State of the Internet in India (Part 4)

There are some spaces that are going to be hard to enter and win:

  • search (Google)
  • news 1.0 (Rediff, NDTV, CNN-IBN)
  • email (Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, Rediff)
  • social networks (Facebook, Orkut/Google)
  • video (YouTube/Google)
  • jobs (Naukri)
  • matrimonials (Shaadi/People Group, Consim/BharatMatrimony)
  • cricket (Cricinfo/ESPN)
  • finance (MoneyControl/Web18, Moneywiz/Rediff)
  • local [voice] search (JustDial)
  • travel (plenty!)

Some of these spaces have leaders, but not a dominant one, and as such are still open for attack. In addition, there are still plenty of other entry points. One needs to think ahead a few years, and think more along the lines of what I call the N3 Web (now-new-near Web).

The Internet and mobile businesses in India are still at a nascent stage. China has multiple billion-dollar companies in this space. By 2015, India too will have its share. This is the time for Vision and Will. And some Luck!

22 thoughts on “State of the Internet in India (Part 4)

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  3. I wonder whether N3 web will have any place for applications that use collaboration or collective intelligence, to generate or improve content.

  4. I believe the focus should not be on whats out there and where one can fit in. The current marketplace appears to have matured and is much more aware of what it needs. Thus, everything and anything is open to attack as long as the next person can offer better experience.

    Few ex.

    I already see efforts being made to replace email and related services as we know it today at advanced stages.

    Social networks are up for grabs along with email. Hardly any social networking site remains an everyday site after a while. Perhaps 3-4 times a month for most users.

    Videos is up for grabs as its still internet driven and not cell phone driven which it will be soon.

    Finance is up for grabs as the online magazine formats have only solved basic problems. There is so much more that can be done in terms of customer experience. Again I am working on ideas to totally change the finance portals the way we know and use them today here in usa.

    Security and safety, education and training, supply chain are other areas where india offers tremendous potential.


  5. I think that voice based VAS is going to be a big opportunity and local search players like JustDial will have to innovate.

    Telcos/Rurban (rural urban)/Rural areas are another big opportunity.. but then perhaps I am biased 🙂


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  9. Hi Rajesh,
    You seem to have missed out on the Regional Languages completely.

    I believe, it will be Indian Languages which will be defining the future State of Internet in India.
    Over 80% of the Net users want to see content in Indian Languages and not just in English. This is what is holding up the growth of VAS based revenues in India as well.

  10. Nice series of posts Rajesh. Was hoping you would tell us a bit more of what spaces you rule in (i’m guessing not in the “potentially out” list you have) – yes, always wanting more.

    We’ve got our own net+mobile play in progress – check us out – Would be happy to share more so drop me a line.