to Safeguard his Hotel. How Can he Save this Country. He Will Easily Market India and Sell it in Parts.

  10. The ideas expressed here are wonderful, Mr. Rajesh Jain, It is not Ratan Tata, but you are the right candidate to become the prime minister of India. Ratan Tata should not have this much ideas and he is not a guy who is so innovative as you are. The arrogant politicians and ignorant voters are the real enemies of this country. They deserve nothing but a shoot at sight order. Let the NSG commandos do that also. Then you people can rule the country for ever. Nobody will question you.

    Kudos to Rajesh Jain for sharing these wonderful ideas. Not the Tata but you are the king.

    Rajesh Jain Kee Jai..Desh Ki netha Rajesh Jain..

  11. I agree with you partially.
    Yes, its true if Ratan Tata is given a chance, then he has the abilty to transform this country. But is it just about one person. What about the amount of corruption present in our society?
    Also, I m not sure after 5 years our people will have the conscience to vote and elect the able candidates. Currently, we have people voting on the basis of their caste, religion and even language.
    I think its more important for “people” to change rather than just the leadership of India.

  12. Hi,

    Oh ,why don’t you suggest him for the president of IMF or UNO general secretary as already one Manmohan singh TATA is there for India and we can have Ratan TATA for international level.

  13. Great idea. I agree with you. In fact your idea is the expressway for the dream I have for my India.

    I have published this piece of your article in the following website, with a note ” This was taken from Emergic – Rajesh Jain’s Blog. Thanks to him” with a feeling, more people should read this thought. I think you will not mind publishing your writing in my blog with your name. If it is not okay, i will remove the piece of writing from the blog. Thanks. The url of that piece of writing is :

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  15. Wow… what a wonderful solution..
    I am amazed at the pace of generation of these instantaneous remedies..

    Can you quicky suggest quick fix remedies for the following crisis’
    1. Palestenian problem
    2. Tibetian struggle.
    3. The economic US crisis.

    I am sure you wont take more than a minute for each.

  16. He is a Iranian (parsee).
    His main intesion is business.
    Money money only.
    Narendra Modi is the right person,
    BJP with out Advani and muthar is good.
    BJP should project Narendra modi as thier Prime minister cnatitate.

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  18. I cannot agree with this. No individual can decide who will be prime minister of india. People has select their leader. As per blogger’s view “Ratan Tata” may be good. But if he need to become prime minister, he need to come to power with the help of people only.

  19. Carp!

    This is the most stupid way of seeing things! This is how during the election for president Narayana Murthy was projected in the media. Governing a nations people is not like running business. How about the corruption of these business people through tax evasion and pumping money to politicians?

    Is Ratan Tata different in it? There is no one line solution to the problems that India face today.

  20. With all due respect to the readers and the author,

    Ratan Tata will not accept it at all. So also NRN, who was requested by the Singapore PM. They are very smart (in a positive way) and know if they accept that role what will happen. If Tata accepts, they know that other day Tata Steel will see some Dharna at Jamsedpur, TCS wil see stoing in Mumbai, Tata Motors will be stalled at Gujurat and so on – of course by our other political leaders! They know it and hence will not accept it.

    What can be done?

    Reform in legislation and constiution. In India, all the eve teasers, unsocials, scroundrels, back benchers become the political leaders and people who are good in academics choose the corporate or bureaucratic path. It is not like the US where the best of brains and country defenders on the border become senators or President.

    So the inherent mindset of an average Indian – “me first and let the country go to drain” is not going to change soon. We can demand for a reform in the legislation.

    – You want to be an MP/MLA etc, well you first prove yourself. The criteria can be minimum graduate level of education, 2 years with the army or navy or air, multiple years in working with grassroots level and making singnificant improvement in their lives (not by opposing someone) etc.

    But with all my shenanigans….

    What is actually going to happen?

    If Congress wins, Rahul Gandhi is the next PM, then Veronica Gandhi (Veronica Who??? – the venezulean girlfriend as next) …Actually she will be Bimala or Kamala Gandhi (or Sonali Gandhi if you may like as it sounds modern!).

    Otherwise, the path to reform on political leadership will be hard and it will come from average middle class Indian only, who sees through this corrupt leaders. And it will take time.

  21. How APJ Kalam accepted Presidency?

    He is a rare breed. Otherwise an organization where projects run for years (many times decades), scientists do not how to create email ids, no office timing other than 2 to 4pm, no innovation at all (I have been there and seen that) = he knew the system very well and knew how to play it and exploit it. But he did have a clean image and it is respectable.

