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Corruption in India

November 23rd, 2009 · 203 Comments

A recent issue of Outlook had a cover story on Koda, the former Chief Minister of Jharkhand, who is alleged to have looted Rs 4,000 crore from the state. A related article in the magazine was on all the scams that have taken place in India and how little we seem to care about all those stories on corruption.

The Reddy brothers, YSR’s family, Koda, Raja – these are just the latest additions. They are the tip of the iceberg. For the record, all of them get away with the loot, and continue to be in positions of influence. Indeed, I cannot think of a single politician who has put behind bars for corruption.

This is a cancer that is not restricted to any particular political party. It infects the whole system. An honest politician has become an oxymoron.

Politics has become a way – and perhaps the only way in India today – to amass unimaginable wealth in the shortest possible of time. Of course, entry to the club is becoming increasingly difficult because politicians have realised that getting one or more of their offsprings into politics is the surest way of ensuring the ill-gotten wealth stays. The façade of ‘youth’ is being used to legitimise power and money procured by dubious means.

We, the voters of the country, are as much to blame. We don’t demand accountability. We keep voting back to power the same folks who keep ripping us off. And in all this, we stay a poor country – waiting forever for the date with destiny.

Continued tomorrow.

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  • 1 Mahesh // Nov 23, 2009 at 10:51 am

    Yes Rajesh what you said is absolutely true…. there are many like me who also think what you said is right….

    Our country is poor only because of all these politicians. Ye babus hamare muh ki roti cheen kar ka rahe hai… and i don’t understand what they will get by doing this acts… take for eg YSR – what did he take with him when he died????

    I feel politic is the root cause of any money related corruption…

    Also there should be a law / G.O. stating that there can be only one person in politics from a family irrespective of how big or small the family is and also one person cannot be politics more than 10 -15 yrs …. this will give way to new people in the politics, during which we might hope for a clean and neat politician.

  • 2 anonymous // Nov 23, 2009 at 12:11 pm

    Add to the list Pramod Mahajan too, who was instrumental in bringing loads of money for party.

  • 3 A // Nov 23, 2009 at 12:28 pm

    According to my simplistic views, unabated population growth is a root cause of all the mess in our country.

    It is far more cheaper for the politicians to buy votes in the worlds biggest democracy than to win over educated voters (by doing some real work).

    That reminds me of a hilarious story I read about the recently concluded assembly elections in Maharashtra – some aspiring candidate bought votes by distributing fake currency and the voters really felt cheated! 🙂

    Unless we change the rules and enforce them (via judicial intervention), nothing would change. e.g. strip the voting rights for 10/15/20 years to all the beneficiaries of slum redevelopment scheme.

  • 4 Nadeem // Nov 23, 2009 at 1:21 pm

    India is fast becoming a ‘democratic monarchy’ with power being shared between a select number of families. How powerless the ‘aam aadmi’ is can be judged by the recent re-appointment of RR Patil as Home Minister of Maharashta. We can rant as much as we want on TV, Internet and in our living rooms but nobody is really listening.

  • 5 Hemant // Nov 23, 2009 at 7:32 pm

    Well Mr. Jain – that’s exactly I aired the idea by commenting on your older blog posts (related to friends of BJP) that ppl like you or may be like Narayan murthy needs to become a politician now as these are the pPl who have known the problem of being a middle class (not sure bout your case) and are now one of the billionaires of India. These are pPl who can move the youth, educate them and get the nation running and not crawling. I’m sure they have the honesty to use the money where it should be used rather than filling up ‘thy own well’ like Koda, mayawati, etc.
    Q – You know the bottle necks for various issues faced in Mumbai today, tell me if become the CM, will you forget about it or rather fix it for ever?

  • 6 Ananth // Nov 24, 2009 at 11:41 am

    This is old news … and we need change.. The funny thing is that in AP there is a party called LokSatta Party which is fighting without money and liquour in the elections. But where they fail is that they are not able to get enough votes as all the illiterate people are not able to understand the value of an vote and are just selling their votes. It is like a vicious cycle, illiterate people elect corrupt people who keep them and their children illiterate to get them elected again. They just won one seat in last general elections. Hoping they can win more. I am not a member of that party, but I think if all their agenda was implemented then, our country will leapfrog to a honest state soon.

  • 7 ramgopal // Nov 24, 2009 at 7:27 pm

    Amidst this dismal and dark scenario there is a star of hope. He is Dr.Jayaprakash narain, former IAS officer who quit the civil service to cleanup politics.He is the founder president of LOK SATTA party in AP. Whether he wins or loses all right thinking people must join and encourage others to join him in his selfless endeavour. keeping away from politics is no answer.

