Blog Past: As India Develops

I wrote this in Feb 2004, but many of the topics discussed pertaining to India’s development are still valid. I covered 7 topics: Education, Microfinance, Market Access, Information Access, ICT, Energy and Distribution Hubs. While a lot has happened in India in the past 4+ years, much more needs to be done. So, even as we ponder these difficult times, we must not lose sight of the big picture and the monumental task of ensuring India’s continuing development that lies ahead.

2 thoughts on “Blog Past: As India Develops

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    With an open mind, I read your series on how to develop mass India.

    I want to manufacture a micro-turbine. Help!
    I will target the India market, and export 1′ st.
    Also want to ‘plug-in’ to the smart grid idea of yours and Atanu, anybody out there?

    I had googled for ‘microturbine’. I came to your blog/site by internet ‘kismet’.