    But a Tata or Murthy or Birla are not Kalams. They are capitalists (with a human touch) and they are not definitely coming to politics. I can bet on it. Neither will any of them will accept a President position, which is also highly political.

  22. Reading various comments here prompts me write this comment.

    I do not deny that the transition for Ratan Tata from being a businessman to PM is not going to be easy. It will require lots of planning and very careful execution. But it can be done.

    Some readers have pointed out that Ratan Tata is capitalist. But I believe that his years of experience with Indian economy exactly qualify him because he understands how the Indian system works, its flaws and steps needed to improve them. Managing Tata empire is not a menial task and his management skills will directly help him as PM.

    The view that all businessmen are corrupt is skewed statistics. I am not saying that all businessmen are truthful but as one reader points out Ratan Tata has his heart aligned with country’s interests. For generations these parsees have directed their efforts to build India in various ways. One may say that they have acted in their own interest. But the fruits of their labor we all use in our everyday lives in India. Such an alignment is something we have forgotten to ask our political leaders who sell us religious divisions instead of brighter future.

    We are in democracy, so he cannot be made PM by anyone but by due voting process. He will have to put up a good fight during election and win his way to PM. He should be proposing change from the existing Congress and BJP parties. If someone was to define most appropriate time for such a move it would be now. People all over India are frustrated with what is happening and hence it is possible to make the change now.

    Readers are saying that we need to change the mindset of people. But people have no incentive to change unless we have structures which allow them to change for good. By structures I mean protection of individual’s freedoms independent of caste, creed and class. Many problems in our society occur due to this. Simply put say I am hurt in a car accident, I can depend on local police to protect my rights, I can depend on medical system to protect my health, and I can depend on local judicial system to provide justice. Such simple protections allow individuals to flourish.

    Such structures can be put in place if the team at the top understands the need for it. Ratan Tata can quickly assemble a team of highly qualified individuals who can help him focus on various areas which need attention. And one of these areas can be reforms for improving our political system.

    As I said before 5 years of Ratan Tata, his discipline and audacious goals could make many of our systems right.

    And his stay in political system will leave footprints for future generations to improve our systems further.

    It is not going to be an easy task, but if one was to bet on a leader in India who could help put India on track it has to be Ratan Tata.

    But it has to be Ratan Tata himself who should be willing to take on such a challenge!


  23. v need a change,
    right solution for change.
    friends , send this article to many friends…. its already displayed in one of tamil news web site. i got this msg from that site and i have passed this msg to 50 ppls. pls send for our india! our india! bjp govt. failed in parliament attack on 2001. now congress failed. no other party to prevent this. v need a change. v need a 3rd one. no one good in political side and its not possible to maintain the political party in good shape with good man. ——-> arun indian citizen from usa

  24. Not a bad idea, but too bad Indians don’t vote for Prime Minister. We can only vote for MPs. So, if Ratan Tata is to have any political ambition he has to rely on 270 odd other people who may come with their unwanted baggage. We need to change our political system if ppl like Ratan Tata or Narayana Murthy is to have any hope of leading the nation. It wud hav worked in US, though.

  25. Radical !
    But it’s not just the progress of the country in terms of infrastructure that we need to think about.
    It’s all about:
    Who he has with him in the cabinet …
    How he can handle communal tension …
    Can he create a body which overrides state governments when required? …

    I have put this post in DIGG …

  26. Its every persons dream to ride on the wishes.. but then its just that… its just a wish. I see a lot of words here, that is all but natural. Instead of blogging here which i trust is for time-pass of for those who get momental inspiration to pen a few works , mostly to satisfy our ego, (which includes me too…) get on with what ever little you think you can do or cannot do. Without any malaise to the Tatas, they work fine in an environment where they can determine the parameters. Please do not for a moment think that running a Conglomerate is equivalent to building a country. A country is built by ideas and micro actions of each of it citizens and how the respond to environments. I believe the path we are taking is the best, as this is something similar to evolution. It need not be the best, nevertheless its a path which takes us somewhere, certainly not self-annihilation. “Show me an era where junta praised the politicians enmass during their present”… It can never happen.. its not natural ….. so continue cribbing as the nation grows, and then you can tell your grandchildren about the good times in your life.