  • 8 Rohitaash // Nov 25, 2009 at 1:13 am

    Hi Ananth,

    You need to read a book written by Partha Chatterjee. Its called the “The politics of the governed”
    I may disagree with few things in the book esp. about Mahatma Gandhi but it explains the execution of the new democracy through the vote booth in very simple terms using the example of a fictional character and you realize there was no other way possible.

    However, it is true that there was lot of thought going on at that time and perhaps there is thought going on at this time too but if I were to play the blame game and put the blame on anyone, I would put it on news channel and media people. You need not look any further from all these news channel and reporters and their priorities in collecting news and their methods in exhibiting it on TV.

    To someone sitting in USA, india can come across as most dumb nation just by watching one episode of Zee News or Aajtak or NDTV.

    I can keep going on but its futile so I will stop as I am far more interested in solutions than scoring brownie points through my writings.

    Kind Regards,


  • 9 vdevpandit // Nov 25, 2009 at 9:30 pm

    who ruled the country maximum,what type of foundation they laid,Medias role in election or after, every body knows.In Election money is spent to get the power by all means.In this show so called intellectuals who pose the top cream of the society have misrably failed in performing their duties towards Nation, reason being their affiliations with political parties for their personal benefits/gains.Who is Koda,why the Govt. of INDIA is defending,Answer to this question is still not available with the poor countrymen.If Koda has looted 4000 crore,what about other politicians who are looting country Ex-Chequer for last62yrs, Apparatly the wealth minted is on records,but poor law fails to discharge to punishthem.I appreciate the story and courage ,i suggest that news centre should start a volunteers in country to fight this misdeed.I appreciate the afforts of Dr.Jaiparkesh Naryanof AP.

  • 10 Lal Narang // Nov 30, 2009 at 10:40 pm

    We are dealing with a problem which apparently is not resolvable..All good men trying to do their best to deal with this malaise are put on the ice….Kiran Bedi, Seshan, Tinaikar, Baba Amte, and numerous others..now conveniently forgotten..When they are decorated and applauded by International Bodies..they are hated by their own leaders..One Manmohan singh can do this much and no more. The whole machinery to deal with these issues is itself outdated..any attempts to make reformative changes in the law will keep on hitting the wall.
    The problems of Maoists and Naxals thrive because of corruption .. Even after 26/11 nothing seems to have changed. The country is as vulnerable as it was.. pre 26/11.. The Police, Judiciary and Military are embroiled in corruption ..And the greed has filtered down to a man on the street as well…The politics of hatred and intolerance has been born out of corruption only..Language, Caste, Religion are exploited solely to gain foothold in power play..We have no one to look up to with expectations..and we just resign ourselves to the fate..What ever suggestions have been offered by my learned friends can never be applied..Its going to take more than a man to try and clean the system.I am afraid that we are reaching a point of no return ..I simply can not end this on an optimist note..

  • 11 Dr.SrinivasaVarma // Dec 11, 2009 at 2:54 pm

    What is Telangana?
    Telugu:Language Telugu, a Dravidian language spoken by ‘Andhra’ people(sect existing much before Mahabharata and represented in the battle at Kurukshetra on behalf of Kauravas about 5000 years ago)
    Aanemu:land belonging to people speaking that language

    Literal meaning is , Telugu speaking Land

    In Nizam era before 1948, Hyderabad state consisted of three parts one part of Marathi speaking (presently part of Maharashtra), Kannada speaking (presently part of Karnataka) and Telugu speaking (Presently Telangana region of Andhra Pradesh).

    Telugu people and their origin

    Andhra represents a sect believed to have ancestral linkage to Sage Viswamitra’s son and this sect have come towards south (from North India).‘Then’ means ‘South’ and people of this sect who have come to south are known as ‘Tenugu’ and over the years it has become ‘Telugu’and their language is Telugu.

    ‘Telugu’ people have come to south through two main routes i.e.(i)Via Central India i.e. Nagpur and Warangal (ii) Eastern India via Bhubaneshwar,cuttack and Viziayanagaram.

    Maharaja of Vizayanagaram (Ashok Gajapathiraju,Ananda Gajapathiraju’s ancestors) used to call their empire as ‘Kalinga Viziayanagaram’ as ‘Hampi Viziayanagaram’ used to be ruled by Non Kshatriya kings.

