Concept Note: New India Policy Foundation (Part 2)

The Solution

There is a cross section of society who believes that there is space for new thinking beyond being wedded to socialist ideals. The Group believes that there is scope for new ideas with a right-of-centre thrust, on a range of economic and social issues in the country. This group is coming together to create a new think tank – the New India Policy Foundation — that will provide cutting edge research on a range of economic and social issues.

The Foundation will propose, educate and engage with policy makers (elected representatives and members of bureaucracy) with the objective of guiding public policy, legislation and delivery, and influencing public opinion. Its support in matters of policy and governance will be driven by India’s long-term requirement and not short-term opportunism. The Foundation will be guided by the principles of liberal democracy, free enterprise (keeping in mind the interests of wider sections of society), social inclusion, robust defence policy and nationalism and will deliver India-oriented research.

The Foundation will analyse ongoing programmes and make suggestions for new policies that can be taken up by policy makers across party lines. Even as the Foundation expects that it is likely to have a right-of-centre thrust in its work, the Foundation will take a well researched and reasoned position on issues affecting India, rather than being driven purely by any economic or social ideology. The Foundation will be supported by a wide range of actors such as grant making foundations, the corporate sector, and individuals.

Similar parallels can be found with Heritage Foundation and Centre for American Progress, which support the Republican and Democratic Parties in the US, respectively.

Tomorrow: The Objectives and Activities

7 thoughts on “Concept Note: New India Policy Foundation (Part 2)

  1. Dear Rajesh,
    Ur views/theories r rare and nice, sometimes looking as nice as those of our reverred RISHIS had, yet the nation today is in total morass. Gandhi and his beloved disciple, the great Nehru had also a plethora of wonderful ideas but they only brought catastrophic disasters in the form of ill fated partition, sore of Kashmir and fissipareous regionalism etc etc draining our resources and a fourth rate country despite the talent, bravery, resources at our disposal.
    Ur views may not prove as disastrous as that of the Gandhi-Nehru duo but either it may add to the number of existing so called intelligentsia or it may prove ineffective as that of ur beloved BJP’s golden ideas of cultural nationalism.
    Better v use our talent and energy in some constructive ground work to create a confidence amongst Indians, improve economy of the poor, prompt national integration, making the country self sufficient and self relient free of fear sychosis.
    With best wishes,

  2. Rajesh,

    I believe your vision for foundation makes sense and maybe time is ripe for such an endeavor.

    Since it is independent of any particular party affiliation it has better chances of initial success though at later stages it may becomes necessary to support one over the other.

    Do you think such a foundation can be for profit or it has to be non profit to achieve correctly aligned success?


  3. Hi rajesh,

    I think it’s a good idea. However engaging the political establishment will be a huge challenge. I agree with others in that efforts should be made to liaise with existing organizations such as Janaagraha and ADR to create a combined force and gain experience.

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