Meetings with Customers

The best learning in business comes from meetings with Customers (or prospective customers). Too often, we want to just talk about the products and solutions we have to offer. Instead, by listening to the problems and challenges that they are facing, we can come up with both features that the market needs and how to position the solutions one has.

The seven meetings I did in the past week has helped enlighten me on how to position the mobility solutions we have better. It was not one meeting that did the trick, but the collective pointers that come up in the various conversations.

That is why, it is so important for top management to go out and meet with customers. When I look back, this is probably the single biggest mistake I made in 2008. Meeting with customers is something which should never be delegated — and even more so, when a new business is being built.

6 thoughts on “Meetings with Customers

  1. Very true. In fact I remember reading someplace that if the top executives aren’t traveling to meet customers/partners 60% of the time, there’s reason to be worried 🙂

    This is especially true for young growing companies where both the products and the business stories are evolving rapidly and continuously.

  2. Hi Rajesh,

    Your absolutely correct on this in fact I have ignored this for quite some time especially in the early days of my Start-up eventually came to the realization that indeed there are brand new opportunities that are put forth in the process.

    Though there are times where its only for the sake of PR which I would rather avoid and have someone who’s excited with small talk and free lunch/dinner take care of it.

    Best Regards,

    Satyam Bachani.

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  4. I cannot agree more.. Even research today in big corporates like IBM is driven by customer cases.. One who listens and acts stays ahead.. leaves the red ocean and finds the blue ocean..

    cheers, Mahesh