    Kalinga Kingdom was spread upto Vizayawada (certain areas in Orissa and telugu districts Visakhapatnam-East and west Godavari Districts) under different rules.The rest of Andhra upto Aurangabad in Maharashtra, many parts of Karnataka and Goa were under the rule of Andhra Kings.

    The golden era of ‘Telugu’ people began in 9th century under Kakatiya dynasty and lasted upto 11th/12th century. During that time, there were no irrigation facilities in West goadavari and Krishna Districts. People have migrated towards Vizayawada and West Godavari after Kakatiya dynasty has collapsed.

    Once Hampi Vijayanagar was established, many Telugus have migrated there and further to Madurai in Tamilnadu (Nagamanayaka,Viswantha nayaka) and established Nayaka Kingdom where ‘Telugu’ existed as official language for 300 years upto about 1850 and we can still find out that 33% of population in Tamilnadu are basically telugu people .

    Genesis of differences between Andhra and Telangana regions

    At the end of 18th Century, French people have invaded India and have occupied many areas and first time ‘Telugu land’ was invaded by foreigner and finally it culminated as battle at‘Bobbili’, presently Vizianagaram district and in this battle finally famous warrior ‘Tandra Paparayudu’ killed Vizayarama raju,‘Vizayanagaram’ Empire and took revenge.
    At that time,French people gave autonomy to Hyderabad Nawab to Rule Hyderabad and remaining Telugu districts have come under the rule of ‘French’. The arrangement continued during British period also and the Coastal districts have come to known as ’Circar Districts’. So, the first time the telugu speaking people have been divided between ‘Hyderabad Nawab’ and ‘Indian government’ under British and this separation continued till Andhra Pradesh was formed in 1956 i.e. for a period of 150 years.

    What actually made the difference between Andhra and Telangana?

    Practically for over 5000 years, ‘Telugu’ people lived south of Vindhyas under many kingdoms and have distinct culture and customs and adopted many new things from different cultures and the height of that expertise and wisdom can be seen at sculptures at Ramappa temple , lakes built at Paakhaal and Ramappa by Kakatiya kings.

    But the rule under British(Coastal and Rayalaseema districts) and Hyderabad Nawab (Telangana districts) for ~150 years made significant difference in the development of these areas primarily due to contributions by Great Visionary like Sir Arthur Cotton which transformed water scanty areas into ‘Rice bowl of india’.

    Role of Communists and their role for freedom struggle against Nizam
    Role of communists in the freedom struggle against Nizam of Hyderabad is always a centre point of discussion due to their contributions and these communist leaders are basically from Krishna and Guntur districts. No one shall forget their contribution

    Why the differences have cropped up between Andhra and Telangana?
    Once Andhra Pradesh state has been formed, many people migrated to Hyderabad and started their agriculture and business in and around Hyderabad.Famous Grape gardens in and around Hyderabad (like Medchal and adjacent areas) and Poultry farms have hit national headlines .Mostly this outlook about development has come from the hardworking individuals from the districts .It is open secret that a person in business once established, will surpass others who are only employees and small farmers.

    Backwardness of the Andhra Pradesh and areas in Telangana

    Irrigation facilities have not increased when compared to other states like Punjab,Haryana and Maharashtra. It is worth mentioning that the Haryana state surpassed Punjab in agriculture productivity after separation in 1960’s. Nalgonda and Guntur districts have benefited through Nagarjuna Sagar and Karimnagar district benefited through Sriram Sagar.Even in West Godavari Delta area officially there was no 2nd crop till 1983.

    Even in so called rich areas of West and East Godavari and Krishna Districts there are many parts which are neglected like other backward districts in North Andhra,Rayalaseema and Telangana.
    Farmers in West Godavari and Krishna districts primarily in Kolleru area have been benefited through aquaculture which they have started in 1980’s as a last option since they were unable to sustain continuous losses in Paddy crop due floods and other calamities.
    Though Telugu Desam Government initiated several measures including concessional power and launched several welfare schemes for the public, it has not helped mitigating farmer’s problems and developing irrigational facilities.

    Technical and Legal problems for expanding irrigation facilities

    Though Krishna river is available, the dependence on Krishna river can’t meet the requirements of farmers in Telangana area as the inflows are highly erratic and water availability. Maharashtra and Karnataka are also trying to impound Krishna water in several ways Building dam across Godavari is a major engineering challenge as the Godavari basin is flat and vast areas would be submerged.Further,lift irrigation is extremely expensive as requirements of huge funds for construction besides heavy running cost(power) and maintenance cost. In Maharashtra where many lift irrigation projects exist but cultivable area is often less than 15,000 acres and water cess collected is Rs.3,000/acre for commercial crops requiring very less water( unlike rice,which requires about 800-1000 litres of water for 1kg of paddy grown).We can well imagine the fate of such schemes in the long run.