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  28. The politicians have lost their control of administration. No Tata can ever do anything in India. The only way we can imagine solving the problems is to repair the judiciary. The judiciary is rotten, plagured and completely useless. Justice delayed is justice denied. Going by this principle, in India everyone that goes to court is denied justice. There are ordinary divorce cases that take ten years to be resolved in this damn country. Be it corruption, social justice, terrorism…we look to courts to give a verdict soon. But our top courts are completely drown in resolving government cases, river water disputes, land conversion cases and so on, where is the opportunity for a common man to seek justice from the top courts? A retired justice recently remarked that it take 300 years to resolve all cases pending in all Indian courts even if new cases are not admitted. Such is the gravity of our courts. Added to the woes are the stupid laws formed by stupid politicians. For example, you have rented out your house to a tenant. It he stays in your house for an extended period, he gains legal control over that house (provided he does not have any property in his name). Later he can refuse to vacate your house and he is legally right! Can it get worse? If Tatas or Narayanamurthys come to power they need a couple of decades to rewrite the law book and correct the flaws. I can go on writing but I stop here.

  29. Ratan Tata is perfectly fitting as PM, due to the following reasons.
    1. Tremendous experience in building new techniques.
    2. ‘Ready to Act’ tendency.
    3. Innovative ideas etc.

    My vote is only for him.

  30. we need a leader than Politician.
    Our country needs a vision.
    Our country needs Standards, Policies and people who understands their responsibilities towards our nation.

    We had many such people coming and going. From Rajiv Gandhi to Mr. Kalam But no one could do any “Kamaa” All are only behind “Maal”

    The reason is nobody is aware of ground reality. They all depend on figures and graphs. I don’t know how many reports represent truth.

    A true power of any democratic nation is “you and me” People. Who knows ground reality. “yeh public hey, yeh sub janti hey” Par Jagti nahi. Soti hey.

    Nobody can change our nation, unless we change.

    Think again … who should lead our nation?

  31. Politicians are essential elements of a democratic nation and of cource the quality of them to be defined properly. Do you think that a CEO or technocrat can drive the nation ? Never possible!!

  32. Dear Rajesh Jain,
    You are in a fools paradise. Think some thing which is practical. This is impossible like eradicating the caste system by a legislation. In the present system only a staunch patriatric politician with strong political will & supported by a strong political party can turn around the situation.. your imagination of TATA as PM will not work out. I wish to state this keeping at most respect to TATA.

  33. We are just wasting our time giving the opinions rather than being the cause in the matter. Ratan Tata might not be even knowing about this. Instead of thinking who can be the best one or who can improve the country, get into action. Nobody is ready to take up the responsibility. We just keep discussing on all the issues of the world. Firstly I would like to ask all of you, HOW MANY OF YOU VOTE? then think of selecting your leaders. Getting inspired and motivated doesnot make any difference. Get into action. Ideas are always ideas. Implement it. Ideas + No Results != Results.

  34. I think Mr. TATA or for that matter others of his Pedigree should be instated in the CENTER, I don’t think coming from a business background is a bad thing at-all it all depends on the integrity of the person. Many other business houses, politicians, normal average people lack integrity and seldom do what they believe in.

    If you have fair people who are business minded will make sure there is opportunity across the board in all strata of society(I’m sure there are leaches in the business community too but there those who are good too!), they will make sure they instate the right people in the system to take care of it correctly I think the people in politics today lack the accumen and ability to take a calculated call for what is good for the Country its more to do with their parties and themselves.

    This is the most promising time I have seen in the country as I think we have changed overnight and there’s a GLARING disconnect between the politicians and us the only reason for that is we are smarter today until now we never paid attention before as it dint affect us directly! I know this for sure the current crop wont be able to adapt to our sensibilities if we continue to be ourselves and give our system enough thought regularly!

    Last evening what I saw @ Gateway Of India was GREAT!! lots of chaos but everyone WANTED to be there and had a opinion and wanted to voice it, even met with a few NGO’s where one could go about doing things in a organized manner I’m hopeful this will get a serious change! maybe slowly but surely!


    Satyam Bachani.

  35. The person of Mr. Tata’s stature can bring about the change that our country requires at this moment. He is a visionary, a man of integrity and a sound dcicion maker as evidenced in the way he has managed the Tata empire.

    Netas; make way for India’s CEO!


