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Since writing the “I Support the BJP” post a month or so ago, many of us have been working together as part of a group called “Friends of BJP” with the underlying belief that India Deserves Better. The goal is to galvanise the youth and professionals to engage with the political process to bring about transformational change in India.

The Friends of BJP is a subset of the educated civil society that is BJP-leaning, and willing to be vocal about it. We are not part of the BJP. We also do not agree with everything the BJP says or does. It is our belief that at this point of time the BJP is the better alternative. It is not a selection between black and white, but opting for the one with the lighter shades of grey.

We intend to support the BJP in 3 ways:

  • OUTREACH: helping grow virally support of the BJP via the use of social media (mobile and online) and drawing room meetings.
  • IDEAS BANK: provide a channel for members to channel inputs in multiple disciplines for the manifesto and to the BJP leadership
  • VOTES and SEATS: help the BJP win more (urban) seats by using the assistance of members to get 1 lakh new vote(r)s in every constituency

The event we did at NSCI in Mumbai on Jan 29 saw over 200 people attending. Since then, we have been working to put together many things, and hopefully, we will be able to make a difference in the coming elections. The Friends of BJP website (updated daily) has more information on all that we are doing, along with some insightful perspectives on the political landscape from some of us.

We are also organising two interaction meetings with Arun Jaitley on Saturday (Feb 28) in Mumbai (10:30 am, Ravindra Natya Mandir, Prabhadevi) and Pune (6 pm, New English School, Tilak Road). Attendance is free and open to all.

To stay in touch with what we are doing, you can do the following:

  • sms 4BJP to 575758 (will only work within India)– we’ve already got 15K subscribers in just two days on this channel
  • send a blank email to to subscribe to the newsletter
  • subscribe to the RSS feed

My hope is to bring forth an emergent democracy with a government that truly works for the people, combined with right, irreversible policies in key areas that fast-tracks India’s development process. Idealism, perhaps. But with the tools of technology (mobile, Internet, social media) now available with us giving us the ability to self-organise, I believe that all our voices will be hard to ignore.

Some of you may not necessarily agree with my choice of political party, and that’s fine. The more important thing is for each of us to be more vocal, start an active discussion, and be India’s biggest ‘votebank’ and swing vote, instead of sitting out this election in silence. The end goal has to be the same — bringing about faster and better change in India in our lifetime.

A question for all of us to think about: what are the best ways we can make a difference in the next 75 days? And in case you’d like to do more, here are some ideas.

71 thoughts on “Friends of BJP

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  2. Like the initiative, but why does it need to be with BJP? Why can’t it be for the reformist party of India or some other progressive, secular outfit?

    I know all of us live in a imperfect word, but no amount of good work can brush aside (ref. Modi), unless culprits are punished for the Gujarat Carnage & other communal & moral policing acts across various states in India.

  3. What rubbish. I’ve been living in Bangalore under BJP rule and all I see is women getting molested by BJP front organizations and communal atrocities. Looking for the party of the 21st century; not the party of the 10th century.

  4. Its painful to see you and Atanu put your might for a political party when time & again we have learnt that India can only be changed by better politicians and not “better” parties simply because no political party in India can be relied upon.

    We need young, energetic, educated, powerful politicians in cabinet with spine, with a younger person leading them, instead of having an 82 year old politician carrying blots of charges ranging from Babri to Jain Hawala and in the age of Chadrayaan sent to Moon promising a Mandir and sowing seeds of hatred in communities, on helm .

  5. Vivek, so the BJP is guilty no matter what, eh? Even if the BJP has nothing to do with an incident, merely because the biased media says so, it must be so, is it?

    Perhaps you may want to get the facts straight before you perpetuate a lie. See this post if you want to know a bit more about the Sri Ram Sene hooliganism:

    What was more irritating was that there was an immediate connection made between the Sri Ram Sene and the BJP, both partners in the Right Wing Moral Police. . .

    The BJP has condemned this. Time and again. But it is assumed that Sri Ram Sene is an affiliate of the BJP. Perhaps saying it often enough will make the propaganda true. Why, somebody would discover a link between the acronyms SRS and RSS, and give everybody a brand new stick to beat the Right Wing Moral Police with!

    This when actually it was the Chief Minister of Rajasthan who thought pubs were not quite correct, and a UPA-appointed Member of the National Commission of Women who made comments on the dress sense of pub-goers.

    Some sections of the media played it for a day but continued to link the Sri Ram Sene with the BJP as long as they could.

    What I do not recollect is any major daily or any television network telling us that Sri Ram Sene actually fielded 83 candidates in the last Karnataka election against the BJP. Maybe reporting an electoral contest within the Right Wing Moral Police would show that there is no partnership after all.
    Nobody I know among either the Friends of BJP or the party has defended Sri Ram Sene. In fact everybody has condemned it. But maybe we did not do it loud enough. Should the BJP have filed an affidavit distancing itself from this loony fringe and saying that the BJP is not a part of the Right Wing Moral Police? Maybe even if the BJP did, there would be a debate on the veracity of the affidavit.

