Apple’s AppStore

I bought an iPod Touch on my recent visit to the US — only for trying out the AppStore. I could have re-hacked my existing iPhone but there’s always a risk with the process going wrong and me ending up with a brick. Or, I could have bought the Rs 31,000 iPhone 3G in India. I figured just buying a new iPod Touch at $230 (Rs 10,000) was a cheaper and safer option.

It is an absolute wonder — I am amazed that no one else thought that up before. (Of course, one can keep saying that about Apple.) I spent the first 2 hours after my return to Mumbai going through the AppStore and downloading various free (and a couple paid) apps. It is amazing the variety of applications that have been created. This is what the mobile operators need to realise — open up, and see the creativity that you can unleash. And all this will drive more usage – and perhaps, more customer loyalty. This is the central theme behind the mobile computing operator that needs to be created in emerging markets like India.

4 thoughts on “Apple’s AppStore

  1. Telecom operators could not skim much value from the internet ecosystem. They now operate way down in the value chain and very low margins because of opening up, net neutrality etc..

    The question hence is.. Will mobile operators give up control and open up to let a thousand flowers bloom? Will they be happy with staying low in the value chain after investing heavily in acquiring spectrum, infrastructure etc.

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  2. well, after two months of using appstore in ipod touch, I feel bored. The only interesting apps in appstore are games. Since I don’t like gaming, there is nothing in appstore for me. If apple had allowed apps that could compete with apple’s native apps, say a new browser or a opera mini, it would keep me interested. But given the fact that no shoutcast available right now and no Tamil radio channels in appstore, its boring.

    Meanwhile, I have only the first generation iPod Touch. You seem to have the second generation one which has the inbuilt speaker. How’s the speaker? Any review on that speaker? I am just curious to know the sound quality in it. Will the sound quality be equal to N series Nokia phones or is it better than that?

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