    Role of politicians and Congress Rule
    Ever since the Andhra Pradesh state was formed, the tenure of the chief ministers were at the mercy of Congress high command and no Congress chief minister has completed a full term in nearly 36-37 years of Congress rule in the state except Dr. Y.S.R. When a chief minister is not stable, how he can think of the development of state? Sri Jalagam Vengal Rao could do something for Khammam district during his short tenure.

    Role of intellectuals and Naxalism /PWG
    Late 1960’s to till late 1990’s certain intellectuals formed as groups and encouraged students to adopt militant routes through educational institutes in Warangal and Karimnagar districts. Many working days were lost, academic schedules were disrupted and many preferred not to join in Warangal even they got seats in the prestigious institute like Regional Engineering college,Warangal.The brutal killing of Sri Yadagiri Reddy ,SI,Kazipet at Kazipet Junction in 1985 is a big turning point and the Government started acting swiftly to control such activities in educational institutions in Warangal.

    Naxalism was another big worry in North Andhra and Telangana districts for nearly 40 years i.e.till 2006/07.The country’s highest working days were last in many Telangana districts particularly in early 80’s to till late 90’s .Even the peak militancy times in Punjab during early 1980’s, the Punjab might not have lost those many days as of Andhra.

    In telangana districts,many people have left their village leaving their properties in late 1980’s and Naxalites have hoisted red flags occupying their land .This resulted in deserting the agricultural lands for several years which was not cultivated as police were taking action on those who occupied and original owners fleeing away from their homes.

    Role of Academicians and Universities
    It is sad that that the academics have taken a back seat in Andhra pradesh in the last 30 -35 years and most infamous among them was many organizations asking Osmania graduates including Engineering not to apply for the positions during 1970’s.Many primary and secondary schools in private have better talent and faculty from different parts of the country but not these ‘universities’. In breeding, influence of caste and money power in selection for teaching positions play a major role ,and it may be to the tune of 90% or more, and perhaps highest in the world. Leave alone the teachers, the Professors have also not got the reputation in the country .All Vice Chancellors appointments to the universities in Andhra pradesh have been done on considerations of their political affiliations and caste in the last 30 years.However the stalwarts like Prof.Ramireddy who was the first VC of IGNOU after serving at OU and APOU, Prof Vijaya Saradhi, Prof. Achalapathi,Prof.Viswanatham,Acarya Diwakarla Venkatavadhani,Dr.C.Narayana Reddy of OU,Hyderabad and Prof Kokate,Prof Dinkar Deshmukh,Prof..Vasudev,Prof. Srinivasa Reddy, Prof.SivaramaKrishna, Prof.Sundaram, Prof.Jaffer Nizam.of Kakatiya University, Warangal have brought laurels to the state.
    We have also the distinction of dubious academicians like Prof. NarayanaRao, Member secretary of AICTE and other senior Professors involving in scandalous roles which tarnished the prestigious institutes including REC,Warangal .
    The performance of the students at CSIR and other competitive exams is dismal. In so called Engineering, our average is much below (~25%) that of the national average of 35% though we admit 2, 00,000 students in Engineering every year.

    Efficiency of Employees and bureaucracy in Andhra Pradesh

    Efficient and straight forward people can’t work in Andhra Pradesh and this statement is absolutely true in case of IAS and IPS personnel. Statistics show that the largest number of bureaucrats in Andhra Pradesh asks for central government postings to avoid political interference.
    During Telugu Desam rule only administration works, this is a fact accepted by all as the government will not spare anyone for their laxity and this is the main reason as many employees are against TDP governments.

    Role of Employee unions and their attitudes

    The role of employee unions in Andhra Pradesh is well known with their 50+ days strike during late 1980’s.TDP government has introduced many systems and formulated procedures to avoid delay in public transactions some of them are e-governance, e-seva and establishing Dr Marri Chenna Reddy Centre for Good Governance etc.

    Role of corruption

    Many believe telugu is the Italian of the east. However, now it is widely rumored that money bags are sent to higher-ups at the centre and there are many schemes to streamline the system making the phrase Telugu money is sweeter. Definitely, our state’s ranking in corruption and definitely will be in the first 3 ranks of the country.

