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Vision India 2014

February 6th, 2009 · 17 Comments

Elections are a good time to look back and look ahead. It has been that both the last two governments have completed their terms. So, India 1999 is what we can remember, as also India 2004. And now we are at India 2009. Looking ahead, what do we want India 2014 to be like? Five years is a long time for change to happen.

As a tech entrepreneur, for me, one of the disappointments of the past 5 (perhaps, even 10) years has been the slow penetration of the wireline Internet and broadband in our lives. That’s one thing I’d like to see change in the next five years. On the flip side, the amazing growth in mobiles has been a great success story – even though we keep playing with the telecom policy every so often. But what we have seen so far is only the voice revolution. The data revolution (powered by 3G, 4G and broadband) is yet to arrive in India.

Three questions for you to think and answer:

  • What do you think is the biggest change from India 2004 to India 2009?
  • What has been the biggest disappointment of the past five years?
  • What is the Big Change you’d like to see from India 2009 to India 2014?

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  • 1 Swaroop // Feb 6, 2009 at 7:47 am

    What is the Big Change you’d like to see from India 2009 to India 2014?

    Development of satellite cities around the metros and larger cities.

  • 2 Vishal // Feb 6, 2009 at 8:38 am

    The biggest change from 2004 to 2009 is growth of Mobiles, kind of acceptance from all sections of people that private sector helps in creation of jobs.
    The biggest continued disappointment is the state and central governments policies and working. Last 5 years have been years of indecision both by centre and Maharashtra state Government.

    The biggest change I will like to see is government reducing its role and allowing free markets to function. This should sort out bulk of problems we have today. The wish I have is that we get a leader who changes the direction of this country by allowing the great enterprise of its people to work. He should be the one who
    presses the annihilate button of the government.


  • 3 Srivathsan // Feb 6, 2009 at 1:45 pm

    What do you think is the biggest change from India 2004 to India 2009?

    Growth of mobile
    Increased amount of Risk taking / entrepreneurship

    What has been the biggest disappointment of the past five years?
    Moral Policing

    What is the Big Change you’d like to see from India 2009 to India 2014?
    Increased role of public in government administration
    Make politicians more accountable
    Improve primary / secondary / tertiary education
    Leverage technology to reduce poverty

  • 4 Ananth // Feb 6, 2009 at 11:24 pm

    I just hope India encourages research in a big way, publicize better whatever research is going on today and encourage passionate people to join them…

  • 5 g.a. // Feb 8, 2009 at 9:14 am

    Very nice to see such positive, forward looking views in comments.

    While there is a clear need to develop ones own ideas and growth models, i think its important to tap into the waves of ideas that transformed societies and improved the lives in other parts of the world.

    To stop being boring/ abstract
    – i am hoping to see some sort of X-Prize Foundation founded/ funded in India. While it not only popularizes the need to develop technologies, it also brings out the hidden talent/ focuses them for useful purposes. So things like $100 laptops or $2000 nano-s can be a common phenomenon.

    And personally,
    – i would like to see people harness the power of internet and social markets to establish some kind of transparency in the public services.
    Some things around the Wiki model to rate the politicians/ bureaucrats/ public service professionals. Say by naming the departments/ offices/positions/peoples found to be most corrupt in their personal experiences with these departments.

    No matter how much budget allocation there is or how much money companies/people make, the quality of life of the common man depends a lot on the way govt provides/maintains the infrastructure. With most of the money needed here siphoned off by these fraud-infrastructure (politicians/ beauraucrats/ and connected parties – remember Raju & sons) unless something gets done to fix this fraud-infrastructure, nothing worthwhile is going to reach or available to the public.

  • 6 Spandan // Feb 8, 2009 at 9:30 am

    Could not resist the temptation of answering your last 3 questions.

    Biggest change from India 2004 to India 2009:

    Better Mobile penetration, crumbling infrasture in many cities, India slowing moving towards
    being a software product destination, people seem to be waking up after multiple terror
    strikes (we are known to be selfish, self centered people with very less respect for civil

    Biggest disappointment of the past five years:

    Rahul Gandhi being projected as the PM candidate. He may be good, but no sorry, Rahul first
    prove yourself. Enough of family background.

    Stimulus packages from Govt. – can the Govt. think anything on its own instead of copying
    the US???

    Big Change you’d like to see from India 2009 to India 2014:

    Complete reform or stop reforming. No reform is far better that the partial reform policy
    of the Govt.

    As the only hope is private sector. Govt. will change only when the current generation starts taking part in politics which is not yet happening. Hence, let the private sector
    get full and transparent reform.

  • 7 karishma // Feb 22, 2009 at 10:53 pm

    Three questions for you to think and answer:

    What do you think is the biggest change from India 2004 to India 2009?

    – the increased confidence in people spanning people’s belieft that they can make a better life for themselves, start enterprises, make the government accountable (e.g. 26/11 outcry)

    What has been the biggest disappointment of the past five years?

    tough to only mention one. however, i’d say these are the top ones:
    – corruption is still very extensive and deep rooted throughout the system (e.g. NREGS isn’t really benefiting those the program was intended for)
    – we still elect criminals and / or unqualified people for government posts
    – minimal improvement in education in terms of child drop out rates, teacher abseentism, quality of education imparted
    – treatment of women (e.g. most recently evidenced by the Mangalore events)
    – still not enough good infrastructure across the country to help catapult india (e.g. Delhi airport contines to come to a standstill every winter due to fog, UP infra worsens vs. getting better, among many other examples)

    What is the Big Change you’d like to see from India 2009 to India 2014?

    – the reversal of many of the disappointments written above 🙂
    – fundamentally, we need to become a more unified society that respects life (people, women, children), and diversity (caste, creed, religion); values education and created a transparent and accountable government that works for its citizens, keeps them safe and provides a solid platform for siginficant socio-economic growth

  • 8 richard // Dec 2, 2011 at 4:00 pm

    India is changing from before wat it was .but what we have to see is that the citizen of india should get the oppurtunity to learn everything and help the nation to grow more powerfull .this could be happen if the politician can understand and visualize the future by our young generation thinking because we are the one who wil take the future ahead.god bless the thinking and future

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