  6. I’m a big fan of yours. I liked the services of MyToday. I subscribed, and referred my frens too. But now from past few days i’m getting ads for supporting BJP.
    I would request you not to push for the ads, as the matter of elections is a personal choice, and pushing those ads would be assumed as Spamming. I’m sure lot many guys n gals have this in their mind.
    I would request you to stop pushing these ads, else it would backfire for MyToday.

  7. Hey you ask for supporting BJP for safety.
    Just check the fear in the minds of young teenagers in the cities of Mangalore & Bangalore. The girls are afraid to come out to meet any male frens. Molestation & fear of the goons, coupled with the fundamentalist views of the party… can never overcome whatever the clean policies BJP can claim of.

  8. bangaloreGuy:

    It would be good if you could point me to what you call “fundamentalist views” of the BJP. I would like to know this because my support for any party depends on what fundamentals they stick to.

    Thank you for any help.

  9. I am in Bangalore and more specifically in South India for close to a decade now. I am 100 percent sure that nobody (unbiased individuals) believe that girls are insecure in BJP rule. That is one of most ludicrous statements I have ever heard.

    Regarding the oppose towards the BJP – in south, BJP is fundamentally seen as a Bramhin party with “North Indian” idealogies. It is 100 insane and has been propagated by many regional parties mainly the Dravida varieties. Everyone knows that it is pure vote bank politics and these parties have no core ideologies. Other than Karnataka, anything North Indian means a BIG NO. Hence the oppose.

    And here it is not because of South Indians, rather the south politicians. Karunanidhi writes poem in Hindi, lets his daugher stay in Bangalore with police protection. But every now and then he will cry over Hoggenkkal and Dravida pride. Pseudoism at is best.

    Regarding Brahmin case, Jayalathia tells us to be a Brahmin and arrest Shankaracharya at midnight. Imagine a Pope getting arrested anywhere in the world!

    For them it does not matter who is looting at Delhi. For them important is how much pound of flesh they can have regionally – not for the development of the region – rather for them like launch multiple TV channles, many movies, cable channels etc. to be overnight rich.

    Tomorrow if Lalu, one of the most tainted ministers in Indian History decides to be PM (he has already expressed his desire), I am sure the so called honest, representative of backward caste parties like DMK/MDMK/AIDMK etc will support him.

    Hence, even if I am no admirer of BJP, for a greater good, let it be BJP this time.

  10. Why so far Mumbai attack is being handled so easily? Is it a joke? When your life is not safe, what will you think? Every other day some meaningless comment keep coming from some ministers – as if they are waiting for Pakistan to submit to India like a submissive bride.

    A weak center means a huge problem. I will not surprised if Pakistan today will be planning for an attack on India to deflect the attention it is getting now from Obama admin. In 1999, when the world market was crashing, they made this move. And may be this time as well.

    You may say that Congress did it for economy and stability. Yes, stability at any cost – like CPM for 4 years from outside support.

    Everyone knows that economy today is due to private and entrepreneurs in India. They have no idea how to drive the economy. They took a thriving economy from NDA and stalled the projects which guarantees a internal growth – like infrastructure.

    Allow Congress to rule for 5 more years and see more attacks, more recessions (India has to develop internally only), more feudal people (nth generation of Nehru family) becoming prime ministers, tainted and highly corrupted people being cabinet ministers and so on.

    Choice is yours. Above all, if your life is not safe, what democracy you will be talking of???

  11. We are not part of the BJP. We also do not agree with everything the BJP says or does. It is our belief that at this point of time the BJP is the better alternative.

    Your willingness to look the other way on some of the positions that the BJP has taken seems puzzling at best and dangerous at worst.
    It’s puzzling because in a multiparty electoral system, you have the choice to start or support a different and secular party but instead you choose to support a party which, in your own words, you don’t want part of?
    It’s dangerous because it harks back to the days of Nazi Germany and other fascist regimes. History shows us that fascism enters our society through twin faces – compelling economic potential with divisive and negative ideologies.
    By being a member of the nonpolitical class, you can do the right thing and NOT accept the package offer.

  12. Its great to see people with rational thinking starting to support BJP. I wish all the self proclaimed intellectuals had honesty to support a progressive party like BJP.

    We at lostparadise extend full support to “friends of BJPP” no need to get dithered by all the comments. let us reach out to masses.

  13. I am not a political person, neither do I spend much time on it. And I see the discussion and I agree on a lot of observations of Rajesh and some people here.

    Regarding safety of people in BJP rule from moral policing – come on – are you kidding yourself? First, a number of more important issues are to be looked into.