    Role of Sri PV Narasimha Rao and his contribution to Andhra Pradesh

    If any andhraite question the integrity of Sri PV Narasimha Rao and his concern towards Andhra Pradesh, India’s first Prime Minister from Andhra Pradesh, a Telugu Bidda, who successfully brought reforms in finance sector and ruled for full 5 years term, there is not be word in any language including that in Telugu to express.
    It is equally true that No wise men was born till this date in Andhra Pradesh to match PV’s caliber.

    Political and administration reforms by Sri NT Rama Rao

    Sri NT Rama Rao has brought several changes in administration which was never introduced by any Indian politician as these leaders lack knowledge and courage. Each Taluka was made into 3 or 4 mandals depending on the size Besides Mandal office several facilities were housed at Mandal head quarters like Cooperative bank, Police station, Fire station, Hospital, Junior college etc. Through mandal system administration has reached people in a better way. Hereditary system of Village officers has been abolished with one stroke which gave a feudalistic free environment in villages. First time in Telugu land People started knowing their rights and started questioning the administration and elected representatives.

    Unemployment and tardy industrial growth

    Andhra Pradesh has got talent but the lack of proactiveness of the government and enthusiasm of people are the many causes for non development of the state industrially. Had it been in Maharashtra and Gujarat or even Tamilnadu, the industry growth would have been 25 times more.
    The trade unions are strong in Andhra Pradesh that lead to the closure of many companies including Government company Allwyn , largest employer of about 11000 employees with several products.
    These factors have lead to be a major issue for unemployment of the people.

    Trustworthiness and attitudes for attracting investments in industry

    People of Andhra may be good but they do not honor commitments as required by the industry .Another major factor is lack of continuity for a reasonable period with better finance planning and Marketing. Major Banks do not show any interest in financing AP industries for this reason. Andhra Bank, a major bank in AP, is just a savings bank unlike Canara Bank, Syndicate bank, Corporation Bank, BOB, Bank of Maharashtra etc.
    Satyam episode has brought many unbelievable facts into limelight and it has been ranked as 4th largest corporate fraud in the world in Forbe’s list for 2009.

    How many Telugu people are in the business?

    Till recently we do not have big business houses run by telugu people. The major businesses in Andhra Pradesh are run by Gujaratis,Rajasthanis ,Punjabis and Sindhis.Be it finance, plastics, chemicals, bakeryor Hardware. Many Grocery shops are run by people from other states. Except, major industries like Dr.Reddy’s etc, atleast 70% of the business in money terms in Andhra Pradesh (not just in Hyderabad) is run by people from other states. In the last 10/15 years, Udipi people have spared us from hotel business.

    Regions and Six point formula
    Any formula without a solid background and realities will never work. How this formula was arrived and basis for the same cannot be dwelled now. Everyone be it from Andhra,Telangana or Rayalaseema are losing in the process and the time has revealed it slowly and how far it will take ,no one knows.. But surely, merit is losing.

    Addressing the problems of backward regions in Andhra Pradesh

    Going for commercial crops by employing modern irrigation methods such as drip irrigation would yield better crops and help in excellent returns to the farmer besides effectively utilizing precarious water resources.This will also contribute to employment generation for lakhs of people.

    Naxal problems have been solved to a large extent and it is the time for rebuilding the Andhra Pradesh with industry like Maharashtra Model industrial estates in every district and encouraging small scale industries.
    Strengthening educational institutes of all spheres (from ITI, engineering and other trades) is a paramount importance. Better training facilities would enhance the employment opportunities for thousands of students. This can be done in a shorter period say 1 year.

    Misuse of concessions by public
    The present schemes like free power, arogyasri, and housing have become a farce as large number of people has fraudulently used it at the expense of Government. Recent announcement of APSCHE that 89% students have applied for fee reimbursement claiming their parents annual income is less than Rs.1,00,000.

