Innovative Ideas for Tough Times

I did a brief presentation to a group of NetCore partners last week, sharing some ideas on what to do during tough times (T2) like these. Here it is.

28 thoughts on “Innovative Ideas for Tough Times

  1. Your progress on thin clients is commentable, we at impetus are into ERP for SME in huge way and looking to take leadership position working for 50 crore investment into our company Impetus based in chennai

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  2. Rajesh – Will it be possible for you to put a post describing the Ideas for tough times. I am sure there is lot of more information in the bullet points.


  3. Hi Rajesh,

    I would echo Vishal’s comments. There is more to the presentation than what meets the eye. How about a post on the same?

    Also, everyone knows these things. The difficult part is actually cracking the code – how to do it. May be some case studies will also help .. ?


  4. Will this be a good idea for Tough Times.

    – Make a bet on your customer business. Rank them according to who is going to come out stronger after the tough times.

    -Spend your limited resources proportionately on the ranked list of customers.

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