  36. Cant help but agree. Some may find the suggestion too audacious, but if you think calmly through, it does make sense. We have seen by now how our political system works. We know that unless there is a drastic change, we will still continue to slip back into day to day complacency and till another disaster strikes us. There is no point in asking for a change, unless we really want it. Mr Ratan Tata, with his discipline, business acumen and a ‘do it now’ attitude is the man of the hour. Perhaps a system, led by him, can take India to a place, which it truly deserves. He is one person, who doesn’t hesitate to call a spade a spade, whereas our politicians are always playing with words and shirking responsibility by blaming others. Mr Tata’s leadership is so evident in the courage and discipline expressed by his staff at the Taj during the terrorist strike. Had he not inculcated the humanitarian aspect in his employees that he believes in, – that of serving others before self – just imagine what would have happened! We need that leadership to show the people of India the way – to lead by example. Let the society come forward a form a NSG type team led by him to do the cleansing operation that India needs and put some value and system in place.

  37. Absolutely! Why didn’t anyone think about it before?? AND NOW ITS IN FORBES!!! Rajesh we must make this happen ASAP, any ideas how this can be achieved?

    It’s a respite from the crummy politicians we are used to for the last 60 years. The recent crisis has only proven that the traditional won’t work anymore. The politicians have proven us right! They are nothing but low lying incompetent slime balls with no leadership qualities and absolutely no sense of responsibility. Not only do they let this happen, while it was happening none of those “we are fighting for you” jack asses had the guts to do/say anything. They all crawled back into their holes. Even our current prime minister who I have tremendous respect for showed he can only be a good administrator and a very bad leader.

    For too long we have seen that the Pricks live forever and they only spawn pricks worse than themselves.

    Ratan Tata IS India’s Obama. We need someone like him to bring sanity to our nation and break these shackles that the politicians have bound our country with, and he is THE ONE.
    He has my vote already!

  38. I think Raj Thackrey will be good choice. Only thing he has to do is in place of “Marathi pride”, it will be “Indian Pride”. But then the millionn dollar question is – can he think like that???

  39. First thing India needs to do is have a fixed term for any elected official.
    Second weed out all corrupt politicians and parties who ferver hates and religious disparity.
    Third is to improve the mentality of people who elect these officials.

    I know its what I have is a wishlist but no harm in dreaming!!

  40. First thing India needs to do is have a fixed term for any elected official.
    Second weed out all corrupt politicians and parties who ferver hatred and religious, economic, political disparity.
    Third is to improve the mentality of people who elect these officials.

    I know its what I have is a wishlist but no harm in dreaming!!

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  42. It is a wonderful thought, which have been backed by plan of actions. We really need a person like Ratan Tata to lead this country. We are all waiting for the change but with the current political system in place, it will difficult to see the change happening in near future. Moreover, our politicians are not result oriented.

    Only a result oriented leader like Ratan Tata, who has the stature, integrity and a lifetime of achievement can bring the change, which each and every Indian have been longing since Independence.

  43. Well said Mr. Jain. Extraordinary circumstances require extraordinary actions which can only be taken by extraordinary people. I am completely in agreement with the idea. Ratan Tata, in my opinion is an extraordinary person, who can take unconventional steps to take the country out of the current crisis and to build a strong foundation for future generation .recently Ratan Tata has taken tough decisions to come out of difficult situations.Singur situation has been the most recent example of his decision making capability, where even after incurring huge financial cost – he decided to move the plant out of the state. Therefore, it is clearly evident that Ratan Tata has the ability to lead the nation and bring the much needed change which citizens of India have been waiting for.

  44. ts always well and good to say it..But all these requires years of reform…not just on the superficial…also because most of it stems from the mindset and attitudes of people..Tata can probably change the face,but not the mind…

  45. Though it is a radical suggestion but the times we live in, there are equally radical time. This is a period which requires strong leadership skills to steer us out of the quagmire we are in. In this time of economic vulnerability, volalite environment and overall indifference in the India, perhaps selecting a non politician as the prime minister can certainly be tried. We have to ignore the contextual aspect of politics’ and to impose a ‘single standard’ by which leadership performance can be judged. Leaders empower others to lead. We need someone like Ratan Tata to lead us and to bring the desired change.

    As an informed voter, I want to put ‘x’ on my ballot in front of the name of the individual I felt represented my interests in the most appropriate manner. I think Ratan Tata is surely one who earns my trust and respect.

  46. Yes, I totally agree with the thought!!!!!
    India has always been a victim of politicians’ false commitments. It has gone so far that our enemies have also started taking due advantage of it. India as a country is vulnerable from all sides -sea, water and air, which is a gift of our politicians. We can only have safe India by having a leader who not only thinks about the nation but also act in the interest of the nation. There’s only one person who comes into my mind is Ratan Tata who has proved himself as a successful leader in all the phases of life.