    Andhra Pradesh Congress politicians
    Most of the congress politicians have won the elections on the Congress Party Ticket and no one enjoys strength of their own. They cannot risk their career at the crucial time (though they talk differently). However, the Congress high command has to curb this type of loose talk from their leaders including so called seniors.
    KCR and his leadership
    KCR is a leader having good following however his frequent outbursts are creating lot of hatred, fear and confusion among various sections of the society.. He is a scholar but his comparison of sacred ‘Telugu Talli’ as a Devil and saying ‘Telanga Talli’ as a revered mother is not only highly objectionable but also laughable. In simple words, children of the same mother calling each other ‘My mother is God’ and your mother is a ‘Devil’. ‘Telanganawala Jago’, is not objectionable but saying beyond will speak a lot against a section of people, which as per Indian constitution is not permitted at all.
    Democratically anyone can voice their concerns through peaceful agitations without disrupting public life and through representation of their elected party MLA/MP’s. The difference between the ‘fast unto death’ undertaken by Mahatma Gandhi and Sri Potti Sriramulu is totally different compared to fast taken by KCR.
    A criminal or a thief has no religion or caste or language and simply a criminal is a criminal. KCR can represent whole of Andhra Pradesh and can target all people who are anti social, criminals, land grabbers, fraudsters and every andhraite is behind him and support him.

    Andhra Pradesh Media
    Print media in Andhra Pradesh is highly biased and partisan towards certain political parties and splinter groups. Electronic media is aimed at sensationalizing the news and target the viewers with all nonsensical interactive programs through out the day to gain cheap popularity .No other language channels in India has this kind of dubious distinction.

    Police and law and order under present government

    Surely under the present Government, law and order situation would improve and definitely the Police should be commended for controlling the violence and their strategy in the present agitation. They are given free hand to do their job rightly which was missing for the last 10 years. The present home Ministry in the state must be handled by Sri Marri Sashidhar Reddy who has competence for the post and respect from the people.

    Sri Rosaiah and task before him

    Sri Rosaiah is a seasoned politician and brought laurels for Andhra Pradesh for handling tight financial situations very effectively as finance minister for over 15 years. Andhra Pradesh is lucky enough to have such a matured person as Chief Minister in the last 53 years. The congress high command should act swiftly and give him free hand in controlling the Telangana agitation and taking effective steps in dealing with the pseudo intellectuals and academicians and their own party MLA/MP’s.

    United Andhra Pradesh

    The regions in Andhra Pradesh are inseparable and due to its unique geographical nature of coastal Andhra with excellent seaports, rich oil and gas resources besides fertile land ; Rayalaseema districts with vast mineral resources will bring wealth to all three regions and uniquely poised for excellent growth for next 50 years and undoubtedly will top the charts of growth compared to Punjab,Maharashtra,Haryana or Gujarat.Bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh will lead to Catastrophe for India in near future and for all telugu speaking people in particular as present sentiments do not stand for realities of future.

    Sonia Gandhi is undoubtedly a politician of eminence and maturity supported by Dr. Manmohan Singh as a Prime Minister and Sri Chidambaram as Home Minister and the People of Andhra Pradesh look for their intervention at the earliest to solve this problem permanently.

  • 12 asif // Dec 16, 2009 at 5:10 pm

    yes,,corruption is a canser in which we all r infected. and we are near to our end ,if we not stop it……………its depends on us so please “jagoo”..

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  • 14 Siddanagouda S Biradar // Jan 25, 2010 at 5:20 am

    Hi friends

    We are discussing exclusively about corruption in India at yahoo forum. Interested ones can join the forum. Forum can be found at this URL:

    Join Hands to develop corruption free nation

    Biradar S S
    PhD Scholar

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  • 16 Ajit // Jan 30, 2010 at 4:17 pm

    I found many corruption articles on Corruption monitor web site, mainly of mumbai, delhi, punjab mostly from jullundhar, ludhian, kolkata why don’t you make a site like that?

  • 17 Saahil K // Feb 2, 2010 at 4:29 pm

    Speaking of corruption, I have an experience to share.

    My company wanted to send me for a stint to the US and that’s when I realized my passport had expired! I immediately started work to renew it with the Mumbai passport office. And I have never been through a more painful experience. The innumerable visits to the passport office, scrambling to get all the paperwork together – trust me, it was a nightmare! But the worst was yet to come – the police verification. I received a call from the cop saying he would be coming home for the verification. Well he did turn up, and after doing a cursory check, he blatantly made it clear that the forms would only be cleared at their end in case he got a lil something from us. Ashamed to say it, but I did give him a lil something, cos I was in such a rush. But that’s also when I decided that I will do something about it.

    I really didn’t know how I can make a difference. I asked myself, Can I really stop corruption? Although, I had a lot of doubts I was determined to do something. I started asking my friends and colleagues whether they know of any organisation that fights corruption. That’s when a friend suggested that I register myself on http://www.jaagore.com , since the website has a database of NGOs. I immediately did that, and have even started working on a project with an NGO. I’ve never felt so proud of myself.