    But, even then, if you really want to look into the safety case – which is the most unsafe in city in India? New Delhi. Who rules Delhi? Congress is ruling it for a long time! Recently, even a married couple was harassed and arrested as they were kissing! High Court intervened and the judge said – “what can be better than true love than 2 married people showing emotion of love?” [2nd February, 2009 – search in the web if you are not aware ]

    I am not saying BJP is great or Congress is worst. But let us look at the real issues which we are facing now in the country. Let us fight for a true cause and we have too many . . . starting from infrastruture to true central governance to internal development to safety to economy etc- not for causes like some 5 goons slapped some people in a pub!

  14. Hi all, THe great Indian Democracy provides avery thing to So called minorities.( in some Districts in West Bengal Hindus are minorities due to the Bangaladesi migrants).For example Hazz prilgrimage the subsidiary of rupees are giving to Muslims.But for Hindus they are increasing prices the latest example is the APSRTC( ANDHRAPRADESH STATE ROAD TRANSPORT CORPORATION) increases 50% hike in BUs charges to Srisilam a Famous Shiva Skestra.It is Great indian Democracy

  15. @ Atanu Dey :
    You say BJP has condemned the Ram Sena action.
    I’m sure you would agree to the following scenario.
    Imagine a son of a influential guy/politicain goes and kills somebody, and father comes out and condemns the act, or probably say Sorry.

    There will be always a fear in the minds & hearts of the general ppl that that guy can come and attack again. and you say that this is just ok. Please go and talk to the victims who have suffered, and then you will realize what is the scar/trauma they experience.

    Now abt the fundamentalist views.. Are the fundamentalist views of Taliban & BJP affiliates same.. the talk about women, religion, and all..
    Why do you hail one and condemn the other.. please give it a thought.

  16. Good luck with the “Friends of BJP” organisation in Mumbai.

    We need similar “Friends of BJP” organisations in every locality, city, town and village of India. Hopefully, I can start one in my city soon.

    Just ignore the anti-Hindu gadflies that are buzzing here…

    Jai Ho !

  17. Forget BJP and Other Parties but atleast cast your vote cause middle man except poor peaople will never cast their votes otherwise it is impossible fo Congeress to win these election.
    think once why petrol prices lowered and why Service tax reduced by 2% at the time of election may be you guys have some brain. India got independence in 47 but why it after 7 decades we are at the same situation.

  18. I dont know why we behave like fool every coin has two faces still ugly face of BJP is still not so ugly as compared to Congress

  19. bangalore case is rare but waht abt 1984, Mumbai riots, Bofors, harshad mehta, tandoor kand, harshad mehta case, and so many how can we forget them

  20. Well, its at the most laughable to see some idiotic BJP opposers here. And did I read someone said that BJP was the one who did that gruesome act in Mangalore ??

    Well Ahem … Just cuz that Muthu guy was associated with BJP at ONE TIME and he formed a party called Ram Sena later doesnt mean or prove of BJPs involvement in that.

    Okay, so Y dont u tell me what is Congress doing in Maharashta when Raj Thackray is slapping the butt of an all-congress-govt in Maharastra with his repeated verbal and physical attacks on Nothies?

    And, can someone please let me know, why the prime accused of Parliament Attack, Afzal has not been hanged yet ?? Just cuz Congressis want a Katua Vote bank ??

    i wud rather say FCUK OFF Manmohan and Sonia .. let BJP come in .. atleast i m sure they ll hang Afzal.

  21. Lets consider simple empirical facts:
    1. Before the BJP came into power, Karnataka was safe for women. Now it isn’t. Instead of firm action there leaders are mealy mouthed and vague. (and let us not forget the rise in communal religious violence)
    2. The state government is refusing to aggressively prosecute the Sri Ram Sena, even after its leaders openly admit guilt on television and its lieutenants are found amassing weapons. Its just arrest and release, arrest and release.

    There was a time when I thought the BJP might represent clean and sophisticated governance, but by countenancing and abetting (even if simply through inaction) such foulness they have proved themselves utterly unfit to govern a modern and advanced country.

  22. @AtanuDey I understand that quite a bit of the above comments are “propoganda” according to you. But we need to atleast have the rule of law and people who have committed/alleged to have crimes, need to be tried in a free and fair manner and after that if they come out clean, most of us don’t have a problem accepting him/that party.

    What happened in mlore is deploarable, BJP govt was v soft, they should have crushed SRS. A girl commits suicide (after being attacked by some moral crusaders) and the SP of the city is scared to arrest suspects without a water tight case, as he was worried about a possible attack from RSS & co. Is this the India we want to live in? And I am not even going into the Gujarat and other tragedies and the repercussions we are facing till today.