  47. Rakesh,
    you have express views of what most Indian think. Yes I totally agree with the view
    that Ratan Tata should be the Prime Minister of India. Ratan Tata is a man with
    strong will power which he has proven in the global business. He would also definitely
    be a good leader for our country. A man who is leader, a tycoon in industries
    is the need of our country in the true sense.

  48. If Ratan Tata would be our prime minister then it is a great possiblity that our country development and economy will grow more. Because a big entrepreneur knows how to improve the economy. India really needs such a person. We can also think that unemployment will also reduce more form our country.

  49. A great Thought.

    Well it’s not a disruptive innovation instead it’s a constructive innovation. Mr. Ratan Tata (Steel Man of India) at helm for 5 year would mean pruning of system and laying foundation of super power India. We need some radical steps to help India to regain its lost status of “Golden Sparrow”. Who could be better man other than Mr. Tata? He is a true sign of philanthropy with so many charities given to education, health and welfare of common man. And with this quality he is also a successful businessman with cracking deals like corus steel. We need Mr. Tata to run this country not for 5 years but for at least 10 years.

  50. I fully agree with the author, Mr Ratan Tata is the ideal person to lead this country as Prime Minister. Today, He is the only Indian who has given the Britishers a good answer – employing Britishers in his companies like Corus, Jaguar, Land Rover, Tetley…. . He thinks much better than any average Indian politicians for India. I am 100% sure, Nano will bring a transport revolution in Rural India and prosperity to country as a whole. In a recessionary economy across the globe, cheaper car is always welcome.

  51. I strongly agree with the author’s comment. Yes, to some extent we all will think of is this the viable decision to make Mr. Tata sit on the the prime minister’s chair. But I would like to say why not? I personally feel he is an Indian Obama.

  52. I am dead sure that he will radically change the whole situation and we will have a leap forward very fast in the chain of Indian lifestyle.

  53. people here are talking about Ratan Tata as if he is the next God. well, is every one having such a high opinion of him because he put the vulgar notion of 1 car per every middle class person?lets take away all the pollution and wastage of fuel resources that will ensue because every one’s dream of a status symbol comes true. but still what remains is a businessman who is cunning and wants to milk the local market. if you talk about efficiency of Ratan Tata are you sure that he himself is responsible for the growth of his business empire? all these tatas and ambanis are just empty representative faces of these empires while intelligent MBA grads and CEOs toil like slaves for them. how is one so sure that these people will not be callous more than our current netas if they get power? have they given atleast a 1% of their money for the poor in India? all these ‘i have a dream’ slogans only serve to mask the fact that the only dream is actually of making money.
    let me tell you- behind every fortune there is crime. so if we want to select a leader let we go to our poor streets.

  54. What happened to the IIT’ians who formed a political party?.. Who made them disappear?..

  55. We donot need any business man … but still we need a well educated personality, who can lead the country toward the prosperous & safe direction. ( I wish to suggest IAS, IPS or any special administrative officers.)

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  57. If a person with reasonable power, tremendous money, Leading several teams of intellectual and dynamic people could not save his project in West Bengal, I doubt if he can manage this country. A business man always thinks from profit/loss perspective. What we need is an educated and responsible citizens.

  58. I have been hearing the political speeches of our leaders. most speeches do not talk on solving the people problems, nor they infuse motivation among people to collectively solve problems.They are not ” tuned in” to the people problems. Instead their talk and actions are completely based on arguing each other. (example attacking opposition,dividing communities etc….).
    Because of which most educated people too are not casting their votes. Yes we need change.
    I too agree with you in bringing Ratan Tata to power (similar to NSG’s) to solve above problems which you have mentioned.
    But our indians is top in the Forbes list. No one can do such development in this country. All industrialists are take a chance to develope the country. those are interesting in their business. They are also participate in the elections and have been ruled the country.

  59. Bloody put ur hand on ur heart and tell how from above cast their votes during polls let me tell you only 30% and CEC boast for 60-70% polling everybody knows how and why cause when i was 17 year old i cast 4 votes so you can understand the truth.

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    ‘let us voluntarily commit suicide and invite the corporates to rule our country, let us wipe out the poor from the face of the earth, by creating academics and social workers that thrive on our wiping out the poor people and not poverty. Let’s be slamming democracy and fooling the educated, by making money by privatizing water and education. Let us my friend create hell on earth 🙂

  61. Keep on dreaming. India is never going to come out from this unless this system is completely thrown out by force or deception.


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