Increasing Measurability of Mobile Ads

One of the lines of thinking I have been exploring is that for mobile (specifically, SMS) advertising to be really big, it will be have to offer something more than what advertisers get on the Internet. This means, more measurability than what Search and Display advertising on the Internet provide. Which brings us to the questions: is this possible? If so, how can it be done?

An interesting aspect on the mobile is the availability of the mobile number. This is available for SMS interactions. (For the purpose of this discussion, I am considering non-operators. Mobile operators have plenty of profile and other information, and could presumably build significant mobile ad businesses, but for that they will need to start thinking beyond voice and new customer acquisition. I don’t see that happening in a focused manner for at least a couple years in India.)

So, the mobile number is available. How can this be the fulcrum around which a rich profile is built, and then that is used for targeted ads, where the result to conversion is tracked. On the Internet, this is being done via cookies. But the fact that one can link a mobile number to actions should help in more measurability.

4 thoughts on “Increasing Measurability of Mobile Ads

  1. Responding to a campaign SMS, is a big barrier for me as a user. The act of typing a short code and sending (or replying) to a specific number doesn’t seem to be worth it. It somehow does not replace the simple ‘Click’ on a portal.
    In my humble opinion, marketing SMS’s should come structured in such a way that the reply is binary (yes/no, more/less). These two options should be configured on the left & right touch keys so that the audience can reply with a single push of a button (like the click). I am sure this will definitely help in building a profile around a phone number.

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  3. Hi Rajesh,
    I believe that Mobile will continue to be a great advertisement platform atleast for 3 years. 3G and handset with better form factor might alter the landscape around this time. Location based ads will be substantially beneficial and conversion rate will be very high. As we are impulsive shoppers, we would love to get SMS with special offers SMS.

    Why not you tie-up with a Mobile operator and pilot it, which could prove to be a win-win for all.

    In India, the attitude of large companies is to monopolise business and get maximum profit from everything they do. This kills creativity. Telecom is no exception.

    Consider talking to Sivasankaran (Dishnet group, and ex. Aircel owner based in Chennai).

  4. 1) Based on the number, know the carrier and then send them advertisement to switch to another carrier. Although short-lived, this can be beneficial with the advent of “number portability”.

    2) Based on the number, send them a snippet of their numerological prediction and entice them to know more. Good advertising platform for numerologists.