  23. Our family preferred the policies of BJP but due to your not full fladge active and right way campaing whole of our family not voting for BJP.Please make very clear and present in simple way your progressive plan in you all your Fouth coming T.V. and other election aid during election period so that such vote can be converted to BJP and we can see you again rule.
    From My side you must qute in every single add “HUM SIMPLE HAI. HUM WADA NAHI KARTE. HUM KARKE DIKHANE KO THAN KE CHALTE HAI.” note please check speallings

  24. one more request is to make active each and every working group of BJP each day from now onwards in every single part of country so that BJP take front page in every newspaper.

  25. its a pity that the government that has come to power in the state of Karnataka is not doing much to keep the popularity amongst the public
    Lot of things are being done without getting any publicity. whenever a small incident takes place
    it is being highlited and brought to the street by the oposition specially by the JDS and the Cong
    The Home minister is openely critisised as useless and other unparlimentary words but noting is done to do the damage control. Let there be outbursts from the party party spokes persons and by the Home minister himself highlighting the actions initiated for law and order maintainance. Why in a time when the elections are due the battle ground is created for the ballary airport, who wants it now. Let the leaders now defer the issue . Such small incidents are highlited and the image of the BJP is being tornished in the state. The leaders should think 100 times before giving any statement and uttaring any words ( the Transport Ministers words for example) I am a strong supporter of BJP and would like to see the lotus bloom this time in the centre for this, the state leaders should atleast bring the goods things they have done and should not make any statements on issues which will hamper the image at this level
    CM was right about the Ram Sena or the Other organisations, why they want Karnataka for all their good things let them chose Tamil Nadu, Maharastra , Kerala, AP or any other state for their good things to happen first and then they can come to our state. Being soft on these issues is very dangarous, CM / Home Ministershould openly come out 100 times whenever occasion arises against these organisations .

    Please highlight the things you have done, for gods sake dont support the organisations they will find their end themselves

  26. It is pitiful when educated people like you support fundamentalism or support a party which preaches fundamentalism. Every week there are tens of atrocities against women in bangalore, many of which are not even reported, moral policing is at an all time high.

    BJP as a party has no agenda, it doesn’t stand for anything. It is just a party which is out to divide the country. Just last year most of the BJP’s sister organization went on a crusade against Christians which was appalling. What is more appalling is educated people like you supporting it. This is where education has gone waste, when tax payers pay so much as taxes so that Indians can get educated for almost free and people like you instead of helping the country are out to divide it.

  27. I really feel happy and Congratulate you for starting this site. I am 36, an Engineer by qualification, looking into family business in Solapur in Maharashtra. I am a sincere kind of person with good values inculcated by my Parents and Family. I hate Corruption and of course corrupt , inefficient people. On 15th August these corrupt politicians insult and fool the people by hoisting Indian Flag and try to show false patriotism. They are forgetting that they are there to serve us, but they are serving themselves. Basically i am (sorry) was a Congressman but not since last MP Elections. Congress ruled for more than 50 years, what have they achieved…NOTHING. I shall never vote for Congress again in my life. There is no Develpoment, peace of mind at all, only Corruption has increased which in turn is spoiling EVERYTHING. RESERVATION should have been stopped since 1960, it is going on just because of Congress for Votes. Why should there be Reservation? GOD GIVES GIVEN A BRAIN, 2 EYES, 2 EARS, 2 HANDS, 2 LEGS AND A MOUTH TO EVERYONE, THEN WHY THIS RESERVATION? What is the gain, it is harming and has not been beneficial at all. They also didn’t do the Ganga River Linking Project, had it been done, so many Regions would have been benefitted by now. There is no check on Population. Congress is not at all patriotic, it just pretends to and is fooling India ever since its inception. There are some black sheeps in BJP but it is far better than Congress who hasn’t done anything except Corruption and Power grabbing besides few compulsive developments( Sanjay Gandhi brought Maruti, Rajiv Gandhi introduced Computers, so what, sooner or later Computers would have had to be introduced. TATA had applied for a Licence for manufacturing a Passenger car in sixties, this Congress only didn’t give them permission, now they started Indica and in 10 years it has been selling in large numbers, Shantanurao Kirloskar had asked permission to manufacture Limousine in mid seventies, even they were denied permission, now though through tie-up with Toyota, ‘ INNOVA’ is selling very nicely) Many of the developments have happened by natural progression, Congress is not credited for anything. Mauritius, Japan, S. Korea, China(big and small countries alike)developed so fast, how could they??? Congress just doesn’t know to serve people, it only knows to sever. Had BJP come in majority earlier, India would have progressed by leaps and Bounds like how GUJARAT has been doing under Narendra Modi. Jawaharlal was given a baby to take care on 15th August 1947, see how the father, daughter, son, etc. etc. have brought it up… It is still not a successful grown up, it is like 62 year old man with a maturity of a teenager…except few parts. When they have ruled for more than 50 years and have failed miserably, the BJP(whose strength, being a good Party, has been increasing by the years considering its start in forties), a National Party should be given a chance for the next 50 years and i am sure if BJP wins by majority(which it will) you will see the difference in couple of years with good Governance and good life. Regional Parties are of no use, individuals might be. In this era of Globalisation INDIA needs to be competent to servive and succeed and in such situation the Congress is still busy in Corruption and Power grabbing . There is no electricity for 5-14 hours in many States including Maharashtra. What is this? What were they doing all this while? why couldn’t they handle the Electricity Issue of all the things besides Infra Structure etc.? It is such a big shame. Should we be moving ahead or backward??? In Marathi there is a saying ” Dagda peksha veet mau” meaning brick is softer than a stone so BJP is like a Brick, it won’t hit u as hard as Congress has been hitting us since more than 50 years, and with able leaders like Atal Bihari Vajpayee, L.K. Advani, Rajnath Singh, Arun Jaitley, Sushma Swaraj, Venkaiah Naidu, Jaswant Singh, Yediyurappa, Narendra Modi and others around BJP will make make the brick also like Cotton by fielding Cotton like candidates who are honest, clean and able and do wonders. They should be given a chance. So if India wants PROGRESS & PEACE it should vote for BJP. I suggest this be their Election Slogan, ” For PROGRESS & PEACE , Vote for BJP”.

