Broadband in India: Services

I have written in the past about the lack of ‘utility’ services on the Indian Internet. Little has changed in recent times. Even though many new portals keep getting launched, few of them have become part of our daily lives.

In China, the link between computers and education helped get computers into homes. The social and entertainment aspects of the Internet (connecting with friends, multi-player gaming) helped ensure the network connectivity. Can we do something similar in India for the growing ‘middle-of-the-pyramid’?

Imagine an Education portal that focuses on teaching the ‘basic concepts’ to school kids with the pitch to parents: “Give us an hour a day for Rs 100 a month, and we will help your child to learn to learn.” Schools, for the most part in India, teach, but do not instill the learning ability where the child has a deep understanding of fundamental concepts, which is what today’s (and tomorrow’s world) needs. A service like that could start becoming a reason why parents start getting connected computers at home.

For young adults, social connectivity and gaming can be two big drivers, along with education to complement what they learn (or don’t) in colleges. For usage to takeoff, there needs to be affordable flat-rate plans without data limits.

For youth, it will be good to also integrate the mobile into the value chain, and think of services which can float from one device to the other, ensuring a continuity in the experience. For example, I could start reading a book on the computer and could continue on my mobile phone during my free moments.

For Services to take-off, business models will need to start looking beyond advertising.

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9 thoughts on “Broadband in India: Services

  1. Hi Rajesh,

    I imagine indian education portal that:

    1. would enable me to sponsor education for the needy child in a school of my choosing sitting here at my desk and monitor his/her progress

    2. would enable benefactors worldwide to bestow honor on teacher succeeding most in the school of their choosing at the subject of their choosing.

    3. would make it possible for people like you to sponsor a “course” of your choosing for the school children, perhaps on “Win a prize to complete the course and score in top 3” basis

    4. would become a single portal for flow of majority of money and initiatives in the field of education

    5. would enable potential enrollments identified by schools having financial difficulties to receive ‘joining incentive’ from benefactors worldwide

    6. enable benefactors worldwide to make grants directly to a school of their choice for a particular project

    7. would let people like me and you co-ordinate with schools and nominate Local/ District level working/ retired citizens like Accountant, Politician, Economist, Carpenter, Policeman, Banker, etc. for a visit to the school and give lectures and demonstrations on “how things work in actual world and their rights and duties as responsible citizens” for the students once a month.

    8. would make it easy for the top 10 students in each grade find tutoring assignments for grades below them in the same school or others, starting 6th grade .

    9. could sustain these and other initiatives for at least good 8-9 years till they cover the entire length and breadth of the country.

    Kind Regards,

  2. I really like the kind of article written in plain text so people can understand it and people can understand which message the author wants to convey. Your style is very unique but it’s easy to understand what you want to say in this discussion.