My Answers

Here are my answers to the two questions I asked yesterday.

If there was ONE thing you could Change about India, what would it be?

Middle India Apathy towards the nation. It is almost as if most of us in Middle India (young, educated in urban India) have switched off from trying to make a difference to what we see happening around us. It reflects in the voting percentages in urban areas, in the quality of candidates that we see contesting for elections, in the deteriorating quality of life in cities in India, and in the debates that we have for what India needs to become.

What is India’s Greatest Asset?

I also think that Middle India is the country’s greatest asset — if it can get its act together. The Rich don’t really care to bring about Change — they are beneficiaries of the existing system so status quo is good enough for them. The Poor cannot bring about Change. It is we in the Middle who are the country’s hope. We have the benefits of education, growing incomes, material benefits that are more than what our parents had. We need to get more engaged in defining our country’s future.

6 thoughts on “My Answers

  1. I think we can add one more q to list.

    What is your action plan for CHANGE and hows its different from hundred others?

  2. Yes I completely agree with you that both
    of India is the middle india…. They have the Python-snake mentality (won’t react until the fire gets to the head and then there is little time to correct).

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