  28. hi all
    first of all let me start by saying “congrats” to the moderators of this site. Really nice work done.
    all those who are cursing BJP for Bangalore attacks, let me tell u something. some incidents happen in every party’s rule.
    bt lets not forget that even after 62 yrs of independence, our country is still at the halt.
    why so
    jst coz we have never trusted anybody else than NEHRU family, so called “secularists”.
    why dont we give a chance to BJP.

    congress party is giving a very weak centre to our country
    PM house has never been so weak since independence.

    This is for some congress supporters——

    1-Amarnath crisis—Congress Govt. in J&K
    2-Shri Ram Setu—Congress Central govt.
    3-Afzal Guru not hanged yet
    4-an all time high millitant activities in country
    5-shankracharya arrest
    6-incident at Shiv Mandir at NEPAL
    etc etc etc etc.

    So why dont we give A chance to BJP…..

  29. I am glad that so many of us have finally woken up and are willing to evaluate political parties in a rational way before the voting begins. This in my opinion is a big step and a great beginning.

    One of the biggest assets of a political party are its leaders and its core members and BJP truly scores on this front. Some of India’s brightest political leaders are from the BJP.Most leaders in the BJP are home grown which is a big contributor to stability unlike our other large political party which has grown mostly by floor crossing and movements.

    Agree that there are some areas that the BJP should focus on improving, but nevertheless it’s worth giving them a chance to rule the country. I am really hoping that sense prevails amongst the larger population and they do turn out in large numbers and vote for the BJP.

  30. B J P needs lobbying ,right from the lowest levels of society .This can b achievd by field worker s who unfortunately r nowhere seen.Lectures & articles appeal to limited sections of society.The greater the number of field workers the bigger the hopes of success.

  31. congrate
    its avery good way to tell the so called secular the real picture of Indian politics,and invite non voting and talking youth to share there political views and comeout and not only talk but share and dare to vote

  32. BJP is the party of future but it is not aggressive and hence may loose in ensuing elections a chance to form the govt. BJP feels apologetic for all what hapend in 2002 in Gujrat and congress never misses an opportunity to create hulla goola on this while not even a single leader from BJP has ever reminded of absence of government in the country for a week when SIKHS WERE BEING BUTCHERED BY CONGRESS lead mobs in Delhi and other parts of INDIA in 1984 anti Sikh Riots. Godra had a history of riots and the history dates back to period before 2002 ( Asghar Ali Engineers writings on riots in Godra and other places). Some of these were actually riots for economic reasons which got the colour of communal riots.
    My objection to BJPs stance is that Gujrat riots of 2002 should not have happened but congress has to be told in a stern tone about its failing when ANTI SIKH riots were on in Delhi. That actually NERO SLEPT FOR A WEEK WHEN ROME WAS BURNING. IT was most shameful that congressmen even pelted the official CAR OF PRESIDENT OF INDIA