  • 18 Nationalist // Feb 13, 2010 at 1:15 pm

    Since the rule of Smt. Indira Gandhi, the Congress Party and the Congress Government are engaged and involved in producing, creating, spreading and encouraging corruption, crimes, vices and evils in the society through political parties, politicians, ministers, public servants, government servants, judges, police, committees, commissions, mafias, criminals, frauds, anti-national elements, RICH PEOPLE, CORPORATES and terrorists. The government is making each one of them corrupt, criminal and vicious. There is only one solution left to abolish corruption. India should be built on only one principal that is DHARAM KI RAKSHA KE LIYE ADHARM KA NASH KARO. All the nation loving people of India will have to get united and they will have to be JALLAD or HITLER minded. They should not have any sympathy or mercy for corrupt people because corrupt are always irresponsible, careless, negligent, unaccountable, unanswerable, liar, criminal, fraud, mean, dirty, characterless, hopeless, useless and anti-national. They are the No. 1 enemy of the people and the country. They are the most dangerous and harmful to the people and the nation. They are the GERMS OF CANCER and they are worst and dirtiest than drainage water. They must be killed on the spot along with their all family members and seized all their properties. people will have to take laws in hand, as government and Congress Party are the operators of corruption and crimes in the country. Behind every scam, scandal, violence, murder or accident of political leaders, bomb blast, terrorist attack the congress party and the congress government and its alliance are involved. Only on the direction of them bomb blasts and terrorist attacks happen in India. The congress is not at all interested in the people of India they are sold in the hands of Dawood Ibhahim, Pakistan Government, ISI, Arab and UAE countries and USA. Declare WAR AGAINST CORRUPTION from this moment.

  • 19 Samrat // Mar 29, 2010 at 3:43 pm

    Zero Corruption should be the dream of every one.

    This is a cancer and also infects the whole system. Very rarely happened in the history of Indian politics the politicians who have put behind bars for corruptions and their evil deed has influenced the life of poor people of the country.

    It is important that we dream of a Corruption Free Politics in our lifetime. A lot of like minded people will need to collaborate to realize this dream. They need to form a committee or organization not influenced by powers bureaucracy, politics and criminals. The organization should be formed by a class educated youth. This Organisation should be recognize by Govt. but the govt will not interfere the affairs of the organization and it will keep on funding the organization for the day to day management cost of it. Under this Organisation/committee there will be area wise division and for each division the responsibility will be in the hand of some educated youth. And they will he headed by a person who has to be go through the public body Election elected by the public of that particular area. The people of that area has the right to dissolve the divisional committee if sad committee fails to perform the duties for which they are responsible. Even a single person has the right to see the affairs of the division if it is not doing task properly and the person if he thinks the division is itself indulging an unethical activities, has the right to call a public meeting and alter the divisional committee.

    The Responsibilities will be a daily visit to the departments which are public related and has to deal with daily public needs with the help of local police and see if there is corruption in any form happening or not. And if happening then point out the culprits and hand them over to the police or to the authorities.

  • 20 Samrat // Mar 29, 2010 at 3:51 pm

    We can change our lives, only we need to be alert against these anti social corrupted ppl. We should not let this happen with us and with our future generations who are coming. Who will point our activities like we are pointing today for our forefather’s did. For the betterment of our future generations we would have to find out the solutions. The corrupted anti socials have ruled this country for about 50 yrs . We need a war against this. Come together we can do it. Jai Hind.

  • 21 tarun // Jul 15, 2010 at 6:15 pm

    population is the root cause of all that mess that is taking place in our country
    politicians command these ias ips & all these officers to give the money wat thay hav obtained from the corruption & these politicians in turn use this money for their luxury
    its ok if they do 2 times , 3 times max. upto 5 times its ok; but wat after that?
    they keep on which ultimately results in increasing their balance in banks ex-swiss bank
    but who is suffering man?????????
    its we …the common people
    inflations & corruption are killing us ruthlessly while these politicians who are so called as the “aam admi ka saathidar” earn at an unbelievable rate. is this fare??????????
    we work hard day & night & earn money just for for politicians??????
    wers the honour of these people , man?
    i dont blame each & every politician 4 this . i believe there are good politicians who are truely dedicated towards the development of this nation but they are purposely neglected. all they want is just money nothing else
    if this goes on a day might come in future of selling our cultural nation & at that time guys like me will hav to take weapons in our hand & try to save ourselves
    we vote every 5 years hoping that some change will come…… some magic will happen……but ders nothing happening??????
    people are also responsible for such acts because if the government take adequate strict measures we deny them coz we are used to it , we dont understand wat is failure
    but we have the largest man power in the world imagine what amazing prosperous things we can do
    someone has to stand against our corrupted government & create history
    all we can do is just hope right now but i will not !!!!!!!
    i will become an ias or ips enter the system & try to clean it irrespective of the consequences
    lets do something man
    lets just not sit & write about what are the problems try to solve them & we will succeed
    all i need is the support from each & every citizen of this beautiful nation
    jai hind !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 22 COMMONWEALTH Games Scame is Just the Tip of an ICEBERG involving Public Money Laundering and Graft deeprooted in the Millionairs` Parliamentary Free Market Democracy Under Brutal Manusmriti Rule! « Palashbiswaskl’s Weblog // Aug 5, 2010 at 10:17 pm

