Two Questions

Here are two questions to think about and answer:

  1. If there was ONE thing you could Change about India, what would it be?
  2. What is India’s Greatest Asset?

Leave your answers in the comments.

I will give my answers tomorrow.

27 thoughts on “Two Questions

  1. 1. India’s education system- primary and higher education. It should be more universal and accessible. I think it works in favor of the cost-benefit calculations of politicians in keeping the Indian masses un/under-educated, resulting the low priority that the government gives to education reform. Measures like Sarva Siksha Abhiyan, new IITs, etc. are too little, too late and often misguided.

    2. Diversity. I think India’s immense diversity should be preserved in its own interest. As opposed to measures for centralizing education, imposing language restrictions, etc. the government should work towards enriching vernacular culture. The government should make governance more federal and (more) unambiguously demarcate state, central and concurrent subjects in governance.

  2. 1. Today you can do a mistake and not be punished for it. We need guaranteed punishment for not following the law, at all levels.

    2. The capability to succeed even in the presence of huge constraints. ‘Jugaad’

  3. 1. Corruption and the resultant inefficiency of all offices/administration
    2. People and their common values

  4. 1. political reforms leading to real democracy.
    2. people, people, people. trust them and they will deliver.

  5. 1. Constitution, have it rewritten by non-partisan experts 🙂
    At a more practical level, would answer 1 as:

    1. Mindset towards R&D

    2. People’s zeal and ability to work hard

  6. Ans 1 : Education system must be application/specialization oriented.
    Ans 2 : Awesome Culture & Diversity of religion.

  7. 1. Parliamentary System: More accountable, transparent and democratic keeping criminals at bay allowing people with a minimum level of education to enter. Some changes in the voting methods so that party gets preference over an individual.

    2. Heritage!

  8. 1. Culture of negativity about anything about our country with a “copy the west” mentality.
    2. Culture, frugal engineering/living(jugaad), hard working people

  9. What I’d change:
    Reduce/eliminate MOST of the discretionary powers of government. It will reduce the attraction for criminal minds towards politics/govt.

    Greatest strength:
    Most people are hard-working, simple, and decent and I think will propel India forward inspite of the mafia that strangleholds India’s government.

  10. 1. it’s education… we should include physical education from the start..

    2. population.. we can invest in our population to derive as much benefit from demographic dividend as possible

  11. 1) Corruption

    2) Continual emphasis on education and thirst of knowledge . . . by the hoi polloi and I believe it has stood the test of times for over thousands of years – from days of Nalanda to current day . . . AND very close one it – on the ability to get along with lives very modestly, which has also stood the test of times