  33. I thought that BJP would do good in this election but that was just a thought. No brains have been put in the distribution of ticket. for example Madhubani parliamentary seat has been given to hukumdeo narayan yadav who has won it once and lost at least twice. He is sure to lose. i hail from the place and my last 20 days surveys and various interactions have shown that this gentle man has done nothing in the constituency to his credit still because of his association he has gained a ticket. If the criteria of giving ticket is not winnability but association then good luck mr. Advani your designation of PM in waiting will not change. Another Instance Darbhanga Parliamentary constituency – Sanjay Jha an unknown person in the political firmament of Darbhanga with no background suddenly came from nowhere and has fulfilled the wishes of people not only since Independence but thousands of years and more. He was there in the thick of flood in the relief camps in the muck and filth when the known faces of the party were comforting in there cosy home. This simple guy really taught people how to lead and the meaning of leader without himself becoming a proper leader with no constituency and no election. Come on if the party stalwarts fight and he is denied ticket who was a sure win and who had left no scope for the opposition for any room of win and you expect to win the seat just because you have given a ticket to a famous cricketer who doesn’t the L of leadership. Mr Rajnath singh we have been voting BJP since 1992 in our constituency and we know that b’coz of your fighting with Kalyan singh you have ruined the UP turf for BJP and now you have started the same with Jaitley who is a master strategist nad lead several successful campaign unlike you. BJP will be relegated to opposition and routed in Bihar with this kind of an attitude. mr. singh had his way before election and he should be taking the moral onus of this loss and step down when the defeat is inked.
    kindly do a small survey and get my statements verified and if possible do some danmage control.

    Friend of BJP
    A successful man keeps his criticiser close to him to understand his follies.

  34. plz convey my suggestn 2 shri advani

    y dont they use dis point in campaign

    nehru family ruling our country since 50 yrs they r rich by birth ,b4 d independence
    wt abt aii other freedom fighters
    wt abt mahatma gandhi family

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  36. all the very best to all bjp leaders for the coming election.just go ahead we all r wid u

  37. I am a firm believer of BJP ‘s policies , but at the same time if we look into reality of todays politics it is not possible for bjp to form the govt at center because all other party’s are ready to support any other party except bjp .
    In my sense BJP should snap its ties with all its allies and come out openly with its agenda of economics , security , ram temple, article 370 and uniform civil code . BJP should contest all 544 seats on its own and wait for full majority . There is no way BJP can gain majority in current scenario since its depending on its allies and not contesting all seats . Even if they manage to form govt it will not be able to carry out its agenda . BJP must realise that still hindu voters are majority in this country .its better to wait for some years but should come to power on its own .

  38. BJP reiterates commitment to Ram temple–
    New Delhi, April 3 (IANS) The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Friday reiterated that it was ‘committed’ to building a Ram temple in Ayodhya.

    Reading out extracts from the manifesto for the Lok Sabha election, BJP spokesperson Ravi Shankar Prasad said the party was ‘committed to the construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya’.

    On the issue of Sethusamudram, a shipping channel to link India’s eastern and western coasts that the BJP is opposed to on grounds that it would destroy a chain of limestone shoals in the Palk straits that it dates back to the Ramayana, Prasad said the party would not ‘allow anyone to touch it’.

    The BJP has also said it would stop cow slaughter as it was an issue associated with ‘faith’.
    Visit to –

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  40. We are a confused nation:
    While some of us believe that our first war of independence was that of 1857, I fail to understand what were the wars fought by Shivaji, Pratap etc.
    We are being taught that Aurangzeb & Shivaji both were our great ancestors, similarly, Akbar and Rana are told to be our great ancestors.
    We are told that Hindu & Muslim are brothers, but Hindus treat Babar as invader, while the Muslims want to lionise him and retain the mosque in his name. Till yesterday the Pakistani Muslims were also brothers, who have named all their achievements in the field of arsenal after those Muslim invaders like Ghori etc.
    The secular brigade wants us to forget History of blood bath that gave birth to Pakistan and earlier incidents that occurred prior to GODHRA reaction in Gujrat.
    India needs money for development, but it has to waste huge amount in trillions on defense needs, because of Hostile Pakistan and B’Desh-a creation of idiotic policies of our leaders during 1930 to 1947 and being followed still. Why this aspect is ignored by our so called ‘intellectuals’?

  41. Why BJP feels shy in raising the issues of ill fated partition and idiotic decision of offering large part of Kashmir to Pak invaders and shameful debacle in 1962 also allowing rape of Tibet at the hands of expansionist China by the congress leadership?
    Had there been no Pakistan, an amazingly large amount of resources would have been available for developmental programmes.

  42. The PM has exhibited his weakness by treating his criticism as his character assassination.
    Loosing cool to the extent that he overlooked to pay respect to the president also proved his weakness.
    Fashion of passion for PM, as claimed by Sonia goes to prove the weakness of Manmohan only that gave rise to this aspiration.