    […] Corruption in India […]

  • 23 neeraja // Aug 10, 2010 at 8:46 pm

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  • 24 smriti // Aug 21, 2010 at 9:57 am

    i m a student of 8 th std . we all know that our parliament consist of those people which r elected by us, so friends why r v blaming if v r the only root of this corrupted gov?v have to make ourself and others aware .hamme jagna hogo .we should fight against these corrupt ones rather blaming them.lado aur badho INDIA .cut down this corrupt tree from our beautiful mother land , india

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  • 27 Blog Past: Corruption in India // Nov 7, 2010 at 5:00 am

    […] Three Qs, My Answers (Jan 10) – Wanted: An Opposition in India (Dec 09) – Corruption in India: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 (Nov) – Concept Note: New India Policy Foundation: Part 1, Part 2, […]

  • 28 mahesh N H // Mar 4, 2011 at 3:04 pm

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  • 29 prashant kale // Mar 5, 2011 at 10:53 am

    Our govt can’t attention on youth problems those our nation features. The political make money for himself they do not work for nation only for his family . Now govt have rule for private company & Employment & avoid harassment of Boss & Broker those make fraud. like shine.com there r many cases. that’s why Unemployment Problem face too youth.
    and Media have to work properly they where giving news film actors they have to work on nation problems like Find out corruption & publish it & general people problems in his day to day life like budget problem eg. fuel rates

  • 30 Indian // Mar 5, 2011 at 6:49 pm

    corruption is like a cancer. It is not restricted to any particular political party.
    some said that we should have fight against the corruption. but everyone is having some fear to start fighting because of position of the politician and back ground of the politician.
    now a days no is getting time to think of their family then how can they think of the corruption. it is not possible to think of the society.
    but if people try to do something for society it will be controlled…..
    then our INDIA will be free from corruption…………………………………

  • 31 Siddhartha // Mar 30, 2011 at 10:32 pm

    Most of the communities in India (such as Bengali), are succumbed in ‘Culture of Poverty'(a theory introduced by an American anthropologist Oscar Lewis), irrespective of class or economic strata, lives in pavement or apartment. Nobody is at all ashamed of the deep-rooted corruption, decaying general quality of life, worst Politico-administrative system, weak mother language, continuous absorption of common space (mental as well as physical, both). We are becoming fathers & mothers only by self-procreation, mindlessly & blindfold. Simply depriving their(the children) fundamental rights of a decent, caring society, fearless & dignified living. Do not ever look for any other positive alternative behaviour (values) to perform human way of parenthood, i.e. deliberately co-parenting of those children those are born out of ignorance, real poverty. All of us are being driven only by the very animal instinct. If the Bengali people ever be able to bring that genuine freedom (from vicious cycle of ‘poverty’) in their own life/attitude, involve themselves in ‘Production of Space’(Henri Lefebvre), at least initiate a movement by heart, decent & dedicated Politics will definitely come up.
    – Siddhartha Bandyopadhyay, 16/4, Girish Banerjee Lane, Howrah-711101, India.

  • 32 The Curious Case of Corruption in Indian Media « Mrinmoy Bhowmick // Jun 23, 2011 at 10:33 am

    […] numero uno Internet entrepreneur,too spelt out his thoughts on Corruption in a 5 part series Corruption in India declaring that fighting Corruption could be the next game changer for India. Gurcharan Das, the […]

  • 33 aniket // Jun 24, 2011 at 7:57 pm

    I agree with you.Corruption in our country is increasing day by day.We all should do something against this.All of us want that corruption should free India,but no one is doing anything to make this dream true.Unless we change the rules and enforce them (via judicial intervention), nothing would change. e.g. strip the voting rights for 10/15/20 years to all the beneficiaries of slum redevelopment scheme.

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