Bus Ride on NH8

Last week, during my visit to Surat, we visited a Jain temple in Miyaganj Karjan, about 100 kms. from Surat. We went by train – the journey took 1 hour 45 mins. On our return, we decided to take the bus since the next train meant waiting for 2 hours. In the end, it didn’t make much of a difference! Due to the construction going on (widening of NH8 to 6 lanes from 4), it took us 3 hours 15 mins to traverse the 100 km.

There was plenty of traffic, but the road itself posed a big challenge for the driver – zig-zagging in and out of the construction patches. We also saw more than a handful of accidents en route. I am sure there is a better way to enhance the road travel experience even as the construction is on. And all this on Nh8 — one of India’s premier national highways.

6 thoughts on “Bus Ride on NH8

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  2. Same story on NH-7; I blogged about it a couple of days back. I presume this might be the case for all NH’s where 4 laning is in progress. BTW, I did Baroda-Surat by road last year and what should have been a 3-4 hour journey took 8 hours and 6 hours respectively.

  3. I welcome you to come down to Chennai Kanyakumari NH-7, You will have a bitter experience. If you are going by Car, you need to carry your car on your hand in most places !!!


  4. Why the cribbing? Are you guys are not Indians? You guys are talking like you just landed from the US. In a country where people have scant regard for the law, the mess on the roads is what forces people to drive slowly &carefully on the roads (not to mention converting a lot of atheists to believers.) Imagine if we had roads that could take 4 lane traffic at 80Kmph.. & we had the LANE SENSE to it.. no issues then.. what we have is all sorts of vehicles in the same lanes, & since we do not have official formula 1 tracks here but a lot of Michael Schumakers amongst us, they do show their skills by zig zagging, weaving, interleaving, talking on the cellphones while watching the latest pirated flick on the DVD players. Period. Also the government does not want you to realise that frequent accidents are very helpful as a measure of Birth control, the re designing of the roads means more money for the babus involved, frequent accidents also mean that the government may decide to “help” you with a sarkari haspatal (again bonanza for the babus).
    Grow up & realise that Lane Sense is Non Sense.