  43. bjp is the party who can save india better.
    shri L.K. Adwani has a vision to serv the nation
    better .thats y we should vote & support bjp.
    nda do better then upa on atom deals & others,
    on other hand congg. is a gandhi families road show they are just like a sas bahu serial new
    entries, new faces, but the story is same priwarwad.think and vote for nation not for


    Based on the experience, having remained associated with the PARIWAR from 40 to 2004, I summarise the reasons as under:
    1. BJP (JS) was a cadre based party, but the cadre was taken for granted and only used (exploited). It was neglected to the extent that whenever they had some problem, they had to approach other parties like Congress etc. This resulted in indifference and inaction of lacs and lacs of selfless workers.
    2. It lost its credibility the way it handled RAM MANDIR issue, giving rise to speculation that it was using MANDIR issue for political gains only.
    3. Why BJP left all its agenda- MANDIR, 370, CSC, while others stuck to their agenda. Atleast it could bring a bill and sacrifice its Government at the fag end of 14th lok sabha. I may add that Dr S P Mukherji had given a slogan of AKHAND BHARAT, which was pushed in oblivion to the extent that BJP never talked of ill fated PARTITION, the KASHMIR follyor 62 debacle.
    4. BJP that claimed of being a party with differenece failed to maintain high standard and many of its ministers in states and the center behaved to prove that BJP had adopted Congress culture. Naturally, then put the two on equal footing.
    5. During its tenure at center could not reform the judicial system or reduce corruption, the pressing public concerns.
    6. It proclaims of Hindu culture and Hindu Rashtra, but is not only feels shy of doing something for HINDU but suffers from a sort of guilt in this regard.
    7. It is always confused on matters like RAM MANDIR and Varun issues.
    8. It is always passive to the issues that can help politically, e.g. the price rise issue could not be exploited by it. Similarly, right from SANVID Govt under Charan Singh to Janta party and even in Bihar under Nitish Govt it is seen as subservient to other who used and thre it in oblivian.
    9. It knows of the hostility of the media, but miserably failed to bring out one or two national news papers or a TV channel.
    10.It banked upon the paper tigers like RSS, VHP, HINDU saints, which are totally spent up force. I had written years back: How long the BJP would spend the earnings of Dr Hedgewar. I had written a paper ‘A SWAYAMSEVAK SPEAKS’. No cognizance was taken of the note. This analysis may also be thrown in the bin like K N Govindacharya, Madhok etc, but at the cost of its peril.
    11. BJP should also remember the fact that it has to depend on the society that did not mind the partition of the country nor is worried for the huge resource wastage on defense needs because of Pakistan’s ill designs or the loss in Kashmir and Himalyan region. Only concern of this society in general is of the day to day needs only. It does not understand the sophisticated theories of Governence and economics or nationhood, giving credence to Maya, Mulayam, Lalu, Rahul etc.


    Congress has won the election quite comfortably. They r advancing several reasons for that. The JD(U) and the media along with BJP leaders are advancing reasons of BJP’s defeat. Contrary to all these my analysis as under, which I will try to explain throughcertain facts and questions:

    Sharad yadav says, ” Varun & Modi brought the disaster. Question arises as to why LJP, RJD, BSP, SP and NCP collapsed?
    How Rita Bahuguna could reap a fairly good dividend despite so late start?
    Why the champions of secularism failed in W Bengal and Kerala so badly?

    Most important question is: How much benefit was derived by Congress from its policies towards the Muslims , whom they, tacitly, call MINORITY, from deferring the SC verdict on Afzal, scrapping the POTA, declaring that the MUSLIMS KO INDIA KE RESOURCES PER PAHLA HAK, by helping Gujrat Riot victims and hounding the CM, MODI, launching various financial schems for the Muslim youth and the HAJ pilgrimage………..?

  46. Dear friends
    Happy to know that BJP is no more in news for atleast 5 years… Safe ….. and sure another 20 years thay dont come to power, amy be more tan 20 years….. They must change the attitude towrads people and they must be secular..
    We thank all against BJP voted to congress… We have a strong prime minister and he will look after all good.. If the BJP was there in power I must say it would be a disaster….

  47. BJP- Don’t sulk
    This is time for introspection so, sit down and analyze the results and plan for the next. From now in two years time many states will be going for polls new alliances will emerge many may leave you and there is a likely hood that not many mayj oin you but the brave never wait for others. The caravan must move on. So plan for the next. Ask all the cms to concentrate on 1) connectivity 2) Education Every child must go to school, 3) health let every village have a PHC with adequate facilities for indoor patients 4) Drinking water Taped drinking water will liberate women from the drudgery of bringing water from for off places and will be a step towards women empowerment. Strengthening of panchayti raj 5) providing affordable dwelling units for the poorest of the poor, The party must gear up its cadre to work in the field 6) last but not the least induct fresh young blood pick up the best from you ABVP This experiment has proved fruitful in the past and will yield dividends in the future. 7) Leave the agenda for Ram temple for the VHP8) Try to project a muslim face by appointing a muslim as Deputy leader in Lok Sabha and if possible Leader of opposition in Rajya Sabha

  48. If BJP has to follow the same agenda as that of Congress, it will be better that BJP is disbanded. Not only me but every one else too is now admitting that the victory of Congress is the result of whole hearted Muslim support, right from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

    BJP grew so long as it played with full understanding that it had to surge ahead with its 9 players only (except Muslim and the Left), while its competitors had full 11 players in their team. Unfortunately, in the greed of Power, it tried to add to its team the other two players also and lost its shin . So long as it pursued nationalism, it flourished. The day, in its attempt to be more inclusive, it tried to change its face by giving up its slogan of Akhand Bharat, pursuit for Ram Mandir, abrogation of 370, framing common cc, i.e. adopted the Muslim prone politics, its decline started.

    It gave up all its agenda, to prove itself ‘secular’ and ‘progressive’ and to accommodate others, but remained always a whipping boy for its allies and others.

    Its regress is the folly of its mentor, which itself suffers from the ills of the philosophy, which it claims to revive. We all know that the Hindu has exhibited ‘JAUHAR’ by Rajput ladies and the supreme sacrifice by the Sikh Gurus, yet it has always been thrashed by the invaders. Hindu philosophy has miserably failed to ensure smashing defeat of its enemies, and could never arouse the Hindus to be united against such evil forces causing its squeeze, destruction of its places of worship, loot and arson or ethnic cleansing carried out incessantly till date.

    Swamis like Dayananda & Vivekananda etc or warriors like Shivaji and Guru Govind Singh could not arouse them. Instead Ram without his Bow & Arrow and Krishna without his Sudarshan Chakra as expounded by Gandhi and even dictated by PRIYANKA have become its hallmark .

    Will RSS carry out soul searching at this moment and try to chalk out a fresh strategy for resurgence of Hindu society? Will it look back and peep into its more than 80 yrs of achievements/failures. I will point only the failures:
    1. After 22 yrs of its birth, country was divided, but there was a vey very feeble opposition was there as was seen by me when I was student of class VIII and refused to accept the distributed sweet.
    2. Despite the sacrifice of a large number of Swayamsevaks followed by that of Dr S P Mukherji, neither the occupied part could be recovered nor exodus of Pundits be arrested.
    3. In this age of media being the most important factor, RSS does not have any nationalistic Paper or TV channel.
    4. Saints and Sadhus, the Kathavachaks and Priests have maximum influence on Hindu society. RSS failed to imbibe its agenda of national character in them, as seen in their indifference to social, educational, political scenario and squeezing of Hindu.
    5. Persons capable of influencing the society, in Education, Administration, Judiciary, Defense, Media etc are devoid of the national character as advocated by RSS.
    6. Its SHAKHAS exist on papers only, and, therefore, it has become a paper tiger.
    7. VHP failed to arouse the Hindu leaders to the occasion, despite availability of men and money with them, to run Schools, Hospitals, Employment centers for Hindus, specially poor & backwards.

  49. Dear friends, It is not question that BJP will win are not but it is true that BJP is the best party in India . I am stron supporter of BJP and I think persons who are critisiing Modi must visit Gujratthen they will find that what Modi has done in gujrat and how modi works .Not a single charge of corruption is with Modi . why BJP will not win it will win surely .all states ruled by BJP gujrat, bihar, chattishgarh, karnatak Hp are those not doing well against UP, maharastra, haryana etc. whatever we are seeing today roads , IT and other developments are due to 6and half yrs govt of Atalji.So for as UP is concern BJp has to work hard to win the assembly election. Dear friends Ram Manohar Lohia had never win the election so u can conclude that he was apoor leader!so the time has come to supportBJP. alok

  50. What is going on friends , the people are beaten at Ramlila ground . The man behind the show is Sonia gandhi and Rahul , this Manmohan is just her puppet and now time has come directly attak Sonia . why we are not demanding to inquiry against Robert Wadhra and Prinayaka . His all money is foul and they are sending money to forgein. This mercyless Roman catholic has no affection for indians and specially she has hatred to Hindus and safforan . Digvijay singh is Rakhi Sawant of indian politics and everyday creats new drama . kapil sibbal is fraud and expert to make fake documents and he has trapped Ramdev Baba. All congressees are saying that RSS is involved, whats problem ,is RSS a banned organization is Ritambhara is not Indian national .Then why RSS can not involved in such type of movement. Jagdish Tytler, Sujjan kumar and Rajiv gandhi were calprit of Sikh riots, then congress should be banned. Where is Govinda char and Umma bharti , pls project them and make the Ramlila ground grave yard of all congressees. They are fraud and RSS and must not hesitate to take the responsibility to back Ramdev Baba.If RSS has backed then it is matter of proud.

  51. I am happy to know that the Namo express is set to take off. I would love to be part of any effort to see it reach Rajdhani in 2014. Sekharkrishnan

  52. It is a pleasure to know that Mr. RJ and Mr. BGM has been assigned with the responsibility of driving the social media campaign for NAMO. If possible , I would sincerely like to be part of this great initiative. I do hail from WB , where there is tremendous scope of development. This is due to the fact that we already have suffered heavily, and for us a third option is quite visibly open.


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